Eyeque Review: Test Your Vision and Order Glasses From Home!

I have nearsightedness issues; thus, I have to wear glasses and do regular check-ups. Going for regular check-ups is very time consuming and costly. Then I found one device called EyeQue and decided to purchase it. Trust me, with this device, I comfortably and easily test my eyes.

It uses a smartphone to check the condition and quality of my vision. This device provides accurate results like a doctor’s prescription. EyeQue is so beneficial that I used it to check my all family member’s eye condition. That’s why I will share my opinion about this device in this eyeque review. 

What Is Eyeque?

EyeQue is the world’s only accurate and award-winning device that is used for the vision check. It is a patented personal vision tracker that provides the full and functional vision within only 8 minutes. With the MIT technology, it assures accurate results. It can be used anywhere with a smartphone and an active net connection. This eyeque review will provide all essential information about this device.

What Is Eyeque?

After completing the test, it uploads the results for evaluation in the EyeQue cloud. So, the report can be checked and compared over time to diagnose or prevent eye issues. Adults, teens, and children can use this device for eye tests. The EyeQue device and app are compatible with Android and Apple devices. To adjust the functions, it shows 3 color lines.

Design & Features of Eyeque

Every EyeQue includes a miniscope, which is a sophisticated optical device. The smooth and rounded tube consists of intricately manufactured lenses, highly engineered objects, and expert design.

Design & Features of Eyeque

EyeQue comes with some unique features that provide benefits in many ways. Below, I will share the features of this device, so have a look.

  • With EyeQue, there is no need for a prescription to order glasses. This device can prescribed glasses by itself and helps to order online after testing the vision.
  • It is patented with MIT technology; thus, this device can provide highly accurate results.
  • This device is so time-consuming that it can confirm glass numbers within only 8 minutes.
  • With the help of the EyeQue app, the previous reports can be checked or tracked.
  • The silicon eyecup fits comfortably in anyone’s eyes.

Setup and Using for the First Time

To set-up, the EyeQue requires creating an account. I completed this process from eyeque.com. After that, I download the free EyeQue PVT app and log with a registered account. Then, I take a practice test using the in-app tutorials. To get the eyeGlass numbers, it takes 3 tests. I can review the result from the app or online. EyeQue has two different modes for adults and kids. So, I can conveniently use this device to test all my family member’s eyes.

Setup and Using for the First Time

EyeQue is very easy and convenient to use. Follow the below instruction to use it for the first time.

  • At first, I remove the protective sticker.
  • After that, I attached the miniscope to my smartphone.
  • Then, I looked into the miniscope by keeping the eyes relaxed.
  • At this time, the tests will appear on the phone screen. To overlap the lines, I pressed the on-screen buttons.
  • Then, I started rotating the eyepiece with each measurement.
  • It has 3 quick test measurements for each eye. The full comprehensive test contains 9 measurements.
  • Lastly, I reviewed the progress and tracked the history reports over time.

Who Can Use Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker?

It is a safe and secure device that contains zero side effects. The silicon eyecap provides more comfort while testing the vision. Therefore, this device is absolutely safe for all aged people.

Who Can Use Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker?

Moreover, EyeQue contains two different modes for both adults and children. So, it can be used by anyone with vision and eye issues. This useful device can be used in any condition, any time, even putting contact lenses on the eyes.

Eyeque Review: Pros

In this eyeque review section, I will show some pros that make this device so useful.

Eyeque Review: Pros

  • Save time and money.
  • Extremely accurate and affordable.
  • Very fast, easy, and convenient.
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices.
  • Capable of tracking history over time.
  • Registered with the US FDA.

Eyeque Review: Cons

I found no faults or issues with this device except one thing that it is only available online. But, it won’t make any huge impact as their online service is hassle-free.

What Makes Eyeque So Special?

EyeQue is considered as the class 1 medical device and registered with the US FDA. with the unique features and benefits, and this device becomes much more special. Have a look to know the special things of EyeQue.

What Makes Eyeque So Special

Cost-Effective and Time-Consuming:

I have to visit an eye specialist every 2 or 3 months to check my eye power and condition. Sometimes I missed the doctor’s schedule that makes me suffer a lot. With EyeQue, I can easily test my vision. For medicine and glass, I send the reports to my doctor. In this way, the average customer can save approximately $276 per year along with their time.


EyeQue is powered with MIT-patented technology that assures accurate testing and reports. It takes several tests at several times to ensure accuracy. After completing each test, the results are uploaded to the EyeQue cloud. Based on the test, it determines a confidence level. With a higher confidence level, it will display eyeglass numbers on the screen. A low confidence level will indicate to retake the test and won’t provide any eyeglasses numbers.

Don’t Require Prescriptions:

Generally, for ordering glasses, a prescription is required. But with EyeQue, there is no need for any prescription. EyeQue generates results like traditional eyeglass prescription, including the axis, spherical, and cylindrical measurement. Therefore, it becomes easy to order glasses from home without any prescription.

Easy and Convenient:

People who can use a smartphone easily can use this device. It takes a minimum of 8 minutes to provide the eyeglass numbers.

Easy and Convenient

EyeQue makes the eye check-up process so easy and hassle-free. It reduces the need for taking appointments and waiting for the schedule.


This device is absolutely safe and secure. It requires the eyes exposed to only the smartphone’s screen light, and we look at it daily. Another thing is the miniscope. It is made with soft silicone eyecup. This miniscope gently fits with maximum comfort to anyone’s eyes.

Track Results:

It saves all previous data or results on the app or online. So, it can be tracked anytime and compared the history of the vision condition. It helps me to consult with the doctors about my eye conditions and get better treatment.

Is it a Scam?

While browsing the internet, I found this amazing device called EyeQue. After researching it, I find it really interesting and made up my mind to purchase it. After purchase, I learned the process of using this device correctly. I find it really easy and 100% accurate. I showed the results to my doctor to see if it is a scam or real. I was amazed when my doctor said the result is accurate and prescribed me some medicines. So, EyeQue is not a scam for sure.

Is it a Scam

It is very comfortable, flexible, and the best thing is it provides results within a few minutes. The EyeQue app saves all the records and allows you to check them anytime. It includes a detailed report with explained results and the consistency of the tests. Another great thing about EyeQue is it can check the contact lens’s effectiveness. Lastly, I can say that it is an ideal device to keep regular vision measurement and the eyes healthy.

Where Can I Buy It?

You will find various vision tracker miniscopes in the market, but they are not reliable and accurate. Therefore, I will suggest buying EyeQue from their official website. They provide the original products with huge deals and guarantees. Their most popular deal is, Buy 1 EyeQue, get 1 with 50% off and save $25. Also, they offer the best deal offer of Buy 2, Get 1 absolutely free and save $49.99. You can get both of these offers with free USA shipping.

Where Can I Buy It

They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. With defective products or any other issues, you can claim a refund within 30 days. They deliver the orders very fast, but outside the USA, it may require 7to 12 business days to arrive the products. I didn’t find anything wrong with their product so you can buy without any hesitation.

Final Verdict

EyeQue helps to track the eyesight condition with 100% accuracy. Its faster, convenient, and easy process of use makes this device more special or popular. The higher-quality material and build quality make it very strong and durable. Within 8 minutes, I got my glass numbers and ordered my glass online.

I find EyeQue very beneficial for my regular check-up. I used it on my family members also. This exceptional vision tracker helps to inspect all the data by keeping them safe on the app or online. I provide almost all the necessary information about it in this eyeque review. Read this article and get your EyeQue right now to get all the benefits.

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