FIXD Reviews 2022: Diagnose Your Car’s Health On Your Smartphone!

My car requires frequent servicing and inspection, and it makes me exhausted. Then I came across a gadget called FIXD and did some research about this product. Finally, I decided to purchase it to see if it really works or not. After using FIXD  now, I can say that it works really well.

It warns me about my car’s technical issues and also provides detailed analysis to monitor the mechanical conditions. It is an excellent product to keep the car’s internal workings up-to-date. For your convenience, I will share my opinion about it in this FIXD Reviews. So, let’s dive into it.

What Is Fixd?

FIXD is a unique and innovative gadget that can diagnose any car’s health with its OBD2 scanner system and app. The diagnostic scanning tool can alert with 7000+ car’s real-time issues like why the check engine light is on and how intense it is. Also, this wireless device shows the repair cost in simple and easy-to-understand terms. FIXD continuously monitors the vehicles for any issues and shows repair estimates before going to the mechanic.

What Is Fixd

FIXD works effectively on all cars with gas that was produced in 1996 and after. It is the ideal solution that can instantly detect the car’s issues. This technological combination of software and hardware allows seeing the history of detected problems. The FIXD app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. By using any mobile device you can connect this simple device to your car and get a quick scan.

Features of Fixd Device

In this FIXD Reviews section, I am going to put some features that benefited me in many ways.

Features of Fixd Device

Continuous Monitoring:

FIXD continuously monitors the vehicle to avoid mechanical crashes and make everything under control. Also, it alerts instantly while detecting any problem with the vehicle. For simple repair, you don’t have to go to any repair shop anymore.


When the check engine light comes on, it gets notified and detects car issues. I easily know when I’m due for service with this device. Because it can see the manufacturer’s maintenance timeline of my car and notify me. It determines the mileage and alerts when important routine maintenance is needed. Also, if there are any engine troubles then this FIXD Automotive diagnostic scanners work great.

Vehicle History:

The best thing about FIXD is it can provide previous vehicle history. Whenever needed, it can provide the previously detected vehicle problems to keep a running log. It helps to ensure the overall condition of the car. Any type of vehicle that comes after 1996 can read this handy tool FIXD. 

Multi-Vehicle Control:

FIXD comes with a sensor that helps to monitor the status and health of other vehicles remotely. It schedules service for other vehicles when they need repairing or approaching maintenance intervals.

FIXD Sensor:

The FIXD sensor plugs into the OBD2 port and connects to the FIXD App via Bluetooth. This sensor works with 1996 and after models of gas-powered cars. This sensor is designed in small and compact sizes.

FIXD Sensor

Save Time and Money:

By providing an effective diagnosis of the car, it allows me not to go to the mechanic workshop. Also, it provides the exact amount required for the repair of the car. Thus, it saves my time and money.

Easy to Use and Install:

It only requires less than 60 seconds to plug into the car port. Also, its using process is very simple, and anyone will find it very easy to access. It is the most efficient diagnostic tool that works as a fault code detector.

Does Fixd Really Work?

This maintenance reminder that diagnoses vehicles to detect mechanical origins problems. It is suitable with Bluetooth 4.0 and a system code reader of OBD2 protocols. FIXD is a scanning tool that detects car failures or problems, accesses the car’s internal registry, and breakdowns. It transfers the data to its app on the smartphone or tablet.

Does Fixd Really Work

This device allows me to know the real-time condition of my vehicle with accurate data. It shows the data and analysis in an understandable language so that anyone can easily catch them. If you find the error codes then get a diagnostic scan on your car immediately.

The best part of this device is it keeps me safe from fraud mechanics. Also, now my cost estimates are much lesser than before for car purposes. FIXD cannot fix the car problem, but it allows us to solve the car issues by recognizing them. For my car, FIXD works very effectively.

How to Use Fixd?

The using process of FIXD is very easy and simple. Follow the below steps to use this device.

How to Use Fixd

  • Plugin FIXD into the car’s port. It doesn’t require any tools or professionals.
  • Install the app from the app store for free on the smartphone.
  • By using BlueTooth connect FIXD to the free app from the Android and iOS device.
  • Fill up the appeared registration forms and enter the requested personal data. After that, record the FIXD socket number that appears on the label.
  • It will take some time to set up between the app and the OBD sensor.

Now, it will start sending notifications for any issues with its continuous monitoring. Also, it prevents $1000 from wasting as repairing cost.

Fixd Pros:

Here, I will provide the pros of using FIXD.

Fixd Pros

  • It instantly notifies about the engine lights problems.
  • Constantly monitors the vehicle’s engine.
  • With the app, check other vehicle’s conditions.
  • Anyone can use it.
  • Provide detected history through the log menu.
  • Doesn’t require battery and recharging.
  • Track the maintenance period and timeline.
  • Present 7000+ potential real-time problems.

Fixd Cons:

I didn’t find any major issue except one while using FIXD.

  • Doesn’t work with electric battery-powered cars.

What Car Problems Can Fixd Identify?

This device cannot fix the car’s problems but it can identify the issues for instant fixing before the damage. FIXD can identify vehicle engine lights like maintenance lights, ABS, and TPMS. With its sensor, FIXD can monitor the health and status of other vehicles remotely.

What Car Problems Can Fixd Identify

It can sense O2 sensor condition, mileage, and engine oil temperature. FIXD can see the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance timeline. To keep a running log it can see the history of detected issues.

Is it a Scam?

I have been using my car for more than 10 years. For servicing my car, I have to visit the mechanic frequently. Then I saw FIXD Reviews and decided to test this device. After using it, I realize that it saved me from fraud mechanics and unnecessary expenses. FIXD allows me to make my car’s diagnosis by its OBD2 system and app.

Is it a Scam

It detects the actual problem of my car and shows me the real cost of repairing this issue. Now I can tell the mechanics exactly what to do with my car by seeing the detected issues. This is the ideal device that can save me from big accidents. So, I can insure you that it is not a scam.

Return Policy and Warranty

FIXD manufacturer company does have a return policy and warranty for the best customer service experience. If the purchased product is defective, then you can claim a refund, excluding taxes and shipping charges. They have a 30-days money-back guarantee for every sold device. Also, you can have a 1-year limited warranty on each device.

Fixd Reviews: Where to Buy?

FIXD is a very convenient, affordable, and cost-effective device. I purchased it from their official site, and the link is given here. To get an authentic and quality product, I always prefer and trust the manufacturer’s official website. Also, you can have the best deals from their website with free USA shipping.

Fixd Reviews: Where to Buy

Their most popular deal is “Buy 1 get 1 50% off,” and the best value offer is “Buy 2 get 1 free”. They ship orders out FAST. Inside the USA, they need 2 or 3 days to deliver the product. It will take 7 to 12 days for getting the products outside the USA.

Frequently Asked Question

Here, I will answer some questions about FIXD that will clear all your doubts.

Can I Use Fixd on Multiple Cars?

Yes, you can use FIXD on multiple cars. But, I will suggest using one device for each vehicle for getting accurate reports. For several vehicles, you can purchase several FIXD devices.

Will Fixd Work With Foreign Cars?

FIXD only works with domestic vehicles. So, if you have any foreign car, it won’t provide accurate information and analysis.

What Year Cars Does Fixd Work With?

FIXD is compatible with all gas and hybrid-powered cars that built-in 1996 and after. Also, every diesel vehicle was built in 2009 and after. It also works with gas-powered trucks that are made in the USA and weighted 14,500 lbs indeed.

Does Fixd Drain Battery?

No, FIXD doesn’t drain the battery as it uses car power to stay charged. It will starts working when you start the car. The best thing is it consumes very low power, so there is no fear of battery draining.

Will Fixd Work on Diesels?

FIXD can work with almost all gasoline or diesel vehicles. It is compatible with diesel cars that were built in 2009 and after.

Bottom Line

FIXD effectively fulfills all its characteristics, as mentioned in the FIXD Reviews. This efficient OBD2 connector can fairly monitor and detect all the car’s problems. After that allows me to fix them without unnecessary costing. It works exclusively with the installed app on the smartphone.

This device can prevent uncomfortable situations by letting you know about car damages. It accesses the car’s internal registry, detects failures that can affect the car’s health. In this article, I present all my experiences with FIXD in detail. I hope it will help you to make a decision and know this device in a better way.

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