Fixd Vs Fixd Premium: Do I Need the Fixd Premium Subscription?

FIXD is a vehicle health monitoring system that combines hardware and software. The hardware sends information from your vehicle to an application on your smartphones. It is a handy maintenance tool that can notify you when your car requires service. In its continuity, they release FIXD premium with advanced features. Before purchasing one, you should have a better understanding of Fixd vs Fixd premium.

Basically, FIXD premium is the latest product offering from the automobile solution. Compared to FIXD, FIXD premium subscription offers a few advanced functionalities like identifying, understanding and fixing automobile issues with confidence. So, FIXD premium is the best option to get more control of your vehicles. Read continue to find out more details about Fixd and Fixd premium.

What Is FIXD

FIXD is a popular diagnostics tool that is used to monitor your vehicles from your mobile phone.  It consists of a small sensor that needs to plug into your vehicles. The sensor collects data from your car and sends them to your smartphone through Bluetooth. It also informs you what is wrong with your car and how serious the issue is.

What Is FIXD

Feature of FIXD

FIXD offers a wide range of features to its users. It provides real-time information about any cars. The features you should be aware of before buying this product for your vehicles are mentioned below.

Feature of FIXD

Large Range of Issues:

The best part of this device is the large range of issues that it can discover in your vehicles. According to FIXD Reviews, the device identifies more than 6,00 issues that include both smaller things and major repair. This tool can alert you if your car’s oxygen level sensor is damaged, the oil temperature is at a critical level, or you need to tighten your gas cap.

Cost Estimates:

FIXD can show an estimate of the cost of repair, despite the fact that all mechanics charge the same. Because this sensor will identify which part of your vehicle is damaged. It even calculates how much you’ll have to pay for repairs depending on your location or ZIP code. As a result, you can easily take your car to the mechanic, knowing how much you may require.

Quick Scan:

Compared to other vehicle tools, FIXD works much faster and efficiently than others. You just have a minute to scan your entire car and the app will show your results. It also allows you to search when sitting inside a car or in a driveway.

Issues Found:

One of the best features of this system is that it clearly displays all of the problems in plain English. Once completing all the services, the app will show all problems and pop up their seriousness. Besides, this app uses Green, yellow, and red to separate the major and minor issues.

Advantage of Using FIXD

There are many benefits of using FIXD. Some of the major benefits of owning this computer are described below.

  • With this device, you can diagnose your car easily and save time.
  • The app will inform you when your vehicle requires any maintenance.
  • It is very easy to use and the app is very user-friendly.
  • This allows you to keep your vehicle’s data safe and secure.
  • The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • FIXD enables you to identify any issues with your car very easily.

What Is FIXD Premium

FIXD premium is the latest version of the free FIXD app that provides accurate cost repair estimates of your specific areas. Besides it also enables you to call FIXD mechanics and DIY assistance to help you repair any car issues. This premium version also has a lot of advanced features to identify and repair your vehicle issues.

What Is FIXD Premium

Feature of FIXD Premium

FIXD premium comes with some advanced features that don’t offer on the FIXD. Below we have discussed these advanced features.

Feature of FIXD Premium

Know Your Repair Cost:

FIXD premium uses data from mechanics all over the world to assess the exact repair needed to provide a reliable estimate. Users should display the details to the mechanic shop to ensure a reasonable price is quoted.

Talk to a Mechanic:

FIXD’s new update provides advice on everything from choosing the right oil to changing spark plugs. FIXD’s trained mechanics can give the right advice when users require it. The hotline is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In that time, professional mechanics provide advice on almost any car issues.

Predict Future Car Problems:

FIXD premium uses millions of car data, to provide issues most likely to arise to any vehicle, based on its make, model, age, and mileage. As a result, vehicle owners can use this information to avoid these issues and increase the lives of their cars.

Emissions Test and Vehicle’s History:

The latest feature of FIXD can determine the pass/fail conditions of vehicles before users pay for this. Besides, this application allows users to know details of previous owner details and accident history before they purchase the vehicles.

Advantage of Using FIXD Premium

FIXD premium assists you in various ways with its numerous advantages. Below we have listed some of the main advantages that you could have with the FIXD premium. Let’s see what these advances are.

  • With a FIXD premium subscription, you can communicate with a professional mechanic to help with a fix or for second advice.
  • You can know what repair is required and what costs to expect.
  • Using the emission precheck feature, you can know exactly what you require to do to pass every time.
  • You can see all major accidents, damage, registration history, and many more.
  • You will find out how common a problem is and what issues your car is most at risk for.

FIXD Vs FIXD Premium: Do I Need the FIXD Premium Subscription?

Basically, FIXD is combined with OBD-II tools that have a sensor. The sensor sends information to the FIXD application. The free FIXD application informs you what’s wrong with your car and what repair is required. On the other hand, the FIXD premium subscription offers advanced features. It also provides on-call support from professionals to give your entire control over your car maintenance and repair.

FIXD Vs FIXD Premium: Do I Need the FIXD Premium Subscription?

Besides, the premium subscription will not charge extra for the time on the communication with FIXD professionals. This is a feature to leave a message if you have an emergency and they will contact you within 24 hours. So, it is better to have a FIXD premium subscription to advance service.


Vehicles are related to your life because an unforeseen event can take your life. In this situation, FIXD provides a better idea about your car to avoid unexpected incidents. Moreover, it is a great tool for users who want to take care of the car and repair it at home. Fixe premium is the latest version of FIXD that provides some extra features.

We hope you could have a better idea by the above discussion about Fixd vs Fixd premium. The premium subscription of FIXD will provide some advanced services that make your life easier. You can contact an expert mechanic with the FIXD premium package that you can’t with Free FIXD. So, as per the above discussion, you should have a FIXD premium plan to control your vehicles better.

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