Bit Watch Review [2022] – User Reviews, Benefits, Legit/scam?

Smartwatches today can do much more than just show the time. They have evolved into multifunctional little machines, which have become really effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals. The Bit Watch has the creative design and features to ease up your day-to-day goals. I have presented the special features and functions of this smartwatch in the Bit Watch review.

Most of us do not trust in the readings of the smartwatch. To prove them wrong, the Bit Watch comes with powerful sensors, 3D acceleration, pedometer, and electro-diagram that outputs accurate results with sedentary alerts.  On a single charge, it works for up to 1 week with 24/7 functioning. It alerts the calls and messages directly on the screen.

Overview of Bit Watch

Bit Watch is a regular watch-like sports smartwatch. It has both digital and analog watch features with dual timing. The watch perfectly fits all hands. It allows me to make calls, receive calls, see notifications and messages from the connected smartphone.

Overview of Bit Watch

The 3-axis 3D acceleration, pedometer, and electro diagram accurately measure and presents several body activities. Its round dial is designed with a 0.96 inches IPS screen that provides superb touch control and a clear view in sunlight and nighttime. The silica gel strap ensures long-time comfort on the hand.

In rough and 24/7 continuous use, it performs up to 7 days on a single charge. Its build quality is similar to the Swiss knife of smartwatches. I used it in the swimming pool, rain, and hand washing. Still, working great. It makes my fitness and communication experience easier and faster.

Special Features of Bit Watch Review

Bit Watch offers many special features with high accuracy body parameters measurement that makes it special from other smartwatches. I have grouped the features below:

Special Features of Bit Watch Review

Health and fitness parameters:

Bit Watch tracks heart rate, sleeping time, quality, blood pressure, and oxygen level in real-time. The measurements are highly accurate as medical devices that are used to count these parameters. Easily note the information you need and show your doctor if you are worried. The smartwatch has a pedometer to count the step and traveled distance. It shows the amount of burned calories during exercising.

Nice design and resistant:

I could say that it feels like a luxurious switch knife of smartwatches. The round shape regular-watch-state dial offers both analog and digital options. It is designed with robust material, which ensures extreme resistance in water and dust.

User-friendly compatibility:

With the JYOU Pro app, I observe all records from my smartwatch. For its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, I see the data from Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS devices. It can also help me keep track of notifications. The watch screen displays the real-time notifications for all your social media.

Good battery:

With a 90mAh battery, I used the smartwatch continuously for up to 5-7 days on a single charge. It takes only half an hour to recharge the watch, so I do not have to worry about long waits here. Some users claimed that they got 20 days of backup on average usage.

Bright colorful display:

Bit Watch is constructed with 0.96 inches IPS touch-sensitive screen. All measurements, notifications, time, and more data are displayed on the screen. It has a digital and analog interface. The screen is punchy enough, so I never faced difficulties in daylight and nighttime.

Incredibly smart:

Most smartwatches turn on when the screen is touched or double-tapped. But the smart Bitwatch screen turns on when I raise my hand by turning the wrist toward the watch screen.  Its 3 different UI provides a colorful dial interface. Also, it allows me to keep dual time for several activities.

Why Do You Really Need The BiT Watch?

BiT Watch is a great ally to measure physical parameters and control the phone’s functions remotely. It is designed to help you stay healthy throughout the day by tracking steps, monitoring your heart rate, and analyzing sleep. You can make and receive calls, text through the smartwatch. Get all notifications in real-time.

Why Do You Really Need The BiT Watch

It is constructed with resistant materials and a silica gel strap that ensure durability and comfort. On a complete charge, it stands by for 15 days and works 5-7 days continuously. Its screen is bright enough and it wakes up raising the hand. Smoothly works with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android phones. Its UI is better optimized, so the performance is overall great. For these specialties, you must need the BiT Watch.

How Does BiT Watch Work?

Bit Watch is a smartphone assistant and sports smartwatch. It has a powerful sensor and 3-axis 3D acceleration that measures all health and fitness parameters accurately. All analog and digital watch features are present in the Bit Watch. It has a dual timing zone for multipurpose activities. The 0.96 inches IPS screen ensures a clear view day and night.

How Can I Use BiT Watch

Receive and make phone calls when the phone is not in hand. It has a notification alert that allows me to see all phone notifications. Through Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, its data can be observed via the JYOU Pro app. It works 5 to 7 days continuously after the complete charge. The Bit Watch covers the communication and fitness features.

How Can I Use BiT Watch?

BiT Watch is easy to wear on hand. Its setup process is the same as other smartwatches. Below, I have presented how I use the BiT Watch:

Step 1: Open the silica strap and Wear the BiT Watch on my left hand.

Step 2: Turn on the BiT Watch pressing the power key.

Step 3: Install the JYOU Pro app on the smartphone and pair the BiT Watch through the Bluetooth option.

Step 4: Adjust the time based on my location. It has a dual time zone. I use the option for sports and the workplace.

The BiT Watch allows me to make and receive calls, texts from a connected phone. Also, I can control the media player and see the notifications. On the app, I check my daily physical activities and plan for a better one for tomorrow.

  • Dual time zone for multipurpose activities.
  • 96 inches round-shaped IPS touch screen.
  • Measure all health and fitness parameters.
  • Vibrating notification.
  • Calling, texting, and multimedia control.
  • Extremely resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Smart awake on rising hands.
  • User-friendly UI design.
  • Comfortable silica strap.
  • 5 to 7 days continuous backup and 15 days standby time.
  • Not perfect for kids.
  • Can be damaged in hot and salty water.
  • Only sold on BiT Watch Company’s site.

What are BiT Watch customers saying?

Below are some BiT Watch user’s reviews for your better understanding:

  1. BiT Watch improved my lifestyle. The watch has functions that I did not imagine. Its smart wakeup and optimized UI provide a smooth user experience. I recommend it!
  2. I always thought smartwatches were very difficult to connect with the phone and I always told myself I didn’t need it. After reading a lot about BiT Watch, I must say that I am convinced. It’s very easy to operate. Thanks, BiT Watch!

Is BiT Watch scam?

BiT Watch provides unique and useful features that prove its reality. It has dual timing, heart pulse monitoring sensor, pedometer, electro diagram, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, call, and message functions. By raising the hand, its screen awakens smartly. The round-shaped 0.96 inches IPS LCD screen provides all functions with a clear view. After recharging the BiT Watch completely, it works 5 to 7 days in rough usage and stands by for 15 days. Its Bluetooth 4.0 ensures strong connectivity. You can use the BiT Watch in multiple languages. Its silica gel strap and durable construction guarantee comfort and resistant performance.

How Can I Use BiT Watch

Where Can I Purchase The BiT Watch?

The BiT Watch Company’s official site is selling the sports smartwatch. They are providing 50% off on each purchase. On multiple purchases, the discount will increase up to 70%. Don’t miss the offer and grab the BiT Watch right now.

The BiT Watch official store also ensures 30 days user satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 support. To avoid scams and fraud, go through the recommended link. Customer support is available from Monday to Friday, time: 9 am to 14 am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I have answered some commonly asked questions about the BiT Watch that people asked several times.

Does a smartwatch work without a telephone?

Smartwatch shows time, physical parameters, and notifications. To see the tracking data, a smartphone is required. You can see the incoming calls, notifications from the connected smartphone.

Can Bit watch track sleep precisely?

Bit watch perfectly tracks the sleeping time and quality. The sleeping track result shows in values to understand the level of deep sleep and normal sleep.

Is Bit watch suitable for swimming?

Bit watch is IP67 certified, so you can swim in the pool wearing it. Also, it can be worn under a shower and heavy rain. But, never spend a long time underwater with the Bit watch.

What if customers are displeased with BiT Watch?

BiT Watch comes with a 1-month user satisfaction guarantee. If customers are displeased with the watch, they can return the BiT Watch within 30 days from the purchase day.

How long will it take to receive BiT Watch?

It depends on the location. In the USA, they deliver within 48 to 72 hours. If you are from outside the USA, it will take up to 7 days to receive the Bit watch.

Final Thought

In conclusion of the BiT Watch review, the sports smartwatch offers stunning features with accurate health parameters measurement. You will get all the potential of a smartwatch in the BiT Watch that everyone wants. It is a multipurpose watch with remote phone control and fitness tracking.

BiT Watch is perfect for outings, exercises, jogging, workplaces, and overall everyday life. Dual time zone, calls and message handling, fitness tracking, long-time backup, etc., makes it one step ahead of other smartwatches. Get your BiT Watch from here with an exclusive offer.

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