Blissy Review 2022 – Does it Really Good for Sleep Better?

After a busy day, we want to lie down in bed and rest. For good sleep, a pillow is an essential need. Pillow with a cover protects our face and hair during sleep. Also, it prevents stains, fungal, moisture, and so on. So, I used a Blissy pillowcase that gives me a fresh morning. In the Blissy Review, I will share my experience in detail. Stay tuned.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.4

Value for Money9.8




Blissy allows me to sleep with clear skin and organized hair. I never faced dust mites on it. Because it is made from the hypoallergenic Mulberry 22-Momme Silk. So, I can sleep better and wake up with a fresh look. Also, It has a zipper to prevent side off.

Our Summary
Blissy Review 2021

Blissy Review 2021


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Effective and efficient
  • Versatile and luxurious
  • Easy to maintain

Overview Of Blissy Review

Blissy is a 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk pillowcase that ensures less friction than cotton pillowcases. During sleep, you can stay protected from aging, sleep crumple, and hair tangle issues. So, you will have an optimal sleeping experience and a fresh morning.

Overview Of Blissy Review

The pillowcase is durable enough so the pillow will be protected in heavy tossing and turning. Most of the pillowcases are not machine washable, but the Blissy withstands in the machine wash. It comes in several stunning colors and 3 sizes, so I can easily match it with the bedsheets.

The Hypoallergenic pillowcase ensures non-irritation and anti-bacterial protection. For that reason, the skin moisture becomes retained. Also, it does not cause a hot feeling on the face while sleeping. Get younger with Blissy while sleeping.

Special Features of Blissy Pillowcase

Blissy provides a wide range of unique features that make it different from other pillowcases. The features are mentioned below:

Special Features of Blissy Pillowcase

Soft and comfortable:

Fabricated with 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk that is 43% less friction than cotton. So, sleeping will be comfortable. Silk fabric is always soft for the slippery surface. Have a deep sleep with better comfort.


It doesn’t allow molds, bacteria, and other allergens to grow. So, we can stay safe from several skin problems. It is friendly with sensitive, oily, and dry skin. If you have an allergic reaction after waking up in the morning, use the Blissy and see the result. It works.

Effective and efficient:

Heavy tossing and turning in sleep can damage pillowcases. Blissy is durable and also protects the pillow from unwanted damage. Investing for good sleep is better. Its high-end silk fabric keeps me away from hair problems. Also, it helps to retain moisture and glow on the skin.

Versatile and luxurious:

Blissy comes in 3 different sizes and many colors. Use the Blissy matching with the bed sheet color. It provides a luxury look in the bed like a five-star hotel. Enjoy the cozy feel with the shiny Blissy pillowcase.

Easy to maintain:

Blissy is 100% silky and machine washable. So, it can be maintained easily without worry. Its color and shiny surface do not wash out after heavy cleaning. A simple instruction is given in the Blissy package with a proper maintenance guide.

Why Do I Need This Pillow Cover?

The Blissy contains high-grade mulberry silk. It gives comfort with ultra-softness and durability. You will stay protected from skin irritation, hair tangling, so the sleep becomes more profound. Its hypoallergenic features keep the allergens away from you in bed. The zipper prevents slide-off.

Why Do I Need This Pillow Cover

It does not absorb cream so that you can maintain good skin. Also, it’s slippery and smooth and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The pillow cover has the advantage of staying cool for longer, but at the same time, it keeps more heat during winter, so it helps keep the temperature regulated while sleeping. For these benefits, you will need this pillow cover.

What I like
  • Hypoallergenic and comfortable
  • Skin and hair-friendly
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Luxurious shiny look
  • 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
What Should Improve
  • Silk fabric needs special detergent to wash

Things to Look for Before Buying Silk Pillowcase

Before investing in a silk pillowcase, pay attention to a few essential factors. Measure the pillow size before getting a silk pillowcase to have a comfortable sleep. Then check the hypoallergenic feature to protect yourself from aging, bacterial, dust mites, bed heads and irritation. This will ensure better sleep and a fresh morning.

Things to Look for Before Buying Silk Pillowcase

Washing is important for a pillowcase after several days. Check that your silk pillowcase is machine, dry, and hand washable. Quality and durability also be looked at when buying a silk pillowcase. Mulberry Silk ensures durable performance in any situation. Also, a durable pillowcase reduces pillow damage. Remember that the silk pillowcase should not be too slippery. By bearing in mind these aspects, you will get the right silk pillowcase.

Where I Can Purchase It?

To have a fresh good night’s sleep, order your Blissy from here. With the authentic product, you will get a 60 days trial with a 100% money-back option. Shipping is free all around the world. Your information will be protected while purchasing the Blissy.

Blissy manufacturer offers 30 to 55% off on 3 different packages. Silky solo provides 30%, Silky dua 40%, and Silky family provides 55% discount. Its stock is limited. So, don’t be late. Get your Blissy silk pillowcase right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

People asked questions frequently about the Blissy pillow cover. I have answered for your clarity.

Is Blissy the best silk pillowcase?

Blissy is constructed with Mulberry silk which is the highest grade silk. It has non-toxic dyes and premium finishing. The ultra-premium silk makes the Blissy the best silk pillowcase.

Do silk pillowcases really make a difference?

Silk pillowcases are softer and more comfortable than cotton pillowcases. Silk ensures skin and hair protection during sleeping. No matter how much you toss and turn over the silk pillowcase, you will never be irritated.

How often should you wash silk pillowcases?

I wash my silk pillowcases 2/3 times per week. Because, silk pillowcases don’t absorb dust, cream, etc. Dry wash is perfect for silk pillowcases. In the case of detergent wash, I use pH-neutral detergents.

How Blissy helps skin?

Blissy’s top-quality silk ensures softness. While moving around on the bed, I never feel friction on my face. Also, It has zero absorbent capacity. So, keep your skin hydrated with cream at night.

How Blissy helps hair?

Cotton pillowcase tangles our hair while sleeping. Because we turn and toss in the bed during sleep. Its bedhead feature keeps hair in normal condition and prevents unwanted hair damage.

Final Thought

Blissy is the perfect solution for a cozy night’s sleep and a fresh morning. In this Blissy review, I have explained its overall specialties that I have experienced. Its Mulberry silk surface keeps skin hydrated and hair tangle-free while sleeping. The shiny pillow cover gives me a luxurious feel in my bedroom.

It regulates the body temperature in both cold winter and hot summer. Easy to hand, dry, and machine wash. It has a zipper to prevent side off. Enough durable and soft than other pillow covers. Go for the Blissy and have a hassle-free sleep.

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