Godonut Reviews: Portable Device Stand for Phones and Tablets

I can’t imagine living a day without using my mobile phone. It is quite impossible for me as I totally rely on my smartphone for so many reasons. But holding the phone all the time prevents me from multitasking and also causes pain in my hands. Then, I came across a device called Godonut.

Actually, before starting to use it, I never thought this device could be so useful. It makes my life so easier, as I don’t have to hold my phone while doing other activities. I have been using Godonut for many months. You can see the Godonut reviews, and here I will share my honest opinion about this smart device.

What Is Godonut?

Godonut is the universal and most revolutionary phone and tablet holder stand. This compact and portable device makes it easier to place the mobile anywhere, keeping the hands-free. It is compatible with most mobile phones and tablets. Godonut reviews will help you to learn more deeply about this unique and useful product.

What Is Godonut

Godonut almost looks like a donut with built-in grooves that fit devices from small smartphones to tablets. The best part of this phone holder device is it starts working right out of the box. It doesn’t require any set-up, just keep it on a flat surface and fit the phone onto it. This device is useful for reading, video calls, watching videos (movies, recipes, web series, etc.), video games, and many more.

Godonut is designed with three viewing angles and two different modes. The higher quality durable materials make this little product safe, durable, washable, and portable. It is weighted enough that easily can hold phones or tablets without the risk of flipping over. The patented and simple design allows using this smart device anywhere and having a true hand-free experience.

Godonut Special Features

Don’t judge this smart device by seeing its tiny size, and this device comes with huge advantageous features. Here are the impressive features that make me amazed.

Godonut Special Features

  • It comes in a tiny compact size of 10.4cm x
  • Godonut is extremely lightweight, and it is weighted only 3.68oz.
  • This product comes in the highest-quality ingredients with zero toxins, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free.
  • It is recyclable because it contains Thermoplastic Elastomer.
  • This virtually indestructible device can hold up to 33,000 pounds without getting any scratch or break. This thing proves that it can last forever.
  • It ensures the best and most comfortable viewing angle with its 45°, 70°, and 90° angles.
  • With the unibody flexible structure, it stays firm and still on any surface.
  • Godonut comes in a patented design that holds the mobile securely in an upright position.

Who Is the Godonut For?

These days smartphones have become the most essential gadget that everyone needs. Not only the smartphone or tablet helps to do calling but also for watching tv, web series, recipes, online classes, and many more. The best part of Godonut is, there is no need to hold the mobile by using hands anymore. My children can do online classes in a suitable position, painting, and gaming by putting the mobile and tablet on it.

Who Is the Godonut For

I can use it for video calling while I’m engaged with other activities. Also, I use it in the kitchen and do the cooking by watching recipes. The waterproof feature makes the device more attractive. Now, I don’t have to hold the mobile while cooking, which allows me to multitask easily. Anyone can use Godonut conveniently. It is beneficial in more ways and the best mobile holder ever.

Great Places to Use Your Godonut

I fully rely on my mobile and always need it for every single thing. Thus, I wanted a mobile stand that I can use anywhere. Godonut is the perfect device that can be used in the office, kitchen, bed, schools, college, airplane, and more. As it is water-resistant and heat-resistant, I take it to the beach also.

Great Places to Use Your Godonut

As it won’t take much place, while traveling I keep Godonut in my handbag. Sometimes I place it on the tray table of the airplane and enjoy movies, songs, and games. It is so seedy that it never props up when placing on beds or pillows. Godonut is the best companion while cooking in the kitchen.

Pros of Godonut

This universal compact device comes with huge advantages. In this Godonut reviews, I am going to show some benefits of Godonut that I found very useful.

Pros of Godonut

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Waterproof, heat-resistant, portable, and durable.
  • Universal thus, works with most smartphones and tablets.
  • Offers three viewing angles.
  • Designed with landscape and portrait modes.
  • Convenient, eco-friendly, and safe.

Cons of Godonut

Except for the below two things, I personally don’t find anything wrong with this product. In fact, these two cons don’t bother me too much.

  • Available online only.
  • It might not be compatible with a phone with an overly bulky cover.

What Makes the Godonut Different Than Other Phone Stands?

This versatile device contains unique features and benefits that make it different from others. Here, I will put all the facts that make the Godonut stand out from the other mobile stands.


It is a universal device; thus, it is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Godonut can hold iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Fire, LG, Kindle, etc. Instead of the larger devices like iPad pro and larger cases such as Otterbo or Mophie, it can hold almost every device.


With Godonut, you can experience views from 6 different ways. It is designed with 3 viewing angles, such as 45°, 70°, and 90°. Adjusting the view between any activities is just a matter of seconds. Every angle can be viewed in two different modes. These are portrait or landscape mode.


Portrait mode is best for video calling, web-surfing, reading, or typing. On the other side, landscape mode is good for playing games, watching videos, drawing, etc. 45° and 70° angle hold the mobile in an upright position, and 90° angle holds the device in a landscape position.

Design and Materials:

The patented circular design of Godonut provides a weighted and non-slip base. This amazing product has built-in flexible grooves. It is designed with high-quality heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and waterproof materials. Godonut is BPA-free, toxin-free, and 100% safe.


It is a 100% recyclable and eco-friendly product. Godonut is made by using an advanced material known as Thermoplastic Elastomer. This plastic material is not like other normal plastics. It is safe, convenient, and eco-friendly.


To test the durability, manufacturers rolled over this product with a 33,000 lbs weighted truck. The amazing part is, after the test, the godonut remains unharmed and unbroken. This proves that it will last longer. As it is dishwasher safe so whenever it gets dirty, I throw this in the dishwasher and make it clean.


Lightweight and Portable:

Godonut’s weight is only 3.68oz with 4.1in x 1.2in size. It is extremely lightweight and incredibly easier to carry. I carry it by putting it in my pocket also.

Safe and Convenient:

This stand is enough weighted to ensure the safety of my mobile phones or tablets. The weighted base and patented design keep the devices stable, upright, and secure. Godonut assures not to fear about tipping or breaking the device.

Godonut Reviews: Is it a Scam?

When I heard about Godonut, I purchased it to give it a try and see how it works. But now, I can assure you that Godonut is the best mobile stand ever. I carry it everywhere I go. The build materials are safe and don’t harm the human body or phone. There is no need to assemble anything with godonut. I just place it on any flat surface and fit my mobile onto it without any fear of falling or breaking.

Godonut Reviews: Is it a Scam?

It is great for face timing and videography. The solid base never interferes with the device camera and makes the phone stand in an upright position. I read, watch, draw, swipe, type by putting my mobile onto it in different viewing angles and modes. I find my investment absolutely worth and it is not a scam.

Where Can I Get the Godonut?

When I think about buying something, I always prefer the manufacturer’s website. They will provide a hassle-free buying process, authentic or original product with some great deals and guarantees. I will provide the Godonuts official website link so that you can check the products and can easily buy them. Their most popular offer is Buy 2, Get 1 FREE and save $24.99.

Where Can I Get the Godonut?

Also, you can get the best deal of Buy 3, Get 2 FREE and save $49.98 with free USA shipping. Yet, you can return or exchange the product because they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Over 5,00,000 units of godonut have been sold out. It becomes out of stock very quickly. So place your order right now.

Frequently Asked Question

You may find this section more interesting as I answered some frequently asked questions about Godonut.

What Colors Do Godonuts Come In?

It is designed with extensive color combination and design. Godonuts come in Red, Blue, Hunter Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Black, and Orange color.

Does Godonut Only Support Mobile Devices?

It is a universal device; therefore, it supports most smartphones and tablets and non-bulky cases. Godonut fits with top devices like iPad, iPhone, Pixel, kindle, Fire, Surface, Galaxy, and many more.

Does Godonut Block Screens or Buttons on Any Device?

No, with the proper position of your device, it won’t block your screen or buttons. It comes with shallow grooves and enough deepness; thus, it securely and naturally holds the devices. So, you won’t feel any issue while enjoying movies or news with full screen.

Final Verdict

With the evolution of Godonut, my life becomes much easier. Fortunately, I found this amazing gadget, and now it helps me to multitask by holding my mobile. This excellent device is cost-effective, flexible, durable, lightweight, portable, and many more. See this Godonut reviews to learn more about it.

I shared almost everything about Godonut that I personally experienced. Till now, I am using it to hold my phones and tablets for hours, leaving my hands stress-free. Until I tried this excellent product, I never understood its need. So, go and grab your Godonut, and I can assure you will instantly fall in love with it.

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