AirPhysio for Children Review: Read This Before You Buy!

Is your child facing difficulties while breathing? If so, then don’t panic; breathing issues are the third leading reason for hospitalizations among children under 15. Only the sufferer and their parents could realize how severe the condition is.

However, anybody who suffers from breathing issue become utterly dependent on a doctor’s prescribed medicine. Usually, the medicine list is huge. And long time consuming these medicines has side effects.

In such situations, as a parent, you’ll surely want to get a drug-free solution for your child to deal with their breathing problems. To help you with that, I have brought an excellent OPEP device for you, known as AirPhysio For Children. It’s an award-winning Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure device used by more than 100s pulmonologists worldwide to assist children with their breathing issues.

Go through the following AirPhysio for Children Review to learn more about this device. Below I’ll show you how this device helps my child overcome his breathing issue.

Product Summary
AirPhysio for Children Review

AirPhysio for Children Review

  • Small and Lightweight Design
  • Ease Breathing
  • Natural
  • Fast Work
  • Lessen Mucus

AirPhysio For Children Review: A Short Overview

AirPhysio For Children is a high-quality OPEP breath training device designed to help children suffering from breathing issues. With the help of this device, your child can effectively enhance their lung capacity and get relief from different lung-related problems.

It clears the excess mucus from the throat, blocking your child’s airways and causing breathing problems. Using this breathing exercise device, your child can perform three types of exercise: Breathing, Relaxation, and postural.

Doing all these exercises with this device is just like having fun; therefore, children willingly use this device and naturally get relief from their breathing problems.

What Is AirPhysio For Children?

In short, AirPhysio For Children is airway physiotherapy that helps in removing access mucus from your child’s airways and assist in lung extensions. It’s an award-winning, patented, breath-training OPEP device that allows your child to maintain optimal lung hygiene and increase capacity.

The most significant fact about this device is it’s an entirely drug-free, natural solution. Therefore, using this device has no side effects. It uses a natural technique called Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure to remove the excess mucus from the airways.

AirPhysio for Children Review

In addition, the device is highly compact and portable; you can carry it within your pocket, bag, and take it wherever you go and give it to your child whenever they need it. From the day you start giving it to your child, you’ll understand why thousands of parents are claiming this device as a life-changing device.

Features Of AirPhysio Children

AirPhysio for children is an advanced quality, patented, and award-winning OPEP device designed to assist children with breathing issues. It gently puts positive pressure on the lung yet effectively and loosens the mucus from your child’s airways.

Features Of AirPhysio Children

This way, it helps your child breathe easier and have fun again. The device comes with so many features for your children. Below in this section of the AirPhysio for Children Review, I’ll include some of them.

Quickly Work

One of the great things about AirPhysio for children is that it works instantly for many children, including my child. After using this device for the first time, the majority of the children confess that they feel a significant difference on their first trial. It starts working less than a day. It’ll clear the lung, and your child will notice that. The more your child uses it and does breathing practice, the stronger and healthier their lung will become.

Develops Your Child Performance And Endurance

It’s needless to say how important it’s for the betterment of your child’s health to participate in sports and physical activity. But when they have breathing issues, they can’t perform such action.

By giving your child an AirPhysio, you can naturally sort out this problem. It’ll help your child breathe easier and comfortably conduct physical activity and sports. Moreover, it also boosts the endurance of your child.

100% Drug-Free, Effective And Safe

Medicine is never a good option for anyone, whether for a child or an adult. The reason is simple, medicine has side effects on our body, weakening our natural immunity system. As a parent, you should always look for the best alternatives to medicine.

However, the good thing is AirPhysio for children is a 100% drug-free natural solution. It naturally clears out, expands, and strengthens your child’s lungs without using any chemicals, toxins, or steroids.

Clear Mucus Naturally From The Airways

Mucus is one of the main culprits that cause breathing problems for the child. AirPhysio does an excellent job of clearing the extra mucus from the airways of your child.

The device’s positive pressure speedily free up the blocked or occluded airways. Consequently, children can breathe freely.

Extremely Portable

One of the most significant advantages of AirPhysio is its size. The device is small, compact, and highly portable, and easily fits the pocket. Because of this portability, you can take the device along with you where you go without any hassle and give it to your child whenever they need it.

Used By Pulmonologist

More than thousands of Pulmonologists are currently using the AirPhysio to help children with breathing problems and lung diseases. Besides, OPEP treatment is scientifically proven by independent medical research and clinical studies, and it’s recommended by doctors worldwide.

Benefits Of AirPhysio For Children

For children who suffer from breathing problems and different lung-related diseases, AirPhysio For Children brings many benefits. Right below this section, I’ll include some of them.

Benefits Of AirPhysio For Children

Effortless To Use

As the device is designed for children, it needs to be user-friendly and easy to use. So that children face no complexity while using it. AirPhysio comes with a touch control panel that makes it convenient for children.

Moreover, AirPhysio For Children comes with a neoprene carrying case that carries everything you need to bring with this device. As a result, you don’t need to look for its parts when you want to give them to your child for use.

Development Of Lung

The breathing problem is directly related to the lung. And one can effectively minimize breathing issues by increasing lung capacity. Using AirPhysio For Children continuously, children can enhance their lung capacity.

Remember, a healthy lung is essential for the respiratory issue and effective for enhancing the regular growth rate of your child with adequate body weight.

Decreases Mucus Buildup

The AirPhysio For Children is an excellent breath training device for your children. It strengthens the lung and increases its capacity, and removes all the excess mucus from the airways. Consequently, your child can breathe more efficiently throughout the day.

No Side Effect

AirPhysio is a 100% drug-less natural solution, which is what it’s famous for. It contains no drugs or medicine; therefore, there is no side effect of using it. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any harm to children’s lungs and is not overworked like other alternative breath training devices.


One of the most significant advantages of AirPhysio for children is it doesn’t require any electrical power to run this device. It completely works through your breathing power. So, it doesn’t need any refill or batteries.

90-Days Satisfaction Guarantee

The manufacturer of this breath training device gives a huge 90-days money-back guarantee on the purchase. So you don’t need to worry about the quality and effectiveness of this device.

After receiving the device, if you think that it’s not capable of fulfilling your requirements, you can return the device and get back your money. The 90-days countdown starts from the day the device is shipped out.

Different Versions Of AirPhysio for Children

Not every child’s stamina is the same, nor do all children suffer from the same breathing problem. Considering these matters, AirPhysio For Children comes with a different version. They are:

Different Versions Of AirPhysio for Children

  • Average Lung Capacity Ball Bearing: This one is suitable for children suffering from respiratory conditions like COPD, asthma, or cystic fibrosis.
  • Low Lung Capacity Ball Bearing: Ideal for children with severe respiratory conditions and low lung capacity.

NB: The AirPhysio For Children comes with interchangeable ball bearings. You can easily pick one that matches your children’s lung capacity.

How Does AirPhysio Children Work?

All types of AirPhysio devices work with the same process regardless of their ages class. They enhance the lung air capacity and remove the excess mucus from the lung to help the users breathe easier.

Loosening mucus buildup or removing the mucus, AirPhysio helps open up the semi-closed airways and clears the throat to breathe easier.

When you exhale through the device, it vibrates your airways with its Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure technology and loosens the mucus from your airways.

How To Use The AirPhysio for Children?

Using the AirPhysio for children is straightforward. You just need to train your child in three simple steps to use this device. Have a look at the following section to learn these steps.

How To Use The AirPhysio For Children

  • Step – 1: First remove the cap of the AirPhysio for children. Tell your child to sit on a level surface by maintaining a good body posture.
  • Step – 2: Now tell your child to take a deep breath and place the device in their mouth and hold the breath for 2-3 seconds.
  • Step – 3: Ask your child to release breath by blowing through the AirPhysio device for 3-5 seconds roughly and at an even pace until their lung gets completely empty.

Once your child completes these three easy steps,  they will cough productively, and it will slowly clear the mucus from their airways. If you make sure that your child uses the device regularly, you’ll quickly notice a notable change.

Will There Be Any Health Implications From Using AirPhysio Children?

In general, the risk of health implications by using AirPhysio for children is fewer. However, as a careful parent, you should consult with a health expert regarding its application. It could be more critical for untreated children from tuberculosis, pneumothorax, tympanic membrane, esophageal surgery, right-sided heart failure, etc.

How To Clean The AirPhysio Device?

Never compromise the hygiene of your child. To maintain proper hygiene, you should clean the AirPhysio device properly. And, it’s essential to clean the device after each session to remove the mucus and moisture from the internal components. Below, I’ll show you the easiest way to clean the device.

How To Clean The AirPhysio Device

  1. First, you need to disassemble the device. But before you’re going to disassemble the device, you need to learn the process of unlocking the child-resistant protective cover. To understand the process check the user manual.
  2. Once you disassemble the device properly, clean every component of this device in a solution of water, detergent, and mild soap.
  3. Rinse all the parts of this device with clean water.
  4. Use alcohol solution on the component of the device.
  5. Wipe the component with a dry towel.
  6. Let them dry in a secure place, reassemble them, and store them in a dry location.

What Type Of Symptoms Will AirPhysio Help The User With?

There are different lung-related problems and respiratory issues that can be effectively solved by using the AirPhysio OPEP device. Below, I’m going to list some of them.

  • Asthma
  • Bronchiectasis
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Atelectasis,
  • And many more respiratory issues

Do Doctors Recommend AirPhysio For Children?

AirPhysio is a drug-free medical device used as a breath trainer by different people worldwide for overcoming respiratory issues. More than thousands of Pulmonologists are taking the help of this device to aid people with their respiratory problems. Because of its vast benefits, the device is also designed for children as well.

Do Doctors Recommend AirPhysio For Children

And, many doctors and pulmonologists suggest AirPhysio for children who’re suffering from a respiratory condition like Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, Etc.

It has become a trusted device for many respiratory issues by doctors worldwide, and different experts and scientists have tested its OPEP therapy. The reason behind its popularity is after using the device; many children feel significant differences.

How To Get The Best Price On AirPhysio?

If you have decided to get this device, the best option is to get it directly from its official site. In addition, if you want to get the original product, there is no second option except ordering it from the company’s official website. Because the manufacturer only sells this product on their official site, and once you place your order, they deliver the product directly from the warehouse without any third party.

How To Get The Best Price On AirPhysio

Therefore, you get the best price in your purchase as no third party can manipulate the price. Moreover, when you purchase multiple devices from AirPhysio official site, you’ll get a massive discount on your purchase.

Currently, there is a promo offer going on. During this offer, if you purchase five of these devices, you only have to pay for three, which means you’ll get a huge 40% discount on your purchase. Similarly, if you purchase two of these devices, you’ll have to pay for the two devices’ price that means you’ll get a 33% discount on your purchase.

To help you quickly access the manufacturer’s official site at the end of this section, I’m going to include their official website link.

How Much Does AirPhysio Children Cost?

As a parent, if you’re looking for a natural, drug-free, non-prescription device for your child to aid them with respiratory issues, AirPhysio is the best option. You might be wondering how much price it could be, then have a look at the current price of this device.

  • One AirPhysio – $59.99 +(Free shipping around the USA)
  • Buy Two AirPhysio get one free – $39.99 each (free shipping around the USA)
  • Buy Three and get two free – $35.99 each (free shipping around the USA)

Is AirPhysio Children Been Protected By A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, it is! With your every purchase, you’ll get a vast 90-days money-back guarantee and a one-year product warranty. If you’re not satisfied with the device you get, you can return the product and get back your money. The 90-day money-back guarantee starts from the day the product is shipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

While going through this AirPhysio for Children Review, there are plenty of questions that may arise in your curious mind. Below I’ll include some of them that are frequently asked by its user.

Is there any risk of side effects when using AirPhysio?

AirPhysio is a drug-free solution for breathing issues and which is what it’s popular for. You don’t have to give your child any harmful chemicals, medicine, or toxin to your child while using this device. And, there is no report of any adverse effects yet about this device.

However, as a caring parent, you should always consult with a medical expert before giving this device to your child. And, you need to be extra careful if your child has any major health-related issues or severe physical conditions.

Is the AirPhysio device uncomfortable to use?

No, using AirPhysio is entirely safe and comfortable. But while using this device, your child may feel a tickling sensation on their throat that leads them to cough. However, this is a normal reaction and completely painless. As a natural process of clearing the mucus from the body, many children usually feel this sensation.

There is nothing need to be worried about. When the mucus gets clear from the airways, your child will feel better and comfortable, and it’ll successfully remove the heaviness from the chest.

Can children use the AirPhysio device?

Yes, children can use the AirPhysio device, but they have to use the specialized one designed for them. Children’s AirPhysio device is known as AirPhysio for children. And it comes in different versions for different category children.

For example, “average lung capacity ball bearings” are specialized for children suffering from various respiratory problems like  COPD, asthma, or cystic fibrosis. Another one is “low lung capacity ball bearing”- appropriate for children dealing with severe respiratory conditions.

Can AirPhysio clear up respiratory conditions?

Yes, it can. The device is designed to relieve its users from most respiratory conditions like COPD, asthma, or cystic fibrosis. In addition, it cleared the excess mucus from the airways and unblocked the blocked airways. Excess mucus is one of the main culprits for many respiratory conditions.

Is it possible for multiple people to share this device at once?

Technically, it’s possible. But for maintaining your personal hygiene, it’s not an ideal choice. When multiple users use a device, there is a high chance of spreading germs among the users. And, the manufacturer of this device is also not suggesting to use the device for more than one person.

Is there a recommended age for AirPhysio Children?

The manufacturer of this device designed it for everyone, but it’s formulated in a specific design for every particular age category. For children, it has a specialized design for adults; it comes with another design. Children who are aged at least three can only use the AirPhysio for children device. You should give your child an AirPhysio device if they are below three.

Who Is The Supplier AirPhysio for Children?

“AirPhysio” is the manufacturer and the supplier of this device. It’s an Australia-based company that currently operates its business from “Shop 3, 47 Tweed Heads Road, Cabarita Beach, NSW, 2488.” The company has a worldwide product delivery system, so your geographical location doesn’t cause any problem for the company. Once you place your order on the company’s official website, you’ll get the product within the minimum delivery time.

Support Team

AirPhysio has an incredible support team. If you have any queries or need any after-sales service to follow the below contact details.

  • Email:
  • Phone:1300 723 110
  • AirPhysio Pty Ltd
  • Shop 3, 47 Tweed Heads Road Cabarita Beach, NSW, 2488

AirPhysio for Children Review: Final Thoughts

AirPhysio is an excellent device for children suffering from respiratory conditions. It helps the children expand their lung capacity and clear the mucus from the airways, naturally assisting them in comfortable breathing.

If you read the AirPhysio for Children Review thoroughly, then you already know why pulmonologists and parents trust this device for treating breathing and lung-related issues. So, what are you waiting for? Get your AirPhysio for Children before the promo offer ends.

Product Summary
AirPhysio for Children Review

AirPhysio for Children Review

  • Small and Lightweight Design
  • Ease Breathing
  • Natural
  • Fast Work
  • Lessen Mucus

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