How to Use a Neck Hammock Properly?

The Neck Hammock is a cervical traction device for treating movement issues, chronic neck pain, and other neck issues. It includes a small hammock that holds your neck. According to its official website, It leads to instant relief for millions of users who experience neck pain. Once you have it, you should know How to Use a Neck Hammock properly. Don’t worry, Stay with us.

Basically, Nack hammock is very easy to use and not time-consuming. You just have to wrap the ends of the traction device around the door of your house. Then close the door and lie down with your neck supported by the hammock. Once you find the comfortable position, remain until you are getting up. Read continue to find out more about Neck Hammock.

Does the Neck Hammock Really Work?

As per Neck Hammock Reviews, this Neck traction device is very effective because it works like a Neck Massager. Compared to other cervical drugs, this device is designed to lift your head off the surface and gently separate it from your neck. It also creates cervical friction which enables the cervical muscles to slowly relax. In this process, your neck muscles will stretch comfortably and relieve some of your stress and help to stretch your spine and arms.

Does the Neck Hammock Really Work?

Although you will not notice instant effects, you will observe that Neck Hammock gently drags the neck muscle from the back. This procedure helps to enhance your blood flow, oxidation the muscles, nerves, neck trouble, ligaments, and enhance mobility. That indicates more subsistence will carry the affected part of your neck. You will see a significant change if you use it on a daily basis. As a result, you won’t need to attend any physical therapy sessions.

When Neck Hammock Is Recommended

Don’t think a Neck Hammock has solved all of your headaches and pains. Cervical traction is advantageous in a difference of situations. It’s most helpful to consult with a doctor before using a Neck Hammock. The following criteria show that a Neck Hammock is the most appropriate treatment:

When Neck Hammock Is Recommended

  • Pinched nerves
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Migraine
  • Spasms and Sprains
  • Cervical spondylosis

How to Use a Neck Hammock?

The use of a Neck Hammock is very easy and straightforward. It is a more portable device than any others. Below we have discussed the simple steps you need to take to get neck pain relief.

How to Use a Neck Hammock?

Step 1: Unpack the Hammock

At first, you have to unpack the Neck hammock box and check all components that you get with this device. Most of the Neck Hammock comes with a Neck Hammock with removable pads, a travel bag, an eye mask, two medical-grade adjustable straps, and a user manual.

Step 2: Wrap the strings

Twist the strings of the Neck Hammock where you think is most appropriate. You can use a doorknob, door jam, and pole. For the doorknob, you need to wrap the strap loop around the doorknob and pull the end of the strap through the door. The door must then be closed to attach the patented strap.

Step 3: Adjust the Straps and Attach the Hammock

When hanging, the Neck Hammock should be 2-4 inches above the surface. The higher off the surface, the greater the stretch. For example, an average adult person will like the Neck Hammock to be 3-4 inches from the ground. Use the flexible strap to change your hammock length from the surface. Attach the main Neck Hammock part with the strap using the hook. 

Step 4: Lay Down and Position Your Neck

Now, lie down gently and slowly rest your head on the hammock. Move your head to find a comfortable position. If you’ve found a comfortable place, stay there until you’re ready to get up. Because the wrong position could increase your headache tension and neck injury. You can bundle this device in its bag and take it anywhere you want once you’ve finished using it.

Things to Remember When Using Neck Hammock

First, try to buy a device with an adjustable strap. Because having a fixed strap may not be appropriate for some door height. An adjustable strap will help you easily change the length of the Hammock from the ground. Besides, every doorknob is not the same nor their length. Some of you may move continuously from the door to determine the height problem. The bungee strap will absorb the force due to the tension and try to slip from the neck and head.

Things to Remember When Using Neck Hammock

Always make sure you head at the recommended height. Because higher may cause bad impacts and lower may not deliver any desirable outcomes. So, always try to set proper length from the ground to set your Neck Hammock. Use an object that is stable and strong for your protection. Try to tell everyone so they don’t open the door or try to open it.

When You Should Not Try a Neck Hammock

Neck Hammock may not be useful and may cause harm if applied in some situations. Below we have listed these things when you should not for a Neck Hammock.

When You Should Not Try a Neck Hammock

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Screws or bolts in the neck due to operation
  • Infection of bone
  • Osteoporosis
  • New fracture in the spine
  • Neck tumors


Neck Hammock is a better-designed, more comfortable-to-use, FDA-approved product than other cervical pain remedies. Neck pain is always very irritating, which can be treated with Neck Hammock. It has the potential to function in the long run, and its advantages aren’t limited to neck pain. To get the best results from this unit, all you have to do is use it correctly.

You can find it useful in treating back pain and shoulder pain. So, follow our full guidelines on How to Use a Neck Hammock. It is an entire home solution for neck pain so people nowadays are more interested to have a taste of this device. Unlike other Neck Hammock devices, you can easily take it from one place to another. Besides, it doesn’t waste your time, you only need 10 minutes a day. If you feel uncomfortable with this device, you should consult a doctor.

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