AirPhysio Review 2022 – Does it Really Work?

Good breathing has been directly associated with our well being. But mucus in the lung airway cause difficulties in breathing. So, I have discovered an effective gadget that helped me to breathe healthily by eliminating mucus. It is AirPhysio. In the AirPhysio review, I will share my breathing improvement experience with the AirPhysio and its overall functionalities.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use10

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AirPhysio is an OPEP device that improves breathing by cleaning the lung’s mucus. After that, it does not require any prescription or doctor’s recommendation because of its zero side effects. I always had shortness of breath after working out. After 2 weeks of constant use, my breathing problem is gone.

Product Summary
AirPhysio Review

AirPhysio Review


  • Clear mucus naturally
  • Works fast
  • 100% safe and drug-free
  • Open the blocked airways
  • Portable

Overview of Airphysio

AirPhysio is a patented OPEP device for improving breath. It helps to control breathing without taking drugs. The device is constructed with a steel ball, circular cone and a cover. So, I can easily train to breathe correctly. Also, it can open the clogged and semi-closed airways. After that, the lungs gain their full capacity.

Overview of Airphysio

To use the AirPhysio, you don’t need a physician’s prescription because it is a 100% drug-free breathing training device. It allows me to breathe easily after doing a few breaths. After that, I felt the difference within minutes in my breathing. Because it naturally clears mucus from the lung’s airway at first attempts.

After a long time of continuous use, lungs become healthier and clearer. I have noticed effectiveness in my 3 weeks of use. Now, I can breathe properly without it. Also, it is helpful with many respiratory conditions and symptoms. It looks like a small inhaler so easily carried to use everywhere.

How Does AirPhysio Work?

AirPhysio helps loosen the mucus to the airway and clear mucus naturally. By holding it in the mouth and few breathing trials, it improves the breathing performance. When exhaling, it puts affirmative pressure on the lungs. So, the user can maintain natural breathing.

How Does AirPhysio Work

This device quickly improves the breathing. I used it for 5 minutes 1 – 2 times a day. Also, it will help all aged people who have breathing problems. The AirPhysio consists of a cone, ball and cover. No drugs are used in the device. Just open the cover and start breathing.

Features of AirPhysio Review

AirPhysio comes with stunning features that impressed me. Below, I will present the features one-by-one that I have experienced:

Features of AirPhysio Review

Clear mucus naturally:

AirPhysio improves our breathing and lung capacity by pushing out the mucus from the airway. Because the mucus in the airway causes respiratory issues. After dislodging the mucus, taking a breath becomes easier. The total process happens naturally. So, it can be used anytime when needed. I can maintain hygiene to keep my lung free from mucus.

Works fast:

In the first few breaths, it clears the airway mucus effectively. Its patented OPEP method creates positive pressure to clear the mucus quickly. By placing the mouthpiece in the mouth and taking a few exhales, your breathing will be improved. This happens within minutes. Also, I have experienced the difference in breathing in a few seconds.

100% safe and drug-free:

The handheld breath training device does not use medicines or drugs to clear mucus and improve breathing. Its ball and cone develop air resistance to clear mucus. After that, I can feel a natural breathing experience. For natural action, you can use it without any risks.

Open the blocked airways:

The main problem of breathing difficulties is the blocked airway. With this device, you can clear the blocked and semi-blocked airways. So, you can breathe freely. Also, the lungs become stronger and healthier with full capacity. It effectively removes the mucus from the overall lung’s airways.


AirPhysio looks like a small inhaler. The on-the-go design of the device ensures easy carrying everywhere. No need to refill medicines. So, there are no side effects. I take it away in my pocket and use it when needed. Also, it doesn’t hurt us in maximum use per day.

What I like
  • Naturally clean mucus from the airway.
  • Patented award-winning device and works faster.
  • No need for a doctor’s advice to use it.
  • Safe and drug-free breathing trainer.
  • Easy to take away and travel.
  • Open closed and semi-closed airways.
  • Work overnight continuously.
What Should Improve
  • Cause dizziness.
  • Only sold on the company’s website.
  • Stock is limited.

Compilation Of Customer Opinion

Below, I have covered some user’s opinions who already used the AirPhysio.

  1. I had terrible congestion due to asthma and hardly took a breath. I took steroids for a long period and it relieved me for only a few hours. The AirPhysio helped me to overcome the problem without taking drugs. It effectively clears my airways and reduces congestion. Must try Air Physio if you have respiratory problems. Vikram. A
  2. Got it for my sister, who had pneumonia. It has worked on breathing her freely. Now, her lungs are healthy. I am an athlete and it helped me to breathe perfectly after doing my sessions. Smartly manage the breathing system without creating any side effects.  Davi Albaro

How Can I Use AirPhysio?

The use of the AirPhysio is very simple. Here, I have described step by step how I use the AirPhysio:

How Can I Use AirPhysio

Step 1: I do abdominal breathing deeply and hold it for 3-5 seconds. It fills my lungs completely.

Step 2: Put the AirPhysio in my mouth and exhale until I empty my lungs. It also takes 3-5 seconds. I do not blow too fast because fast exhaling tightens our chest. Always I do it calmly.

Step 3: It requires a little effort to swing. Some will feel difficult at first. I suggest swinging normally.

Step 4: I adjust it to get enough vibration in my chest. Always, I keep my cheeks rigid to get the proper effect on my chest.

Step 5: After the steps, the mucus comes near to the throat. Then I expel the mucus and feel relaxed.

I do these twice per minute and take two deep breaths to avoid dizziness. I put my asthma aerosol medicines in it to get more effectiveness.

Is AirPhysio a Scam?

I had clots in my lungs and my friend Jacob suggested trying AirPhysio. I have got to test its reality. After a week of use, I feel the difference in my breathing. It is a patented device and works effectively to improve breathing by removing mucus from the airway naturally. To use the AirPhysio, no drugs or medicines are required. Simply exhale by putting it in the mouth. So, it can be used without a doctor’s instruction. After continuous use, it helps to keep the lungs healthier and clearer. It can free the closed and semi-closed respiratory systems. For its on-the-go design, it can be carried easily. Now, you can imagine how it is.

Where I Can Buy It?

AirPhysio is only available on the merchant’s authorized site. I suggest you get your AirPhysio from here. On each purchase, they provide a 1-month 100% user satisfaction guarantee with hassle-free shopping. They offer free shipping in the USA.

Where I Can Buy It

You can order your AirPhysio at an exclusive discount. If you buy 2 or more, you can get more AirPhysios free. You can use them for the family who has respiratory issues. No need for a doctor’s authorization to get and use the AirPhysio. Order your AirPhysio right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the explanations to some usually asked questions about the AirPhysio.

Can AirPhysio help my respiratory condition?

AirPhysio is a proven device to help respiratory conditions such as COPD, asthma, chest congestion and more. It works by removing the mucus from the lung’s airway. So, we can breathe freely.

Are there any side effects?

AirPhysio works naturally and does not use medicines or drugs. So, there are no threats of bad reactions. But, the user may feel dizzy after several times of use. Please take a deep breath in that time for overcoming it.

Can AirPhysio be used by children?

AirPhysio is a patented device, so there is no age limitation. Its compact design suits everyone. If your child has breathing problems, you can freely use it.

How long does AirPhysio last?

The small inhaler-like breath training device is constructed with medical-grade and safe materials. Also, it does not use drugs to work. With correct maintenance, it will last longtime.

Is there a money-back guarantee and/or warranty?

AirPhysio officially comes with a 1-month 100% user satisfaction guarantee. You can replace or ask for money-back if the delivered AirPhysio has faults or problems.

Final Thought

AirPhysio is a perfect solution to improve breathing by clearing mucus naturally. It does not require medicines to use. So, use it safely anytime without any recommendations. But, it causes a little bit of dizziness after several times of use. In that time, take a deep breath to overcome dizziness. I have explained its overall performance, usage and customer’s opinions in the AirPhysio review.

Many users and I have experienced the noticeable benefits of the AirPhysio. It can prevent the symptoms and difficulties of almost all respiratory conditions. Because it is a patented, natural and award-winning breathing trainer device. For having an improved breathing experience, get AirPhysio now.

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