How to Use Fixd The Right Way?

Fixd is a vehicle scanning tool to diagnose them to detect damaging issues. It can be used for all kinds of vehicles made in the USA after 1996. The tool has a sensor to plug into the car’s OBD2 port and an app to install on your phone.  It works to maintain the vehicle heath and service maintenance but how to use fixd?

Just plug in the sensor onto the obd port and download the Fixd app on the mobile. Both the sensor and app work together to detect problems inside the car and display the trouble codes. It reads cars’ information by tapping the onboard computer and sending them to the app on your phone.

What Is Fixd?

Fixd is the combination of hardware and software to monitor cars’ health. It was innovated by a fixd automotive company in Georgia. The device includes a sensor and a mobile app. As it is a car monitoring system, it inspects car problems and checks engine lights. When it finds a source of trouble it sends trouble codes to the app on the mobile. That makes car maintenance easy and time-saving.

What Is Fixd?

What You’ll Need to Check Before Setup Fixd

You need some basic elements to set up the fixd for the cars. Before you start the process make sure you check the following elements to complete the setup and follow me in the next step to know how to use fixd?

What You’ll Need to Check Before Setup Fixd

  • Compatible vehicle: Fixd is compatible with all gas-powered vehicles that include hybrid cars as well. All the cars sold in the USA after 1996. You can check here if your car is compatible with fixed or not.
  • Smartphone: You should have an iPhone 10.3 Operating system or an Android phone above the 4.4 version. Remember to charge the phone before use.
  • Data connection: Fixd requires a cellular data connection or a strong Wifi connection. Just make sure you have one of these.
  • Bluetooth: It is the last and important requirement to check before setting up the device to the car’s port. Just confirm that Bluetooth is enabled on the mobile.

How to Setup Fixd?

Before you know how to use fixd you should know the setup process of fixd with car and mobile. You have all the requirements needed for the installation now just follow the mentioned methods for the installation process.

The first three steps are important, Be careful, don’t try starting the car before completing them.

How to Setup Fixd?

Turn on the Bluetooth:

Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile to connect the device with your phone. Visit your Android mobile settings and find the Bluetooth option. Tap the toggle to turn it on. When it is enabled the switch will turn into green color indicating that Bluetooth is ready to pair.

Download the Fixd App:

Visit the Apple or Playstore to download the App on mobile. The app appears at the first query with the image of green and white wrenches. It’s a free app that doesn’t charge anything while downloading it.

App and Sensor Registration:

After you have downloaded the app, Open it to register, Once the registration is completed, select “I do have a fixd sensor”.  Add the sensor by inputting the sensor code on its back.

Find Obd2 Port:

The OBD2 port is located under the dashboard near the driver’s seat on top of the pedals. It is a common position with a triangle-type shape.

Insert the Sensor:

Unpack the Fixd pack, take the sensor, and plug it into the OBD2 port. Turn on the ignition key and leave it for 5 seconds.  Tap “I found it” on your mobile app.

Add Sensor:

After you have found the location tap on the phone to add the sensor with the app and car. Name it after the vehicle to recognize it easily. In the case of roadblocks just restart the device or use the latest app on the phone.

Tap to Scan:

Press the round circle that says “tap to scan”, in case of any problem you will see it here. If there is no check engine light detected, it will tell you the same. If the sensor detects a check engine light, it will present you with all the codes that it has found. Also, there will be a page with more details.

More Details:

Once there is a successful scan you will have the more details page. On this page, there will be some more information such as trouble codes with the consequences of continuous driving and the severity of the problems.

Clear Code:

To clear the code, click the “clear engine light” on the more details page. You can clear the code without repairing the issue but it will show again after a while.

How To Use FIXD

Fixd is able to check engine light and transmits the error codes to the app. Here it’s time to discuss how to use fixd? I have elaborated its using process below. Just stay with me for a while.

How To Use FIXD

Open the App

  • Just open the app to view check engine light notifications.
  • Get more knowledge about the problems and receive maintenance reminders.
  • Monitor multiple vehicles to diagnose with a single app.

Trouble Codes for Maintenance:

Trouble codes are used for every type of issue a vehicle has. When the check engine light is flashing you can translate the codes with fixd and fix the issue. Fixd provides the trouble codes and all the relative information to repair them.

For example, error code P0195 indicates the Engine oil temperature problem that may cause overheating. If it is damaged by the radiator you can replace it. According to FIXD Reviews, Spectra Complete Radiator CU1193  is the best to replace the old one. However, if you don’t want to do it by yourself, visit a mechanic and it will save you from overcharging.

Color Indicator:

Fixd uses different colored codes.  Each color indicates a specific problem and the severity of the issue. As an example, a yellow color code is used for a failed o2 sensor but it won’t damage severely.

A Complete Car Maintenance

Fixd provides the trouble codes and all the relative information to repair them.

You can know the meaning of the codes to understand the trouble why and how it did happen. Also, Fixd allows you to fix it.

Final Thoughts on How to Use Fixd

Fixd is the car maintenance device that informs you about the damaging issues that need to be repaired. It saves you from an unexpected accident and saves money and time. You can get all the information about cars’ health and maintenance with the fixd app on your mobile.

Its using process is simple and easy translating codes makes it the best car diagnostic device. I have presented the full tutorial on how to use Fixd and hope you have all the necessary information about using Fixd.  If you need to know more, ask for help.

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