Bondic Reviews: Better Then Super Glue? MUST Read in 2022

I always wanted a product that can permanently fix all types of broken objects. Finally, I found Bondic Reviews and got this product to repair different items or accessories with the same efficiency. Earlier I used normal glue to fix any broken product, but it won’t last long.

Now, with Bondic, I can effectively fix plastic items, belts, USB cables, ceramics, wood, and many more. This is the ideal alternative, even much better than the glue. I can fix anything without facing any issue with it. In this guide, I will share my opinion about Bondic and its benefits.

What Is Bondic?

Bondic is a unique liquid formula that is used to repair broken materials. It can reattach the plastic products, refill the leaky plumbing holes, and rebuild products just like before. This product is solvent-free; thus, it won’t dry out. Bondic comes with an in-built UV light which helps to rock-solid the liquid formula and fix the damaged area.

What Is Bondic

This unique product can fix anything with 4 simple steps such as clean, fill, cure, and shape. It requires only 4 seconds to solidify the liquid plastic. You can see the Bondic Reviews to know more deeply about it. The Bondic glue looks like a small pen with a small pump. This pump allows the liquid plastic to come out for fixing the broken parts.

Until the UV light shines on the liquid plastic, it won’t get hard. It works best on the rough surface and undercuts. Also, Bondic will perfectly work on the surface with water because it is water-resistant. It is also heat-resistant and can tolerate -40° to +150°C temperature. There is no fear of melting or breaking fixed objects with high or low temperatures.

Special Features of Bondic

Bondic works much better than glue due to its top-class features. Here, I will share those features of Bondic, which I got by using it.

Special Features of Bondic

  • Bondic is extremely strong and ensures a long-lasting hold.
  • It is compatible to work on any surface.
  • In any weather, it remains the same and never dries out.
  • It is water, heat, acid, oil resistant.
  • The using process of Bondic is very easy and hassle-free.
  • This product doesn’t comprise any harmful chemicals or toxins.

How Can You Use Bondic?

The application process of Bondic is absolutely risk-free and super easy. Below I am going to put the simple steps of using Bondic.

How Can You Use Bondic

  1. Take the broken or damaged object for applying the liquid plastic.
  2. Now, radiate the liquid plastic with UV light. It will take 4 seconds to harden the elements.
  3. If necessary, apply additional liquid plastic.
  4. Never use Bondic under the sunlight because the UV radiation that comes from sunlight can harden the liquid.

Top Benefits of Use a Bondic Glue

This little product comes with huge benefits. In this section, I will present the benefits I get from this product.

Top Benefits of Use a Bondic Glue

Extremely Strong and Durable:

After applying Bondic, the liquid plastic formula gets a long-Lasting hold within 4 seconds. Unlike other glues, it won’t peel off with the contact of water or heat. Bondic can tolerate -40° to +015°C temperature under any circumstances. Thus, it will last forever and can assure long term durability.

More Convenient and Effective:

Bondic works on every object or material like metal, plastic, ceramics, dishes, glass, wood, fabric, and many more. It can conveniently fix everything and work on any surface with the same effectiveness.

Save Money:

It repairs every product effectively so that there is no need to repurchase them. Also, Bondic is affordable and cheap. With this single product, I can repair so many different things.


This small handy product doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It is a safe product that even children above 12 to 13 years can handle Bondic. Also, it won’t mess up the surface like other glue. Bondic only requires a wet cloth to wipe off if it spills.


Bondic is non-toxic, doesn’t contain any dangerous or harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is safe to use and for the skin. It is non-sticky so it won’t stick to the skin.

Is Bondic Stronger Than Super Glue?

Though Bondic and regular glue look like the same but actually they are not. Glue works with sticky material, and Bondic works with UV light. Here, I will put some points that Bondic can do but super glue can’t.

Is Bondic Stronger Than Super Glue

Bondic can permanently or temporarily restore, replace, and set elements or objects by reparation. It has full control over adhesive strength on various surfaces. This glue pen can fill, seal, and join objects by integrating undercuts in the constructions. It is resistant to UV after hardening and also water or heat resistant. Bondic is also used for milling, painting, sanding, and polishing.

Super glue can fix elements, but after some, they broke down. It works as a temporary solution, not a permanent one. Normal glue can’t perform equally on different surfaces. It takes time to get dry also, put a permanent uneven spot on the surface. So, considering the overall performance, it is clear that Bondic is stronger and better than super glue.

How to Quickly Remove Bondic?

For the first time, when I was applying Bondic, some spots fell on my table and hand. Then I learned how quickly I could remove it. I will share those tips with you all through Bondic Reviews.

How to Quickly Remove Bondic

Firstly, I took a sharp shove but made sure it shouldn’t be a blade to remove adhesive elements. If you are not comfortable with sharp shoves, then you can use toothpicks or any plastic objects. Gently rub the Bondic glue spot and it will be removed. Sometimes with a big amount of spots, I need a knife to remove them.

For removing the Bondic glue from my hand, I just use soap and water. I damp my hands with warm water and rub them with soap for a few minutes. After that, it is removed without damaging my skin. You can also use liquid that is used for breaking the Bondic spot easily.

Is Bondic Scam or Legal?

After hearing about this product, I purchased it to see if Bondic is a scam or legal? I applied it on my drinking glass, charger cable, plastic jug, wood, and many more things. Trust me, this little device amazed me with its effectiveness. It fixed each and every product within a few seconds. Before using it, I thought it would work like regular glue.

Is Bondic Scam or Legal

But, Bondic is completely different from glue and works much better than glue on all the materials. It is safe for everyone, as it does not contain any dangerous chemicals like glue guns. This compact product can fix anything by cleaning, filling, curing, and then shaping. It saves many items from dumping into the trash. So, my verdict will be Bondic is definitely a good product and not a scam.

Bondic Reviews: Where to Buy Bondic?

When I purchase something from the online shop, I always prefer the official website. Because they provide authentic products with the best deals and warranty. If you want to buy Bondic, you can click on this official website link and make the order.

Bondic Reviews: Where to Buy Bondic?

Their best deal is Buy 3, Get 2 FREE and save $59.97, also for USA shipping charge is free. If you purchase from Bondic’s official site, you will get a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Question

I will answer some questions about Bondic. To know more about it, follow this section.

Does Bondic Work Around Water?

Bondic is 100% water-proof. So it can be used around water, against water, and underwater. Also, the broken parts won’t get affected anymore by water after joining with the Bondic.

Is the Bondic Glue Heat Resistant?

It is entirely heat-resistant and extremely durable. Once applied and getting dried, nothing can melt it.

Does Bondic Work on Fabric?

Bondic is a liquid plastic that can be painted or sanded after exposure to UV lights. It will effectively work on several materials like wood, plastic, and even fabric.

Can You Use Bondic on Dishes?

Yes, you can use it on dinnerware, crockery, and dishes. Because after fully cured and cleaned, it becomes uncritical.

Can You Use Bondic on Charging Cords?

Yes, you can use Bondic on charging cords. It can completely secure any cables or cords from further damage.

Final Thoughts

By using normal glues, I never fix up things permanently. They used to break down again after some days. Bondic works for my accessories and objects like magic. It immediately joints every broken part and fixes them with a permanent solution.

From the Bondic Reviews, I find the best solution for fixing my accessories. It is the best product that works so effectively on any surface. I will suggest you try out Bondic, and it won’t let you down.

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