Hootie Review-Is It Worth The Money?

If you are moving outside alone or arriving home late at night, you may be at risk of being assaulted. In this awkward situation, a personal safety alarm helps to escape by drawing nearby people’s attention. I’ve discovered the best personal safety alarm named Hootie. In the Hootie review, I will inform you everything about the safety alarm.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.5

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Hootie plays an essential role in your personal safety. These noise-emitting devices instantly draw attention to your situation. Also, its flashing alerts others to your need for assistance and scare away potential threats.

Product Summary
Hootie Review

Hootie Review

  • Long-lasting replaceable battery
  • High intense LED strobe light
  • Easy to activate
  • TSA-approved design
  • Water, sweat and impact resistant
  • Goes with all accessories

Hootie Review: What Is Hootie

Hootie is a small safety alarm specially designed for women. Its 130 decibels siren draws everyone’s attention near you in dangerous moments. Very simple to activate it. I pull the control strap. It is also included with LED lights for flash alert.

Hootie Review: What Is Hootie

This portable safety alarm is made of durable, resistant plastic. Its replaceable battery provides up to 12 months long lasting performance. TSA-approved design ensures safety while traveling. Also, it has anti-sweat protection.

The carabiner is sturdy, so I easily use it on the bag, pant’s pocket, keychain and other essentials. Its use is so simple that you can apply it quickly in an emergency. The safety alarm is perfect for women, men, children and all aged people.

Features of Hootie

Hootie has a lot of amazing features that make it worthy. Below, I have briefed the features:

Features of Hootie

Easy to activate:

Hootie is very simple to activate. At the top of the device, a pin is available. By tugging the pin, Hootie will be activated. The pulling system is easier and faster in any situation. So, no need for extra effort to activate it.

Use it anywhere:

The Hootie clip allows me to snug it bag, luggage, bottle, keychain and much more. It is easy to carry in the pocket. In heavy pressure, it does not make an accidental alarm. There is no chance of going off at rough movement with snugged items.

LED strobe light:

It is equipped with a highly intense LED strobe light that prevents screaming at dark moments. The flash LED light can be seen at night and day. When I pull the pin, the light is activated automatically with a siren.

Loudest siren:

Hootie is designed to produce 130 decibels of loud sound which can effectively protect from emergency and seek help to prevent damage caused by the attacker. The emergency alarm will last approximately 40 minutes continuously.

Durable construction:

It is constructed with durable military-grade plastic materials that resist water, sweat and all extreme conditions. In heavy pressure, it doesn’t break down. It is TSA approved, so you can secure yourself during traveling.

Large battery:

Hootie is manufactured for long-time use.In use, it performs up to 40 minutes after activation. If it is not used, the battery stands by for up to 1 year.  After that, you can replace the battery and re-use the Hootie for your security purpose.

Why You Need Hootie?

Safety is very important for both women and men. The Hootie will help you to stay safe anywhere. It roars in 130 dB sound that will attract everyone within 1000 meters. The sleek construction perfectly goes with all our essentials such as bags, purses, keychains, pockets, etc. Its use is very simple. Just pull out the pin to feel safe. The LED light flashing is noticeable from long distances at daytime and nighttime.

Why You Need Hootie?

It is made of high-grade plastic materials that ensure water and impact resistance. The safety alarm runs with a powerful battery that can run noise for up to 40 minutes continuously. Its clip is very strong. I never faced going off during my usage. For staying safe and diverting attackers, we must need the Hootie personal safety alarm.

What I like?
  • 130 db louder siren
  • Keychain design with military grade materials
  • Long lasting replaceable battery
  • High intense LED strobe light
  • Easy to activate
  • TSA-approved design
  • Water, sweat and impact resistant
  • 40 minutes continuous siren activity
  • Goes with all accessories
What Could Be Better?
  • Easy to snug so there is a risk of theft

Compilation of Customer Opinion

I have brought some Hootie customer’s opinions so you can easily understand its effectiveness. See here:

  1. I give it to my queen Ramisa. According to her statement, Hootie is impressive. It ensures her safety in the day and light. She had saved 4 times in awkward situations with people’s help. Its siren is very louder than jet plane sound. Small by mighty! –Beaman
  2. When I attach Hootie to my purse, I feel extra safe walking on the road. Its color, build-quality, siren, strobe light gives me confidence in the outside. Worked like a charm! – Sophia

How Can I Use Hootie?

Hootie is very simple and fast to use. Let’s see how I use the Hootie:

How Can I Use Hootie

  1. Sung it on the things where I keep all my essentials.
  2. I pull the round-shaped ring with my finger in the accidental situation.
  3. Then the siren will be activated. Its siren is so loud that anyone in a 1000 feet area can easily notice. With the siren, a strobe light will flash that can be noticed at night and day.
  4. Its battery goes up to a 40 minutes continuous siren. I replace the battery when it is going low.

Due to its compact size, this Hootie can be easily carried in a bag or pocket. In addition, the process of activating the functions is simple and fast.

Is Hootie a Scam?

Hootie looks compact, but the roar improved my confidence in frightening and accidental moments. It allows me to move freely anywhere. The siren roars in 130 decibels that can scare the attacker and draw everyone’s attention near you. Also, the strobe light is noticeable day and night from a long distance. It is built with military-grade plastic that withstands water and heavy impact. Easy to snug in all accessories and do not go off in rough movement.

Where Can I Purchase Hootie?

Hootie safety alarms are sold on the company’s authorized site. I suggest you get your Hootie from here. It is available in 5 colors. So, you can pick the best one that suits your mood. Every Hootie includes a 1-month user satisfaction guarantee and 1-year regular warranty.

Where Can I Purchase Hootie

If you get more than 1 Hootie, you will get amazing deals and offers. It is suitable for men and women. To avoid tragedy, ensure the Hootie safety alarm to all your family members and save more with multiple purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get the answers to the frequently asked question about the Hootie safety alarm.

What is included with Hootie?

Hootie safety alarm comes with a Hootie, carabiner, instruction manuals and warranty. It is TSA approved, so you can use it everywhere without any restriction.

Do I need Hootie if I already carry mace or pepper spray?

I think Hootie is more effective than pepper spray and similar products. Its loud siren and flashlight can make anyone deaf and blind for a few times. With the sound, people near you quickly come running towards you.

How long does the battery last?

The battery is replaceable and lasts up to 1 year. In use, it can play siren and strobe light alert for 40 minutes. Then, put another battery to use it again.

When can I expect my order?

In The USA, the delivery will arrive within 24 to 78 hours. The delivery time will take 7-10 days outside the USA.

Is there a money-back guarantee and/or warranty?

Hootie safety alarm includes 1-year regular warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee with 100% money back.

Final Thought

In conclusion of the Hootie review, I recommend the Hootie safety alarm to get help in a dangerous situation. It is easy to snug on essentials and pull them to activate. The louder siren and high intense LED flashes give confidence in an awkward situation.

It withstands in dust, sun heat, rain and heavy impacts. Runs with a durable battery that ensures a continuous 40 minutes alarm. It is approved by TSA (Transportation Security Administration). So, you can use it anywhere without any permission. Get your Hootie and stay secured all time.

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