FixMeStick Review 2022 – USB Virus And Malware Scanner!

Many times a virus or malware enters the computer that makes the PC slower. Also, a virus can crash the OS. The FixmeStick facilitates the process of cleaning viruses from a computer without any antivirus programs. Also, it can fix the system not opening issues that are caused by OS tempering viruses. Let’s discover how the FixmeStick helped me to remove viruses in the FixmeStick review.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.7

Value for Money9.9




FixmeStick scans a PC using its 3 antiviral tools and removes viruses from the system permanently. It can eliminate all types of viruses and malware. The scanning is started from cold boot to combat stealth viruses. No need for professional support and software to use the FixmeStick.

Our Summary
FixMeStick Review

FixMeStick Review


  • Combine with 3 antiviral tools
  • Compatibility
  • Works on damaged OS
  • Portable
  • Live support

FixMeStick Review: What Is It?

FixMeStick is a Linux-based USB device that lets you eliminate viruses and malware from Windows and Mac computers. It works when the PC is attacked by OS tempering viruses. So, you can use FixMeStick if the core files or registry values are also damaged.

FixMeStick Review: What Is It?

It includes 3 powerful anti-virus tools: Avira, Sophos and McAfee that perform a deep scan of the total system. So, any type of virus can be removed easily. It can detect bad browser adware, add-ons and files. After that, it helps to solve complicated issues through expert’s support.

FixMeStick works from the cold or warm boot. So, the stealth viruses are easily removed. To use the FixMeStick, no need for additional drivers or software. Just insert it into the computer’s USB port and it will work itself. The system must have a minimum 512 MB of ram.

Features of FixMeStick

FixMeStick offers stunning features that make it more effective than other anti-virus tools. Let’s see the features:

Features of FixMeStick

Combine with 3 antiviral tools:

FixMeStick is combined with the world’s best 3 anti-viral tools including Avira, McAfee and Sophos. So, you will get a deep scan with complete virus removal performance. It can also detect and remove malicious browser adware and files.


The USB virus removal tool works on Linux-based OS and requires 512 MB of ram. So, it can remove viruses from both Mac and Windows systems. It starts scanning from cold or warm boots to keep away the viruses completely. The self-updating feature protects the PC from new viruses.

Works on damaged OS:

FixMeStick works on those systems that are attacked by OS-tampering viruses. If the core files and registry values are damaged in your system, you can use FixMeStick. It can bypass the storage that is attacked by ransomware.


FixMeStick is a USB device that works through the computer’s USB port. It doesn’t need drivers and software to use on a PC. Enter it into the USB port and start the computer to scan and remove viruses. It is easier to carry like other USB flash drives.

Live support:

Some latest viruses contain new files that cannot be removed from the system. If any viruses are failed to be removed, I contact the FixMeStick help line. Live chat and calling option is available with mailing support. In complicated issues, they ensure good support from a knowledgeable tech person.

Why You Need FixMeStick

The regular anti-virus programs cannot remove all viruses. The FixMeStick detects any viruses by doing a comprehensive scan. If the OS is damaged, no anti-virus programs can fix it. But, the FixMeStick works on the damaged OS. So, it can fix the issues by removing the OS tempering viruses. It has 3 powerful anti-viral tools that ensure its anti-malware capabilities.

Why You Need FixMeStick

FixMeStick can bypass the ransomware-locked hard drives. It protects your system from all hidden viruses. Before scanning, it automatically updates the virus engines by detecting wired or wireless networks. Also, the scan is started from cold or warm boots to remove stealth viruses. It works on a minimum 512 MB of RAM systems.

What I Like?
  • Works on damage OS.
  • USB booting support on UEFI and BIOS.
  • Live customer support.
  • 3 powerful anti-virus tools combination.
  • No programs are needed to use.
  • Remove virus from cold boot.
  • Bypass ransomware locked drives.
  • Live customer calling and chat support.
What could be better?
  • Leaves non-executable file traces.
  • No real-time protection.
  • Support is not available for 24/7.

What Customer Says About FixMeStick?

I have brought a few FixMeStick users sayings so that you can understand its reality:

  1. 3 weeks ago, my computer suddenly shut down. Because it was locked by ransomware. I have tried extremely hard to run my PC. And, I couldn’t run any antivirus programs because Windows was not opening. My elder sister Mania gave the FixMeStick to make a try. It surprised me. It worked for over 4 hours and removed 5 viruses and ransomware. Superb performance! – Jonathan Joe
  2. My Mac was freezed and always showed pop-ups while working on it. I tried a few anti-virus programs, but the problem was not gone. Then, I used FixMeStick that my beloved one suggests. After applying, it removed a total of 13 viruses from my Mac and my PC was working again. – Maria

Is Buying FixMeStick Worth The Money?

Some dangerous viruses and malware keep Windows from opening and we cannot run an antivirus program. FixMeStick can work on the damaged OS and remove persistent viruses. So, the computer will work again. It scans from PC boot so all types of virus can be removed easily. Also, it uses the combination of 3 anti-viral programs that will ensure deep scanning.

Is Buying FixMeStick Worth The Money?

FixMeStick’s working process is different from other anti-virus tools. If any complicated issues are found on the pc, it will connect you with a tech-savvy person to solve the problems. It works on low-configured computers, requiring only 512 MB RAM. For the immediate rescue in an emergency, FixMeStick is worth the cost.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

FixMeStick virus removal device has a 1-month satisfaction guarantee. If you face any faults on the FixMeStick, you can ask for money back within 30 days. The day counts from the shipping date.

Where Can I Buy It?

If you want to buy the FixMeStick, Get it from their official website. It comes in 2 different versions for Mac and Windows. To avoid scams and fake FixMeStick, get your FixMeStick from the official link that I recommended here.

Where Can I Buy It?

FixMeStick comes with a 30 days free trial with 2 subscription packages. The 1-year home package is for 3 computers and a 2-year home is for 5 computers. FixMeStick virus removal device’s shipping is free anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the following questions that people frequently asked about the FixMeStick.

How long does fix me stick take to run?

FixMeStick starts working after putting it into the computer’s USB port. It takes a few minutes to set up the whole process to begin scanning. The scans usually take 45 hours.

Does the fix me stick work on cell phones?

FixMeStick is only worked on Windows and Mac OS Computers. It does not support android and iOS smartphones.

Does fix me stick work with Windows 10?

Yes, FixMeStick works on Windows 10 Operating systems. Also, it perfectly works on previous Windows OS such as XP, Vista, 8, 8.1. It does not support Optane systems.

Does FixMeStick store any of my information?

While using FixMeStick, it does not store any information. It only asks for an internet connection to update virus engines.

What happens to viruses FixMeStick removes?

FixMeStick automatically removes the flagged viruses from the system permanently. If the virus is unable to remove, get their live support.

Final Thought

In conclusion of the FixMeStick review, I recommend the solution to escape from malware infestation. FixMeStick allows me to fix viruses, malware and ransomware from PC with its 3 antiviral tools combination. It works on the damaged OS and easily bypasses the drives that are locked by ransomware.

In an emergency, it rescues you from the viruses that prevent the use of regular antivirus. It can handle both BIOs and UEFI booting to perform a comprehensive scan. If your system’s core files, registry values are damaged and OS is not starting, the FixMeStick is the best solution for you.

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