Fixd VS Veepeak: A Thorough Comparison – Which Is Better?

The engine warning light is annoying and risky while driving a car on the road. To solve it, we have to look at the booklet’s instructions and tell us to go to the mechanic immediately. But the solution is there: the best car diagnostic scanner. This versatile device allows you to log the anomaly and reset it.

Only later, if necessary, will you go to your workshop, but without wasting further time and, above all, saving a lot of money. Fixd and Veepeak are the reliable car OBD2 car scanners and here I will share Fixd VS Veepeak comparison so that you can always be up to date with your car’s condition.

Table of Content:

Here is the table of content for your easy access:

Comparison Chart:

Follow the Fixd VS Veepeak comparison chart for quick overview:

Details of Product  FIXD  Veepeak
Suported models US, Asian and European cars US, Asian and European cars and trucks
Certification ASE certified NO


Apps Fixd app All 3rd party apps
Suitable for Beginners, professionals professionals
Smog test With premium version Yes
Supported vehicles


5 1
Supported language


English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch.


English only


Regular warranty 1 year 1 year
Money Back guarantee 30 days 90 days

What is Fixd?

Fixed is ASE certified onboard 2 car diagnostic device that quickly scans the engine, ABS, airbag, transmission system with instant push notification on the smartphone app. It offers accurate, stable and professional diagnosis data using the Bluetooth network.

What is Fixd

I have tested it on 5 different cars without any problems. Its installation process is just like plug and play. All types of engine error codes can be solved with the device. The premium version allows you to pre-check smog that helps to avoid environmental pollution.

What is Veepeak?

Veepeak is a US-based automotive firm’s OBD2 car scanning device that alerts the engine issues and saves money from unusual expenses. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to show diagnosis results on the app. only a veepeak can be used on the 1 car.

What is Veepeak?

The supported apps are OBD fusion, bimmercode, torque pro, bimmer link, Dr. Prius, trip log, and lap timer. You can change the dashboard as you want. Users can see the fuel level and test the O2 level with accuracy, which is essential for a car’s engine. Its setup is completely seamless and suitable for professionals.

Fixd Features

Fixd has amazing features that makes it a handy car scanner to both beginners and professionals. The features are:

Fixd Features

Complete Diagnosis Of The Car:

It makes a full diagnosis of your car. The collected, easily understandable data is collected and transferred to the app. There you can read them out directly on your smartphone or iPad.

Check Engine Light And Read Error Codes:

These two terms are difficult to understand and solve by mechanics. The fixd can read the error codes and show the root cause of the problems. So, we can solve the main issues immediately.


I have tried ios and android version apps. Both presented accurate results with push alerts. In terms of vehicle compatibility, It is smoothly working on the 1996 onwards cars for the presence of the OBD2 port. I have used it on 5 cars without any problems in diagnosis.

Maintenance Alert:

Fixd can read the running kilometers. When the car is coming near an average of kilometers, it alerts you to service from the nearby service center. Regular servicing keeps the car long-lasting and good in condition.

Engine Reports:

It allows users to save the reports for future inspection. You can remotely monitor the car’s condition from anywhere. From a single app, you can link multiple accounts with separated data. Diagnose 7000+ car’s potential issues in real-time with the detailed report.

Veepeak Features

Veepeak provides interesting features related to car diagnosis. Let’s discover them:

Veepeak Features

Read Diagnostic Error Codes:

It can read all engine error codes and light signals by pinpointing the main issue. You can personalize the dashboard to check car health in your own way.


It supports all obd2 enabled cars and trucks from 1996 onwards. It can be controlled from 3rd party smartphone apps with Bluetooth technology. I have tried android and apple devices with the scanner. Always it provides correct results.

Engine Health Reports:

It can freeze frame data, test smog level, estimate mileage, check the fuel level and read the sensor in real-time. So, all results are sent to the app with detailed reports to repair instantly.

Easy To Install:

It can be plugged in-car dashboard easily. It starts when you start the ignition of your car. It does not consume a car battery. Any 3rd party apps are compatible with it. I have tried OBD Fusion, Torque Pro apps.

Additional Features:

It has a more powerful feature to scan the car engine deeply. Calculate O2 level in fuel, reset engine light, find out the main issues and save money.

FIXD – Pros

Let’s discover the pros of the Fixd:

  • Diagnose 7000+ potential problems in the car.
  • Read error codes and sole engine light issues.
  • Support obd2 enabled all vehicles.
  • Suitable for professionals and beginners.
  • No tools are required to install.
  • Save cash from unexpected costs.
  • Alert maintenance time.
  • Calculate mileage and fuel level
  • Live data with random monitoring.
  • It can be applied to up to 5 vehicles.
  • Fixd app to see reports on the smartphone with push alert.
  • Detect vehicle problems history.

Veepeak – Pros

Veepeak offers a wide range of benefits to its users. They are:

  • Solve engine light and error codes
  • 3rd party app support
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Freeze frame data
  • Estimate mileage and O2 level in the fuel
  • Real-time readings
  • Smog test to keep the environment safe.
  • Low power consumption

FIXD – Cons

While using the fixd, I did not face any bad issues and faults without the smog test. The Smog test is available in the premium version.

Veepeak – Cons

  • Only support a vehicle.
  • Require 3rd party apps to see results.

Where to Buy Fixd?

Where to Buy Fixd

Fixd is sold on their official website with the discount offer. I prefer everyone to get it from here. You will get 30 days satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year regular warranty with US free shipment.

Where to Buy Veepeak?

Where to Buy Veepeak?

To get the original Veepeak, you can go through here. The veepeak manufacturer provides 1 year regular and 90 days satisfaction guarantee.

Fixd VS Veepeak: Similarities

Fixd and Veepeak work as obd2 car diagnostic tools. They have few similarities and below, I will present them:

Engine Health Reading:

Both devices can read all error codes and light signals in the engine. They provide practical solutions to the problems.


Fixd and Veepeak are using Bluetooth technology to send the diagnosis report on the smartphone. Both work fine with iOS and Android phones.

Real-Time Data:

After installing the devices, they show live data of the engine. They monitor cars continuously, reset cel and check smog to save the environment.

Fixd VS Veepeak: Comparisons

Fixd and veepeak have some differences. They are:

Fixd VS Veepeak: Comparisons

Vehicle Compatibility:

Fixd supports 5 vehicles and Veepeak supports 1 car. You can link all accounts on the same app while using fixd.

Phone Compatibility:

Fixd has its default fixd app to monitor all data with push notification. To use Veepeak, you should install 3rd party apps like OBD fusion, torque pro, etc.


Fixd is AES certified and ensures excellence in car repair. On the other side, Veepeak has no certification.

Fixd VS Veepeak : Which One is Better?

In the Fixd VS Veepeak comparison, I have shared my overall experience with both devices. They are good in performance, but I recommend the fixd because of its ASE certification and multiple vehicle support. Beginners to pro users can use it seamlessly for its friendly user interface.

You can remotely check vehicle data from anywhere. If you want to get it with surprising offers, I recommend to get Fixd from here. Veepeak also performs well but requires 3rd party apps and can be used in a single car. I have faced connection issues several times and it solved after installing again. Install the best OBD2 car scanner to have a stress-free journey.

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