BarXStop Review- Does It Really Work Or Another Scam?

It’s normal for dogs to bark. But barking can become a problem if it gets too much. It could be a sign that the dog has become aggressive and can threaten everyone around him. BarXStop helped me to get rid of the annoying dogs barking. In the BarXStop review, I will share my experience with the device.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.6

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BarXStop helps train the dog better and reduces excessive barking. The device is similar to a whistle but humans cannot perceive the sound.  It uses a harmless high-decibel 125db sound and intense white light up to 10 meters range to signal your dog to stop barking.

Our Summary
BarXStop Review

BarXStop Review

Main Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Not dangerous for dogs and humans
  • Works with any breed of dog
  • Working modes
  • Compact

Overview of Barxstop

Barxstop works with ultrasound technology to control dog’s behavior and stop barking. The ultrasonic sound comes with high pitch tones. Ordinary people cannot detect its sound because its frequency is 25kHz. Also, it is very portable and I take it anywhere.

Overview of Barxstop

The signal it produces is powerful enough to get the dog’s attention without actually injuring dogs. It is straightforward to use. The device can be applied from 10 meters away. This feature is helpful to those who are scared to come close to the dogs.

Its 3 operating modes provide user-friendly performance. The frequency can be adjusted based on the user’s need. It helped me to stop the annoying barking of my dog. No matter what breed or age the dog is, Barxstop works perfectly!

BarXStop Review: Main Features

Barxstop has a wide range of features that brings it to the forefront of other anti-barking devices. The main features are:

BarXStop Review: Main Features

Easy to use:

The barxstop device follows a simple application process. Point and press to stop the dog from shouting. The ultrasound it emits will help me to train my dog better not to bark. It’s also very handy, meaning you can take it everywhere.

Not dangerous for dogs and humans:

If you are doubting if the device is risky to dogs, it is not. No matter how long you apply it, it will not harm any part of the dog. It is also completely harmless to humans. There are no toxic substances used in production.

Works with any breed of dog:

Most people think they need a different device for each breed. But it does not work like that. I use a single barxstop device for as many breeds as I have. The ultrasound will be detected in the same way by all dog breeds.

Working modes:

It has 3 operating modes. LED light mode is very practical for night walks. The training mode emits a gentle ultrasound frequency. Perfect for training, the sound of the device allows me to draw your dog’s attention to the behavior I want to induce him. Stop barking Mode emits a louder sound that will make my dog stop barking immediately.


It is Small and lightweight like a torchlight. So, it fits easily in the pocket and I can keep it all the time. It works from up to 10 meters distance, which facilitates its use outdoors. During the outing, camping and walking on the road, barxstop is very effective to get rid of dogs.

Benefits of Using BarXStop

I have highlighted the most important benefits of the BarxStop:

Benefits of Using BarXStop

Perfectly trained a dog:

With this BarxStop, I have my dog perfectly under control and make sure that he is behaving well. So I can transport it with me when I go outside. After that, he does not disturb others by barking. It works immediately when it is triggered.

Safe for both dogs and humans:

The device works with ultrasound and is harmless to both dogs and humans. Humans cannot perceive the frequencies that the device emits, but dogs can. So the dog knows that he is doing something forbidden and should stop doing it. For example, if he barks too long.


I can use it to train my dog and at the same time protect myself and my four-legged friend from other dogs. It works on other breeds effectively. Also, it has 3 working modes for different situations. The modes are LED, training and bark prevention modes.

Calms the dog down on the spot:

When my dog doesn’t stop barking, I use this BarxStop. The ultrasound signals calm him down immediately. I can control the dog’s barking from up to 10 meters away. If you fear dogs, you can chase dogs with the device from a safe distance.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

I have compiled the BarXStop opinions of several pet owners who have used this wonderful device and this is what they have expressed:

  1. Easy to use and really affordable for the price. It works very well and is definitely worth the investment of a few dollars. The training mode is perfect for correcting the dog’s behavior. My dog ​​is now behaving so well! – Marcel
  2. Bought this anti-bark ultrasonic device 2 months ago. I always had my doubts about using sedatives for barking dogs. Since I was afraid, they would damage my Sancho’s hearing. I was forced to try it. Now, as soon as he hears the ultrasound, he directly walks out the door. I am very satisfied. Tom

Is Buying BarXStop Worth The Money?

You can train your dog yourself. So, you no longer need to invest in other sources to control your dog’s behavior. The ultrasound emitted by the device only causes slight discomfort in your dog but does not hurt him. Being a lightweight device, it is easy to take it with us wherever we need it.

Is Buying BarXStop Worth The Money?

It has different modes and anyone can easily operate it. You can apply it from up to 10 meters distance. No need to go closer to the dog. Stay in the location where the dog can observe you. Then, point the device at the dog and turn it on. It’s convenient and effective performance makes it worth the money.

Where I Can Order It?

Barxstop is sold in multiple online and local stores. For the best prices, offers and guarantees, it is best to purchase it through the official website. If you want to buy it now, you can pick your Barxstop for a 50% discount.

Where I Can Order It?

Most of the anti-barking devices are expensive. Barxstop is the best solution to prevent dogs barking in this price range. It is suitable for dog owners and general people to keep away from dogs. Get the Barxstop right now.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer gives you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can return the delivered BarXStop if you ever have a problem or are not satisfied. Also, you will receive your bark control device just a few days after ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the solutions to the following queries about the BarxStop:

Does BarxStop really work?

BarxStop uses ultrasound to calm dogs down. It really works to prevent dog barking in a humane method. The emitted sound is safe for everyone.

Is BarxStop safe for my dogs and me?

BarxStop is a 100% safe device. Its ultrasound frequency annoys the dog and then they stopped barking. The device does not hurt them.

What is the range of BarxStop?

To activate the settings, press an “On” button that will emit an ultrasound or sound and illuminate approximately 10 meters away.

Is the battery included in the package?

There is no battery included. BarxStop works with a 9V battery. I purchase the battery separately.

Can BarxStop be used on other kinds of pets?

I have tried the BarxStop on cats and other animals. It works better on other animals. Though it is a safe device, there is no restriction on using the BarxStop.

Final Thought

This is the end of my Barxstop review. BarXStop is a must-have for all dog owners to control excessive barkings and misbehaving. Its high frequency ultrasound annoys the dogs without hurting them. Then, they stop barking. The sound  is inaudible to humans so it is safe for us too.

The anti-barking device has 3 working modes and allows me to control my dog from 10 meters distance. It works effectively on all breeds of dog. With the device, dealing with any dog becomes easier. Get the BarXStop at a discounted rate.

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