DroneX Review- Evergreen Drone Worth the Price?

If you are someone like me who loves filming, you know the necessity of a drone to express maximum creativity. I have been looking for a top-notch drone since a few years back. Many friends recommended me about droneX as a great device to improve my filming skill. Finally, I decided to purchase it.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.5

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There is no doubt that droneX changed my life a lot with its great capabilities. It comes with many exclusive features to satisfy your needs. Today, in this exclusive DroneX review I will share my experiences with this device. Continue reading to know whether DroneX is legit or it’s just a scam.

Product Summary
DroneX Review

DroneX Review


  • Shooting from the Air
  • Ease of Use
  • Professional Shooting Experience
  • HD photos and Videos
  • Easily Portable
  • Excellent Stability

DroneX Review: What Is DroneX?

While photography or filmmaking is a passion for many persons, a good quality drone will take your potential to the next level. DroneX is a lightweight drone that will allow you to capture your photos or videos from above. In fact, with droneX, your overall creativity will improve a lot. It can fly to a limited range for a specific runtime so that you can record your videos more innovatively.

DroneX Review: What Is DroneX?

When it comes to creating amazing pictures or videos, this great device will surely make your day shiner. Besides, it has many exclusive features to give you the best user experience. Whether you want to take still pictures or drone views of a wide area, it will help you to get the job done.

It is specially designed for people who love to go on adventures. It is pretty much lightweight and easily foldable, so you can take it in your backpack easily. Besides, it is highly durable so that you can use it for a long time. With all these exclusive features, this inexpensive drone can be a great deal for you.

Main Features of DroneX

Main Features of DroneX


One of the key features of this lightweight drone is it has foldable blades. The propeller can be folded inward in a convenient way. So, you can carry it without any hassle. Besides, while you are in transit, your favorite droneX will be secured and protected due to its folding feature.

High-Quality Photo and Video:

There is no denying that the main purpose of a drone is capturing photos and video by ensuring quality. This exclusive product will allow you to record video in 480P resolution. So you don’t need to worry about your picture and video quality.

Flying Time and Range:

There is no doubt that in a drone, one of the most important features is its flight time or runtime. This exclusive product will give you 8 minutes of runtime to complete your shoot conveniently. So, you will never struggle to capture your desired videos with this excellent drone. Because it comes with a great flight time. Besides, the 70-meter range will give you extra flexibility while shooting.

Flying Time and Range

Gravity Sensor:

Having the gravity sensor in your drone will allow it to avoid any unexpected collision during the operation. DroneX has an updated gravity sensor that will make sure that it will detect any obstacles including ground during the flight. When it detects any obstacles, DroneX avoids that and changes its flying course. So, you can have an uninterrupted user experience from it.

Gravity Sensor

Easy to Control:

Many people become confused about how to operate a drone. I won’t deny, I was one of them and I always thought operating a drone is a tough task to do. Trust me, dronex has changed my perception completely. You can easily operate and control this amazing device without any hassle.

Benefits of Using DroneX

There are many benefits of using droneX, especially when you deal with photography or filming regularly. Read on to know about all the exclusive benefits you will get from this excellent drone.

Shooting from the Air:

Whether you are a novice photographer or a professional filmmaker, droneX will allow you to shoot from the air. With a 70-meter range, this excellent product comes in handy to capture your desired photos or videos. If you are making any reports or video documentaries, droneX will give you the perfect bird’s eye view.

Ease of Use:

Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, droneX is extremely easy to use. Trust me, you won’t need to struggle to control it. As it comes with a gravity sensor, you will not face any unexpected collisions. That’s why you will get an uninterrupted user experience from this easy-to-control device. The handy remote control will be always there to make the job easier for you.

Professional Shooting Experience:

I know, most of us are not professional photographers. But we are hobbyists and we like photography, even filmmaking. In that case, droneX will give you an excellent solution as it has some pre-programmed camera shots. So, it will allow you to shoot like professionals just with the click of a button.

HD photos and Videos:

I know, for any photographer quality of photos and videos means a lot. This smart drone will offer you to get HD videos and photos. With a 480P resolution of droneX, get ready for high-quality images and videos from it.

Easily Portable:

Another great benefit of this product is it comes with extremely lightweight design. Weighing only a few weight which is also easily foldable, droneX is easily portable. So, if you plan to travel or go for the next adventure, simply keep it in your backpack. Trust me, it won’t occupy much space.

Easily Portable

Excellent Stability:

It will give you a great level of user experience with proper flight. Most importantly, the stability it offers is pretty much impressive. So, you will get the perfect photos or videos from it.

Why You Need DroneX

With the increasing amount of video bloggers or photographers, the necessity of a drone has also increased. DroneX will help you a lot when it comes to getting a bird’s eye view for your project. As it will offer you the opportunity to shoot from the sky, you can easily express your overall creativity.

Besides, it’s super easy to control, so you won’t struggle to operate it. Besides, it has a sleek design which is also eye-appealing. I love this product as it satisfies all of my needs and the price is pretty much affordable. If you want to express your talent and creativity in the filming sector, undoubtedly, this can be your best companion. Even if you’re simply a nature lover, droneX will give you excellent landscape videos.

How to Set Up Drone X

DroneX is specially designed so that you can assemble it within a very short time. The package includes all necessary parts and you’ll get a detailed instruction manual. If you follow the manual in the right way, it won’t take much time to assemble the drone. However, the first thing you should do when receiving the package is charging it properly.

When the charging is done, you should join the parts and check the controller. DroneX comes with spare blades. The compact design of it will help you to quickly replace the blade if necessary. Besides, you may need to think about extra batteries. It will help you to get an extended battery life from your drone.

What is DroneX Customer Saying?

As a customer, I must say droneX is a great product as it satisfies all of my needs. However, different customers expressed different opinions about this product. The majority of customers rated this product as a high-quality product considering the price range.

In most cases, customers expressed positive opinions on the features of DroneX. When it comes to performance and durability, customers are impressed in this expect as well. Some users expressed that undoubtedly, investing in droneX is worth the money. Besides, many users are impressed with the instruction manual as well.

However, a few users expressed bad opinions on the product. A few users argued that the product is not highly durable. In a nutshell, with all exclusive features and seamless performance, droneX won the heart of the majority of customers.

Is Buying Dronex Worth the Money?

Needless to say, droneX is a great accessory to help you explore your full photography or filming potential. Whether you are a filmmaker or passionate about photography, this exclusive drone has every key feature to help you out. It is easy to set up and controlling it is so much convenient. Besides, you’ll get all HD photos and videos from it along with incredible performance.

Is Buying Dronex Worth the Money

Furthermore, the runtime and range are pretty much impressive. The lightweight and foldable feature will help you to take it easily wherever you want. Most importantly, you’ll get everything that is included in the package at a very affordable price. That’s why I think buying droneX is worth the money.

From Where I Can Buy It?

If you are satisfied with the features of droneX, most probably you want to buy it. You can buy directly from their official website. However, if you want to get a 50% discount on your purchase, here is a link for you. You’ll get some exclusive offers if you buy droneX from this link.

The overall purchasing process has been simplified for you. You just need to choose your desired package. Then you need to make the payment. You can easily pay the price with your VISA or MasterCard. After making the payment, you’ll get your desired droneX soon right at your provided delivery address.

Final Thought

No one will deny the necessity of a drone in filming or photography. Because it will allow you to capture your moments right from the air. DroneX helped me a lot to improve my filming skill since I purchased it.

Besides, the value for money you’ll get from this product is impressive. In this droneX review, I tried to share my experiences with this product. I hope it helped you to make your decision wisely. I wish you a happy shooting day with your very own droneX.

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