How To Use Bondic- Repair Broken Glasses!

Bondic is the liquid plastic formula that works as glue but it is totally different from them. Its melting plastic creates a strong surface when exposed to Ultraviolet Light. It is a life-changing product that saves tons of broken products from throwing into the dustbin. Anything can be fixed with the adhesive and the fixing stays for a long time.

It is used to fix the broken parts and cracks but how to use Bondic? You need to clean the broken parts and spread the adhesives on their surface. Hold the surface before the UV light that dries the surface to make it a strong bond.

Is Bondic Stronger Than Super Glue?

Super Glue is made of Cyanoacrylates which is used as the adhesive. It creates a thin layer bond to effectively bond substances like human skin, tissues, natural fibers, and leather. It is strong but limited to the field. On the other hand, Cyanoacrylates have side effects as well.

Is Bondic Stronger Than Super Glue?

Comparatively, bondic is stranger than the superglue because Bondic uses the photochemical reaction to generate a cross-linked network of polymers. Superglue is not heat resistant but bondic can tolerate up to 1500c temperature. Moreover, it takes only four minutes to make the bonding when placed before the UV light. It is almost unbreakable and keeps the shape of the new one and is strong enough to use it instantly.

How to Use Bondic?

It is not a traditional glue but specially formulated to work in corporation with UV light. Therefore,  to understand the process of how to use bondic You need to go through five simple step-by-step processes. I have explained the guidelines below to show you the process of how to use Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Starter Kit.

How to Use Bondic?

Step 1: Sanding the surface

This is the first step before you use the bondic for fractures. Clean the rough surfaces clearly then rub the facet using the sandpaper. After rubbing the facets just blow off the dust. It is not recommended for temporary bonding.

Step 2:  Apply the adhesive

Bondic adhesive comes with a small narrow bottle. Its parking helps to apply the proper amount of bond easily with no wastage. You may need a little amount of bondic to the spots that the UV light is able to hit the area. To fix two objects just apply the adhesive to either one of them.

Step 3: Pointing the light

In the third step, you are ready to cure the bondic. Hold the light with one hand to carefully point the beam directly over the adhesive.  Hold it for four se=conds and it is enough to dry the bondic. In the case of a large area move your hand to reach the beam everywhere.

Step 4: Repeat the process

Whether you need step 4 or not depends on how strong the bond you want? For a temporary bond, you don’t need to repeat the process but for a stronger bond, you have to repeat the process. Bondic forms a strong and sturdy bond,  a strong bond requires several thin layers of adhesive to make the bond unbreakable. The only condition is to cure the adhesive before you apply the repeating process.

Step 5: Use it as filler

Its hard consistency and clarity make it best for the filling job. To use it as a filler you should clean the surface with sandpaper. Put a little amount of bondic to fill the hole and point the beam of UV light to allow it to dry. After drying bondic clean the extra adhesive.

How To Use Bondic With Color Powders?

Bondic can be used with colored powders but how can you use it for color powders? Here are the tips:

How To Use Bondic With Color Powders?

  • Take a small paper cup and put a small amount of adhesive into the cup.
  • Add some color powder to the cup. Make them as you like them by increasing the color amount to the cup and mix them.
  • After drying the color adhesive, it may become a dark color compared to the wet color.

Advantages of Bondic

Bonding works very fast and makes a strong bond that makes it unique including its other incomparable qualities. It has some extraordinary benefits that bought a revolutionary change to the Glue industry. According to the Bondic Review, I have featured some of its practical benefits below.

Advantages of Bondic

Bondic replaces the broken parts of the products very quickly. It creates a stronger bond that lasts for a long time. If it touches the skin you can easily clean them without having any side effects. Moreover, it is not sticky like the traditional superglue. On the other hand, it is the best filler for the holes to protect leakage.

Bondic is able to fix anything from plastic to iron.  Amazingly, NASA used adhesive metal fixing. You can apply it to the pipes, car parts, toys, and crafts. Where a normal glue is impossible to make the bond, bondic made these jobs easy and long-lasting.

How To Repair Broken Glass

The following guidelines are perfect to apply the window glasses, table glasses, shower doors, and vases.  Here are the steps to fix a crack glass.

How To Repair Broken Glass

Step 1:  Clean The Glass With A Dishwasher

Use two or three drops of dishwasher liquid on the glasses that you want to fix and clean them with a piece of cloth. Remove dust, oil, or fingertips and wipe it with clothes. Leave it to dry.

Step 2: Apply bondic

Prepare the pieces of the glasses by placing them on cardboard. Apply bondic to the crack line and attach the parts one by one. You can buy bondic from the retailer’s shop.

Step 3: Apply the UV light

After that hold the Led  UV light with fingers and release the light point to the crack surface. It takes only four seconds to make a permanent bond.

Step 4: Wpe the access adhesive and make smooth

On the completion use a damp cloth to wipe the extra adhesive from the surface. Then you can use the shover or a plastic knife to clean the surface. When it is done check for the strength of the bonding and it is done.

How To Quickly Remove Bondic

If you mistakenly use the bondic on the wrong surface then you may feel weird about how to clean them? Just use the simple criteria to clean them.

How To Quickly Remove Bondic

Take a sharp shove and dislodge it for 20 seconds to remove the bondic glue from the products. The sharp shove shouldn’t be the sharp knife.  The best idea is to use a toothpick or a plastic object instead of a sharp shove.  You can use the knife if you have control over the knife.


Therefore, bondic has a great impact on daily life and experts say that bondic is essential for every house to protect their households. It’s another biggest benefit is it protects the environment by reducing the amount of plastic garbage. The nonpoisonous and nonclingy adhesive made life easy.

In contrast, you know now what is bondic and how to use bondic? Keep this important material always in the home and use it as I have shown them above.

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