ChargeHubGO Review: Keep Your Devices Charged on the Go!

Smartphones are the most fundamental part of my daily life, and I need them every time. But, the problem is all my phones have limited batteries. Then, finally, I got a device called ChargeHubGo, which is a portable charger. This device allows me to charge all my phones when I am out.

I find this wireless charger very convenient, and its charging method is super fast. ChargeHubGo is compatible with all the latest smartphones. I have tested it on several phones to check if it works or not. It actually a great compatible device. In this   ChargeHubGO review, I will share my opinion. To know my experience stay with this guide.

What Is Chargehubgo+?

ChargeHubGo Plus is an all-in-one versatile portable power bank that is patented with the Smart-Speed technology. This wireless charging device is ultra-slim, portable, and pocket-size design. It works so conveniently that it can keep all the phones fully charged at home, work, or any other place. ChargeHubGo provides ultra-fast charging without overpowering or overheating the phones with its 15 watts of total power. See this ChargeHubGO review to learn more deeply about it.

What Is Chargehubgo+

It is featured with a wireless charging pad, 2 built-in charging micro USB cable, and a USB charging port. The built-in cables make this chargeable device compatible with almost all mobile phones that have USB ports. In this way, it allows charging 4 devices simultaneously. This device assures safety from overcharging, short circuit, and any other foreign object damage. It is the ideal solution to prevent the risk of having low-battery power of cell phones, tablets, speakers, etc. With the matte black finish design, it looks so appealing and perfectly goes with my other devices.

Chargehubgo+ Technical Specifications

Before buying any device, I always prefer to check all the technical specifications. It allows me to know the device more deeply. Therefore, I am going to share the technical specification of ChargeHubGo.

Chargehubgo+ Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6.5″ x 4″ x .75″
  • Weight: 5.3oz.
  • Shipping dimension: 4″ x 1″ x 7″
  • Shipping weight: 7oz
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Wireless Output: 5V/1A | 5W
  • Micro/Type C input: 5V/2A
  • Charging Cable Output: 5V/2A
  • USB output: 5V/2A
  • Total power: 15W
  • Certification: FCC, RoHS, CE

ChargeHubGO Review: Top Class Features

ChargeHubGo Plus is designed with some attractive features that make this device more reliable and useful. Here, I will present the top-class cool features of this single device.

ChargeHubGO Review: Top Class Features

  • ChargeHubGo is patented with Smart-Speed technology to provide the fastest charging experience.
  • The wireless charging pad provides more convenient
  • This device is tested and certified by FCC, RoHS, and CE. It prevents the risk of foreign object damage, overpowering, and overheating.
  • ChargeHubGo is universally compatible with almost all the latest smartphones.
  • It allows charging the devices anywhere and any time while on the go.
  • With the 5000mAh battery capacity, this pocket-size power bank eliminates the fear of having a low battery.

How Does Chargehubgo Plus Work?

It works as a power bank with its 5000mAh battery capacity. ChargeHubGo Plus delivers safe and fastest charge. Below, I will put the details of how it works.

How Does Chargehubgo Plus Work

  • Press the power button of ChargeHubGo to turn it on. The power button is situated on the power bank’s side.
  • It consists of 4 different methods for charging. I can use the wireless pad because my phone has a wireless charging feature. Also, it has a Type-C port & cable, Micro/lightning reversible cable, and USB charging port.
  • Now, choose any one of the 4 different charging models.
  • Then the 4 LED indicator light will indicate the remaining battery power of the ChargeHubGo.

Chargehubgo Pros

See this section to know all the ChargeHubGo pros.

  • Lightweight, sleek design, and portable.
  • Universally compatible.
  • Simultaneously charge 4 devices.
  • Smart-speed technology provides fast charge.
  • Ultra-versatile and all-in-one power bank.

Chargehubgo Cons

It only has one disadvantage, which is ChargeHubGo doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge. But, it is not a big deal because ChargeHubGo uses patented smart-speed technology for the fastest charging.

What Makes Chargehubgo+ Better Than Other Power Banks on the Market?

This device comes with some extraordinary features that make it better than other power banks. Here, in this ChargeHubGO review, I will share those benefits that I have experienced.


ChargeHubGo is tested and certified to assure it won’t damage the devices by overpowering or overheating. Moreover, it keeps the devices safe from short circuits and other electrical hazards.


It has 5000mAh battery power that ensures charging the devices fully for 2-5 times. ChargeHubGo easily fits in the pocket with its compact and ultra-slim design. I charge my 2 phones at a time using it. It works with iPhone 5 or newer, iPad (pro, mini, regular, air), Samsung Galaxy S7 or newer, pixel, LG, and many more.


Ultra-Fast Charging:

The wireless charging pad provides a more convenient and fast charge. It provides an industry-leading 5W charge while charging wirelessly. Also, the USB type-c cable charges the mobile phones with 2x faster speed.

Easy to Use:

It just requires connecting the phones or tablets to the charging cable or USB port. Then, press the power button on, and the 4 small LED lights will start indicating the remaining battery power. For wireless charging, I just place my phone on the top. Then, make sure the circle can directly contact my phone’s wireless charging area.

Is It a Scam?

Actually, after hearing about ChargeHubGo, I purchased it to give it a try. After I started using it, I realized that ChargeHubGo is not a scam. It charges my device 0-100% with super fast speed, and this thing makes me amazed. With the patented technology, it protects my phone from overpowering.

Is It a Scam

I take ChargeHubGo everywhere as it easily fits in my pocket with its super compact size. Till now, I never felt any type of hassle while using it. During my hectic schedule, this device works for my phones like a savior. This simple but extraordinary device is definitely worth my investment.

Where to Buy?

This device is available on several online platforms without any discounts and refund offers. Nothing is better than the official website to get an authentic product with a guarantee and the best offers. I will recommend you to purchase ChargeHubGo from their official website as I did.

Where to Buy

They come up with 3 offers. Their most popular offer has Buy 2, Get 1 75% off with free USA shipping and save $33.75. The best deal offer is Buy 3, Get 2 free with USA free shipping and save $89.98. These discount offers are for only a limited period. So grab your with USA free shipping and save $89.98 now.

Frequently Asked Question

Here, I will answer some frequently asked questions about ChargeHubGo for better convenience.

Is There a Warranty for Chargehubgo+?

Yes, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for all ChargeHubGo devices. So, if you are not 100% satisfied with ChargeHubGo, you can claim a refund.

Will Chargehubgo+ Overcharge My Device?

No, as it is designed to charge the device optimally, it won’t overcharge. Moreover, it charges the smartphones very fast along with proper safety.

Will Chargehubgo+ Work on Any Device?

Yes, ChargeHubGo+ works on almost all USB chargeable smartphones, tablets, MP3, cameras, earphones, wireless headphones, speakers, etc. ChargeHubGo+ is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Can I Use Wireless Charging With a Phone Case?

Actually, it depends on the thickness, build material, and type of the phone case. But, usually, it works with the thinner phone cases that come with below 5mm thickness.

How Many Devices Can Be Charged at Once on Chargehubgo+?

At a time, ChargeHubGo can charge 4 devices. But remember one thing, it will become slower while charging several devices. So, for faster charging, you can place one device on the wireless pad’s top. Then, plug another device into the USB cables.

Final Thoughts

This wireless power bank doesn’t compromise with any aspects or functions to provide more convenience. The compact size, lightweight, and portability make this product easier to handle. I am delighted with its charging capacity as it can fully charge my mobile two times. The best thing is, till now, I never see my phone get overheated while using it.

With its patented technology, I don’t have to worry about the ChargeHubGo’s quality. This versatile device is simply incredible and worthy of using. I share all my opinion and experience with this device in this ChargeHubGO review. I hope this guide will help you to know ChargeHubGo in a better way. So make the best decision and get your ChargeHubGo.

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