Fixd VS Hum A Detailed Comparison – Which Is Better?

Vehicle problems are a common issue on the road. Solving the problem is time-consuming and expensive. If your vehicle stopped or presented problems in the middle of the road, it isn’t very pleasant. At that time, finding a mechanic shop was challenging. So, diagnose your car before starting for a trip with the OBD2 car diagnostic tool.

They provide live results of the vehicle on the smartphone. FIXD and HUM gain popularity in the automotive market. You can check all OBD2 vehicles that are made after 1996. Here, I will present the comparison of the fixd vs hum to get the reliable one for your car and save time with valuable cash.

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Details of Product  Fixd   Hum
Supported models OBD2 compliant vehicles 1996 onwards OBD2 compliant vehicles 1996 onwards
Electric car NO NO


Smartphone compatibility Android and apple Android and apple
Vehicle compatibility 5


Skill level Beginners and professionals Professionals
Smog test With premium No
Goggle assistant No Yes
Error codes solution Yes No
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What is Fixd?

Fixd is a smart car health monitoring tool that works through the OBD port of the vehicle. It is a very basic tool so that everyone can install it to detect more than 7000 problems of the car. It can detect and suggest solutions with estimated costs.

What is Fixd

Major problems such as engine light issues, error codes, etc., can be resolved with the Fixd in real-time. Also, it detects the mileage, performance, maintenance period, fuel level, past issues, and more with random monitoring. It has a default fixd app to monitor everything on the smartphone.

What is Hum?

HUM is an advanced car testing device that offers many facilities to vehicle users. With detecting vehicle issues, it can detect the history of the driver, speed, crash reports and locate vehicle position. HUM is perfect for a single-vehicle. It uses Bluetooth technology to send detected reports.

HUM allows you to make your vehicle like a wifi hotspot so you can connect up to 10 devices to enjoy games, movies with family members. You can see the driving history with details. It supports google assistant. With HUM, the user will get a mechanics hotline, emergency service, and customer care support, and talking facilities. It requires fees to get premium services.

Fixd Special Features

Fixd has amazing features related to car diagnosis. Let’s see them:

Fixd Special Features

  • Detect engine health issues: Fixd can diagnose thousands + engine health issues. Users can solve all error codes, severe engine light problems effectively. Also, it shows the repair cost of the detected problems, which prevents unexpected expenses.
  • Continuous car monitoring: After installing the fixd on the car, it monitors the car continuously after starting the car. When any problem is detected, it sends an alert on the smartphone via push notification.
  • Compatibility: It uses Bluetooth technology to send diagnosis reports on the smartphone. The Fixd app has an android and iOS version, which shows the detected issues with the detailed report. You can connect up to 5 vehicles without any problems.
  • Live data: Its real-time alerts save us from unexpected problems. You can remotely see the data from anywhere. You can save the data for the future and all data are secured with strong protection.
  • Service time alert: It can calculate the mileage level of your vehicle. If your car passed minimum kilometers, the fixd sends an alert to take a service in the mechanic shop.

Hum Special Features

Hum offers a complete vehicle solution with premium features. They are here:

  • Vehicle issue diagnosis: The Hum can detect the car’s engine issues and send alerts on the connected phone. Also, It tells the issue with the HUM speaker. It reminds you of the maintenance period of the vehicle to keep in tiptop condition.
  • Google Assistant support: The HUM allows you to listen to the car engine status in sound format. While driving, you can know the fuel level, speed and another problem alert from the driving seat. It provides the correct location of your vehicle with roadside assistance.
  • Safety: When your vehicle crashes on the road, it automatically seeks the emergency service and you will get help. Its mechanic hotline helps to find a nearby mechanic shop if you are stuck on the road. Also, It shows the driving score of your car so you can ride in a proper way to keep your vehicle safe from damage.
  • Wi-fi hotspot: With HUM, you can transform your car into a Up to 10 members can connect through the smartphone using the Verizon network. So, everyone in the network can enjoy the trip altogether.
  • Instant alert: It sends instant alerts of engine issues, Overspeed, crashes, cross limits, and more with detailed data. HUM helps to find the stolen vehicle via real-time location alert.

Fixd – How to Use?

To setup Fixd, turn on hone’s Bluetooth connection and download the fixd app. Now, follow the instructions given below:

Fixd - How to Use

  • Open the fixd app and create an account with the required details.
  • Activate the current fixd device with the code that is noted on the device’s backside.
  • Go to the car OBD 2 port and connect the fixd device.
  • Now, click on the “add a sensor” on the app.
  • A blue light will flash when it is associated with the phone.

Setup is completed. It works after 5 seconds of starting the car engine. Stay up to date about your car and keep it in tiptop condition.

Hum – How to Use?

To use the HUM system, download the HUM app on your phone. Plug it on the car OBD port. Now, follow the process:

Hum - How to Use

Connect Bluetooth speaker:

  • Charge it at least 6 hours before using it.
  • Check the volume level.
  • Listen to all data from the driver’s

Activate the Hum by driving your car for 15 minutes. The reader should be connected with the network and your activation process will be completed.

Wifi Installation:

  • Start your car engine.
  • Turn on wifi on your phone.
  • Choose the Hum network.
  • Insert the password for the network.

Setup Talking Feature:

  • Keep your car in start mode.
  • Turn on the speaker switch.
  • Hit the call button and hold it until the blue light blinks.
  • Open your phone’s BT connection.
  • /choose the Hum network.
  • Insert 0000 to pair.
  • 3 sound tones will ring after pairing successfully.

Enjoy hands-free talking facilities.

What is the Price of Fixd?

Fixd costs 59.99 dollars with a one-time payment. The premium fixd requires 7.99 dollars monthly and 59.99 dollars yearly. In multiple purchases, users will get amazing discounts and free offers. With each device, they provide a 1-year regular warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee. To get all this offer, I recommend you to get it from here.

What is the Price of Hum?

Hum charges 99 dollars with 20 dollars activation fee. Its monthly subscription charge is about 15 dollars with premium services. HUM also has a 1-year regular warranty and 1-month satisfaction guarantee.

Fixd VS Hum

Fixd and HUM allows us to detect vehicle issues to make our trip safe. They have similarities and differences in features and functions. Let’s discover them:

Fixd VS Hum


  • Performance: Fixd and Hum work through Bluetooth technology. On the smartphone app, they send alerts with detailed reports. Hum supports google assistant, so you can hear the issues in sound format through the Hum speaker.
  • Price estimator: Both devices can estimate the costs to solve the detected problems. It will save your cash from unusual expenses.
  • Easy to setup: Both are simple to set up in the car and connect with a smartphone. I have tried them on android and iOS devices.
  • Instant alert: Both provide instant warning alerts on the smartphone about the issues, including maintenance time alert.


  • Vehicle compatibility: Fixd supports 5 vehicles and shows separate results on the same app. Hum is only for a single vehicle. You can make your vehicle as a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect 10 phones to stream and play games.
  • Safety: Fixd alerts the vehicle engine-related issues and repair cost. Hum provides mechanical hotline support, crash response, over speed, limit cross alert. Also, it helps the user to find lost vehicles with proper navigation.
  • Pricing: Fixd is a one-time investment. Hum requires a monthly or yearly subscription charge.

Fixd VS Hum: Which One is better?

At the end of the Fixd VS Hum comparison, I suggest the Fixd because it is a reliable and affordable solution for detecting car engine health issues. You can simply use the Fixd and solve the major issues like engine light, trouble codes, etc. It tells you the estimated cost of the diagnosed problems to save money.

You can buy the Fixd from here with special discount offers and warranty facilities. On the other side, Hum offers premium services like google assistant support, mechanic hotline, roadside, and vehicle assistance, but the cost is too much.

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