FIXD vs. ELM 327: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2022

Every car owner and driver has faced an awkward situation on the road because of engine problems. It is annoying and the mechanic and repair shop is very difficult to find. At that moment, the OBD2 car scanning device becomes handy and saves us from the annoying situation. It interacts with the vehicle’s computer system and provides the mechanic with very useful information.

This device works on the engine’s operation, gearbox, ABS systems, Air Bag, and air conditioning, among others. Here, I will present my overall experience with the two most used OBD2 diagnostic tools fixd and ELM 327. Also, present the FIXD vs. ELM 327 comparison for getting the right one.

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Details of Product  Fixd  ELM 327
Connectivity BT BT


Certification AES RoHS, REACH, ISO 17025
Phone support All do not support apple device
skill level both beginners and experts Professionals


smog test with premium version Yes
Vehicle support 5 1
Warranty 1 year NO


Satisfaction guarantee 30 days NO
Where To Buy

What is Fixd?

Fixd is a hardware and software-based on-board II car diagnostic tool that works through the OBD-II port. The sensor runs on the power of the OBD2 input itself and does not need batteries or being charged. All the information you need is passed on via Bluetooth.

What Is Fixd

There are versions for both Android and iOS. After installing Fixd, it will start capturing all the information emitted by the car. From this information, we have data such as emission, mileage, speed, and other things.

What is ELM 327?

Elm327 is the ultimate tool for scanning car errors and keeping the car in tip-top condition. It reads from the ECU, which includes all internal functions. It sends diagnosis reports on the phone using the Bluetooth network.

What Is Elm 327

Also, it works fine with android and windows phones but does not support iOS devices. 3rd party apps are required to see the overall car health status. It shows the significant amount of repair cost, which is efficient for all car users.

Features of Fixd

The Fixd offers a wide range of useful features. They are mentioned below:

Features Of Fixd

  1. FIXD works and can identify a number of problems: The great benefit of using this device is the ability to identify a large number of problems. The manufacturer claims that he can identify more than 7,000 potential problems, which include specific problems.
  2. Estimated expenses -: If you are involved in a car accident, the insurance company takes a long time to survey the repairs. It estimates the cost. Prices may vary, but at least you need some information when you think about expectations.
  3. Real-time monitoring: It needs a few minutes to get a complete scan of the car. After plugging into your car, it will collect all information, all of which will be accessible on your device. You can scan it yourself whenever and wherever you want.
  4. Support for Android and iOS: While other diagnostic devices work with only one device, FIXD works with today’s latest mobiles. You can feel free to change the device. It will continue to work with you. The data are secured, so nobody reads your car information.
  5. Multiple vehicle support: Fixd can be used in several vehicles up to 5. You can add all accounts on the same app and see all reports separately.

Features of ELM 327

ELM 327 provides amazing features. Let’s have a look below:

Features Of Elm 327

  1. Check engine problems: ELM 327 is installed on the OBD 2 port and finds engine issues by reading ECU. It can solve the engine light problem and error codes in the detailed report to solve simple issues without professionals’ help.
  2. Freeze Frame Data: It records the car’s precise conditions when a fault code triggers the check engine light. It will keep the emission system running by diagnosing trouble codes. Also, the detailed report presents essential information.
  3. Real-time information: It provides engine performance results in real-time. It is useful to find the root cause and try to solve the problem in the meantime. The data is very accurate for the built-in sensors.
  4. Compatibility: ELM 327 supports 3rd party apps with customization. You can pair the tool only in android and windows phones. It does not support Apple devices. One ELM 327 is for a single car.
  5. Air flow and smog test: The sensor calculates the airflow in the combustion engine to know the oxygen level in the fuel. It also helps to prevent environmental pollution by testing smog in the vehicle.

Benefits of Fixd

Fixd offers a wide range of benefits to all car users. They are mentioned below:

Benefits Of Fixd

  • Fixd can detect more than 7000 car engine problems.
  • It provides the estimated cost of the detected problems, which saves money from unusual problems.
  • It can read all engine error codes and solve light issues.
  • It scans the vehicle engine and provides results in real-time.
  • 5 vehicles support on one account.
  • Both beginners and professionals easily operate it.
  • Its default app supports iOS and Android phones.
  • All data are stored in the app and secured from theft.

Benefits of ELM 327

ELM 327 has some unique features that help many car users to save time and money. Let’s discover them:

Benefits Of Elm 327

  • ELM 327 is designed to solve error codes and engine light issues.
  • It shows the estimated cost of repair.
  • Send maintenance alerts.
  • Keep vehicles running by freezing frame data.
  • Measure RPM with live data.
  • It allows users to personalize the app dashboard.

Where to Buy Fixd?

You can buy Fixd from the local shop. But, I recommend getting it from the manufacturer’s official website to get the authentic device with offers and 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

Where to Buy ELM 327?

ELM 327 is also found in most automotive stores. Its authorized seller is selling the device on Amazon. I recommend getting it from here.

FIXD vs. ELM 327: Similarities

Fixd and ELM 327 have few similarities and comparisons in functions and performances. Let’s discover them:

Engine Health Diagnosis:

Both tools are connected to the OBD2 ports that read all trouble codes and light issues. They send all data on the app with an estimated cost that saves our time and money.


Fixd and ELM 327 present car diagnostic report using Bluetooth technology. They send alerts and push notifications to users on several problems, maintenance time and essential information.

FIXD vs. ELM 327: Comparisons

FIXD vs. ELM 327


Fixd allows us to connect up to 5 cars with a single device. You can install only one ELM 327 on a vehicle. The Fixd has a default app for android and apple phones. ELM 327 is not for apple users. Only android and windows phone owners can use it.


Fixd is verified by AES certification and ELM 327 is RoHS, an ISO 17025 certified with REACH Compliant.

FIXD vs. ELM 327 : Which One is Better?

I think the OBD2 car diagnostic tool is one of the most effective and worthy investments for car owners. It saves valuable time and money on the road. Every car owner should have the device for a stress-free trip. In the FIXD vs. ELM 327 comparison, I have explained all the functions of both tools to pick the right one for your car.

I would like to recommend the Fixd for its versatile performance and ease to use. Anyone can use the Fixd to diagnose car issues with the estimated cost. You can get it from here with amazing discount offers. The ELM 327 is also working well in detecting car issues. It read errors from the ECU. Apple users cannot use ELM 327for tracking car health. Get the suitable one to keep your car in tiptop condition.

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