Backxpack Review – Best Backpack for You 2022?

Many times when traveling we are exposed to our bags being opened by friends or others. To avoid this unwanted situation, I have equipped myself with the BackXPack to carry all my belongings safely. In this article, I will present the BackXPack review based on my real-life experience.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.6

Value for Money9.8




The BackXPack provides maximum protection as an anti-theft backpack. It is constructed with waterproof materials and with padded compartments that ensure its long-lasting performance. Have plenty of space to lug all multipurpose belongings. There are lots of features of the BackXPack that make it special from others. So, stay connected to discover more.

Our Summary
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Smartrelief Review


  • Sleek and durable design
  • Adjustable strong strap
  • Anti-theft number lock
  • 5 different colors
  • USB charging support.


  • Its stock is limited.

Overview of Backxpack Review

BackXPack is a shoulder bag with anti-theft security to keep the belongings inside it. It is designed with water repellent fabrics and padded compartments for carrying a laptop, tablet, etc., safely. Internal pockets and double zippers help to prevent unauthorized intrusion.

Overview of Backxpack

The bag is equipped with an external USB port to safely charge my phone and laptop through the bag’s power supply. It has 3 compartments and the biggest chamber is secured with a number locking system. The straps of the bag are so durable that heavy items can be carried without breaking.

Besides, the lightweight anti-theft bag can be used for traveling, outdoor walks, shopping, going to school or office, cycling, and many other activities. A beautiful and practical design for everyone’s safety. It has an additional compartment for carrying a water bottle and jewels.

Special Features of BackXPack

BackXPack has some unique features that make it different and special than other backpacks. The special features are mentioned below:

Special Features of BackXPack

Strong security:

BackXPack offers a number lock that is hard to break. The large part of the bag is equipped with a strong anti-theft security system. It is sealed and opened easily with security when the belongings needed to retrieve.

Water repellent:

The backpack is covered with 100% water repellent fabric water cannot damage the inside belongings. The USB ports are designed to prevent water into it. Also, it is dustproof, so it can be taken in hiking and camping.

Lightweight and robust:

It is one of the lightest backpacks that I have used. The outer and inner construction is rugged, so anyone can carry heavy items freely. Its high-quality straps provide excellent support in a rough situation. I have never worried about it while moving one to another place.

Ergonomic and multi-color design:

The design makes the BackXPack convenient to all users. Laptop, clothes and other essentials can be carried together in the bag. Basically, each model backpack has only one color, but it comes in 5 different colors.

USB charging support:

The BackXPack has its power supply system with internal and external USB. Both laptops and smartphones can be recharged. This option is very helpful for travelers where a portable power supply is an emergency need.

3 compartments:

The bag has 3 different sized compartments with double zippers and hidden pockets. The largest compartment is highly secured with a number lock. The compartments are padded with soft materials to carry valuables safely.

  • Sleek and durable design
  • Water repellent fabric construction
  • 3 compartments with plenty of space
  • Adjustable strong strap
  • Anti-theft number lock
  • 5 different colors
  • USB charging support.
  • Soft inner padding.
  • Its stock is limited.

What Are Backxpack Customers Saying?

I have rounded up some BackXPack user’s opinions for your clear understanding. See below:

I am a passionate traveler. Its lightweight construction, enough space, strong security, and stylish design impressed me. The USB recharging system and water repellent fabric made my outings stress-free. – Janardhan

The fine waterproof leather and anti-theft protection took out my fear of losing my belongings. It has 3 compartments that ensure enough space to put all necessary items for your trip. The adjustable straps allowed me to carry the backpack easily. – Mike

Why You Need BackXPack?

Although it is lightweight, BackXPack has a large capacity for 3 compartments it includes. Thus, you can transport a laptop, a tablet, notebooks, diaries, writing tools, and even your container with food. It includes a headphone port and a USB charging port outside and inside the cable.

Why you Need BackXPack

The backpack has an anti-theft design, as it includes a number lock and double zippers. It is also made waterproof since its high-quality fabric repels it. The adjustable straps provide durable and heavyweight support with proper weight balance. To have stress-free and reliable outdoor activities, you must have the BackXPack.

Is Backxpack a Scam?

I was not familiar with anti-theft backpacks. My cousin gifted me the BackXPack. I took it as a regular backpack. It has a lightweight build-quality and water repellent design. I have come back to the house from the office wet in the rain and all belongings become dry inside the bag. It gives the opportunity to recharge the smartphone through its USB power source, which is outstanding. I am also impressed with its security level. It has 3 compartments to keep all essentials.

Is Backxpack a scam

The main part is secured with a number lock that prevents theft. It allowed me to carry a water bottle and sunglasses on other compartments. The backpack comes in 5 different colors that provide a choice option that goes with our style. These advantages prove the BackXPack’s reality.

Where Can I Order It?

To get the genuine BackXPack, make an order on the BackXPack manufacturer’s official website. Each purchase provides a 50% special discount with free shipping. You will get a 3 years regular warranty at 9 dollars additional charge.

They offer secured purchasing and payment processes through debit cards and Paypal. From the official website, you can stay safe from scammers and fake products. Avoid 3rd party and unauthorized sellers.

Final Thought

To carry your most valuable belongings comfortably and safely, The BackXPack is perfect for you. In the BackXPack review, I have shared my experience with the anti-theft backpack. Its water repellent fabric ensures great safety in the rain and outdoors. Designed with 3 compartments for storing laptops, books, clothes, and utensils. The main part is equipped with number lock security to protect the belongings safely.

The BackXPack is ergonomically designed with an adjustable strap to give the best comfort with firmness when carrying it. I have used it as a travel backpack to go for a walk, go hiking, go to work or take them to the gym. It is lightweight but durable. Get the BackXPack right now with impressive offers.

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