How To Use Photo Stick For Iphone?

Most people use their mobile and computer for storing photos. But, it is very risky to do so. Because the phone can get lost and the computer hard drive can anytime get crashed. So, the best solution is using photostick. It is compatible with android and iOS devices.

I use this device for storing all my photos, videos, and documents. It is safe and the best probable solution for storing photos. Only in one click it instantly started backing up all photos. Just plug the photostick in and click  “go.” So, let’s discuss on How to use photo stick for iphone?

Is the Photo Stick Worth Buying?

Before using photostick, I didn’t know that it has so many unique features. It contains all those things that I wanted, and this unique device is so beneficial. So, before discussing How to Use Photo Stick for iPhone let’s have a look at whether it is worth or not. Photostick is very easy to use, and the best part is it doesn’t require manual work. Anyone with less technical knowledge can use photostick without getting confused. Transferring photos, videos, and other files is just a matter of a single click. It is designed with a USB 3.0 port that works very fast.

Is the Photo Stick Worth Buying

This feature makes this device quick, swift, and very time-consuming. It is designed with both type B and C USB ports. This device is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t need any additional cable for transferring data and files. Since photostick looks like a USB cable, it doesn’t require any network connection when backing up files. I can transfer anything and anytime without an internet connection.

It requires an internet connection only when using the mobile app. With the automatic scanning feature, this useful device scans the whole device, find out the duplicates. After that, it removes the duplicate files, then formats and organizes them. Photostick comes in small size and lightweight, which is portable enough. It can keep the photos safe for a longer time with its durability. For backing up or using this device, it doesn’t require any ID or password.

With its 128 GB storage capacity, this device saves up to 60,000 photos. It backups every single photo of mine. So if I lost or deleted any photos I can easily recover them from its app. With its huge storage capacity, photostick doesn’t charge additional subscription fees. Without any extra payment, I can use this device effectively. Just plug it in and start using it. So, it is proven that photostick can provide huge benefits, and it is worth the investment.

How to Use Photo Stick for iPhone?

Photostick can work with the iOS version 11.3 or later. It can easily find all the photos then, organize or back up them, and free-up the mobile storage. Here is the step-by-step process for How to Use Photo Stick for iPhone.

How to Use Photo Stick for iPhone

  • Download the photostick mobile app from the app store for absolutely free.
  • After installing, open it to start the backup process.
  • While backing up for the first time, a pop-up message will arrive on the mobile screen. It will ask for providing photo access of the iPhone. Click the OK button to allow access.
  • Another pop-up will appear and ask you for sending notification permission. So, click on the allow button.
  • Now, the photostick main screen will appear.
  • At this time, insert the photostick device into the iPhone and click the photostick app shortcut button.
  • To back up photos, there are two options available.
  • “Backup all” option will instantly backup all photos from the iPhone. “Select to backup” allows selecting the specific photos for storing.
  • As per the selection, now it will start backing up the photos.
  • After completing the backup process, you can see the photos. By clicking on the view files on the photostick and then photos and videos.

Which Is Better Photo Stick or Picture Keeper?

Photostick and picture keeper both are used for storing photos and files. Each of them has different features. So, let’s see the difference between them and decide which one is better.

Which Is Better Photo Stick or Picture Keeper


Photostick has a USB 3.0 that backups thousands of photos in a few minutes. It saves huge time by not lettering the used dining manual process. Also, there is no hassle for any registration or anything with photostick.

Picture keeper requires registration by creating an account. Every time it needs a login ID and password to start working. It can cause a hassle in time of hurry.

Removes Duplicate:

Using the automatic scanning feature, photostick can find out the duplicate photos and remove them. On the other side, the picture keeper can’t do the auto scan and remove duplicates.

Backup Process:

Photostick offers 2 options while backup photos. The first one is “backup all,” and another one is “select to Backup.” Backup all features will backup everything from the mobile. With the “select to Backup” feature, it allows selecting specific pictures.

The picture keeper does not allow to select any specific photos for backing up. Also, it consumes higher battery power during backups for a longer time.

However, as per my experience, photostick is much more reliable, secure, and a great device than the picture keeper. It offers huge customization options. The best part is, I can restore the lost and deleted files by using the photostick mobile app. So, I don’t have to fear losing my precious photos and files.

Where to Buy Photostick?

Nothing is better than the manufacturer’s official website when it comes to original products. I purchased photostick from their official site.

Where to Buy Photostick

If you want to purchase it, you can click this link to see the deals and offers. They have three different sizes of photostick with huge discounts. Also, they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee with free USA shipping.

Final Thoughts

Photostick is a great USB device that can safely save photos in any format. But, How to Use Photo Stick for iPhone device. Well, in this article, I explained the whole process with some other information. Make sure to purchase the iOS version of photostick that is designed with a lightning port.

This device is an effortless, useful, and secure device to keep all the precious photos, videos, and documents. Anyone can handle or operate a photostick without another person’s help or support. With just a single click, It starts downloading photos from the iPhone and organize them. So, get the photostick and make your photos secured.

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