GX SmartWatch Review – Is It Any Good?

Are you tired of carrying your smartphone with you? Think no more! You need a smartwatch on your wrist. Smartwatches are one of the most desired wearables thanks to their wide variety of functions, from answering calls to monitoring physical activities. I have discovered a full-fledged smartwatch: GX Smartwatch. To discover more about it, read our GX Smartwatch review.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.6

Value for Money9.9




GX Smartwatch allows me to access the different applications of a mobile phone directly from the wrist and have a multitude of functionalities that adapt to any user’s needs. I used it from both iOS and Android phones. Its real-time performance and quick response make it unique from others.

Our Summary
GX SmartWatch Review

GX SmartWatch Review

Main Features:

  • Pedometer
  • Training tracker
  • Track information in real-time
  • Retina touchscreen
  • Water-resistant

What is a GX Smartwatch?

GX Smartwatch provides smartphone support, alerts, health parameters monitoring and long-lasting performance. Its round-shaped HD retina touch-responsive screen gives a vivid experience. The big dial presents almost all the information.

What is a GX Smartwatch?

In continuous usage, it withstands for 3 to 5 days. Its incredible design and top-notch construction ensure luxury feelings in hand. The strap is very comfortable on the hand and is also quite flexible. All tracking information is highly accurate.

Its pairing method is easier and allows you to enjoy smooth calling facilities. Also, I control the music player and camera functions without touching my phone. The watch faces provide customized viewing experiences.

GX SmartWatch Review: Main Features

All features you expect from a high-quality smartwatch are in the GX SmartWatch. Let’s discover the main features of the GX SmartWatch.

GX SmartWatch Review: Main Features


The pedometer is quite accurate. I have sometimes tested activity trackers and smartwatches where they were well off. The GX SmartWatch accurately calculates the steps in real-time through its powerful pedometer sensor. I put my step goals in the app.

Training tracker:

I can put in and keep track of many different workouts. During the GX SmartWatch test, I used the watch for running, cycling, and the gym during strength training. In all cases, it kept a good record of what I did, how long I did it and when I took a break.

Track information in real-time:

My heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, calories burned, idle time and much more are tracked by the GX SmartWatch. Then it is put in a neat overview for me in the app. This way, I can not only view it in real-time but also in clear graphs.


The Retina touchscreen ensures a clear viewing experience. It is sensitive enough to search for things quickly. The menus are also very intuitive, which is useful in a smartwatch. I don’t want to look for what I need accidentally. It is also very nice that the display remains legible in the sunlight. Scratches don’t come easily either.


I have dipped my GX SmartWatch hundreds of times and I must say that I have not had any problems. This device is certified with IP68 resistance to drops of water, immersion in water, and resistance to dust.

Elegant design:

There are several watch faces from which I can choose for the main screen and graphics. I am happy with its different faces that I use on different days. Whether you put it in a child’s hand rather than your grandfather’s, this smartwatch is really easy to use.

Why Do You Really Need The GX SmartWatch?

GX SmartWatch provides all handy functions that help to stay fit and makes our smart life easier. It looks like a regular round-shaped watch, including a basic clock function with time, date and alarm. You can enjoy phone calls by connecting the watch with your phone. It allows you to manage your camera functions.

Why Do You Really Need The GX SmartWatch?

It is combined with a smartphone app to measure performance in various sports, so various types of physical activity can be practiced with this smartwatch. It can even detect the amount of oxygen in the blood and other vital functions very accurately. If you sit for several hours, it will send you a sedentary alert. The different watch faces make its dial amazing. You couldn’t find these features on other smartwatches in this price range.

How Does GX SmartWatch Work?

GX SmartWatch works as a health monitor and smartphone assistant with its powerful sensors and wireless connectivity. All tracking data are displayed on its 1.3 inches round-shaped retina display and connected app. At 100% charge, it works for up to 5 days on constant usage. It can be recharged quickly with its magnetic charging connector.

How Does GX SmartWatch Work?

Setup the GX SmartWatch with its compatible app and enjoy all features in your hand. It allows me to track the status of sleep, oxygen level and overall health. The watch includes many activity trackers to improve your performance. Also, it gives full control of the calling and camera option. Its strap comfortably fits on hand.

How Can I Use GX SmartWatch?

One of the best features of the GX SmartWatch is how easy it is to get started using it. There are no complicated settings to adjust, and you can super easily individualize your watch so you can track your fitness progress best. Follow the steps to start using your GX SmartWatch:

How Can I Use GX SmartWatch?

  1. Download the GX SmartWatch App from the Play Store or AppStore on your mobile
  2. Turn on your watch and select your language.
  3. Connect your GX SmartWatch to your phone with Bluetooth
  4. Confirm pairing and turn on notifications on your watch.

After completing the setup of the GX SmartWatch, I wrap it in my left hand. Then track my health parameters, see notifications, enjoy calls and much more.

Advantages of GX SmartWatch
  • Monitors and tracks fitness measurements
  • All the functionalities that the well-known brands also offer
  • Intuitive interface and comprehensive app
  • 3 to 5 days backup on constant use
  • Calling and camera control remotely
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Cool watch faces
  • Sedentary alert when you sit for several hours.
  • Monitor sleeping quality, oxygen level and pulse rate.
  • Round shaped HD retina display
Disadvantages of GX SmartWatch
  • Limited availability

Is the GX SmartWatch Scam?

GX SmartWatch tracks the most important health factors and shows accurate data. Its installation and using process is straightforward. You can monitor your sleeping patterns, vitals and oxygen level. It allows you to enjoy callings, music, notifications without touching smartphones. The smartwatch’s durable construction keeps it working in water, dust and rough weather conditions. Surely, It is not a scam.

Where Can I Purchase The GX SmartWatch?

GX Smartwatch is only sold on the manufacturer’s website with a 50% discount offer. You can buy multiple watches and get an even bigger discount. To get the original GX Smartwatch, go through the recommended source.

For warranty, you have the option of returning your product if defective for a money back within 30 days of your buying. I do not face faults on this smartwatch. You can then extend the warranty to 3 years for a few dollars more.

Final Thought

To conclude the GX SmartWatch review, I can only recommend this smartwatch. The smartwatch has everything you need for your training, so you can know your health condition. You can also listen to music, capture photos and enjoy calls.

I hardly feel that I am wearing it, but the screen is still large enough to be convenient to use. It looks nice and looks great with both casual and business wear. I have been using my GX SmartWatch for 4 months months and I am pleased. It is very efficient, fast and responsive in navigation and offers useful features. In short, an excellent product!

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