Last Tissue Review: The Reusable Alternative to Tissue Packs

The tissue is a daily use product in our life. And the application is various. Either we are sick because of a cold or even having a cup of coffee, a tissue is always there. Do you know 65 million tissues are used and dumped every day?

That takes a lot of trees to cut down for that amount of cotton tissues. So here is a revolutionary Last Tissue Review that will change your thoughts about tissue. Use this reusable tissue to save both the earth and your money.

What Is Last Issue?

The LastTissue is the first to be cleaned, recycled and environmentally-friendly tissue kit in the world that is the best replacement for disposable tissue we use. You should forget about tossing tissues away or bringing them in your pocket.

What Is Last Issue


If you cannot find a garbage basket to through away dirty tissues then LastTissue will be your savior. It comes with a 6 reusable tissues box, in which you can put one over it. You will get a pretty packet in which you can keep the unused and used tissues separately. In this case, LastTissue uses 100% synthetic rubber, which is secure and lightweight for everywhere to blend in.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Last Tissue

The washable six-pack handkerchiefs can save you money. Support the environment by reuse the tissue rather than dumping a few hand tissues into the garbage. Before you spend on the last tissue pack of your own, here is what you should think.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Last Tissue

Saving Some Money:

Perhaps you don’t spend much money on tissues, but it adds up very easily if you get cold. Moreover, remember how many days in your daily life you use tissues. Blow your nose, apply make-up, dry your eyes—you chuck another tissue in the garbage with any use.

The typical box of tissues costs about $5. With that amount, you can enjoy a regular coffee. So, have you ever thought about how much you could save without buying one?

Mindset For Washing And Reusing Tissue:

LastTissue has a bit more job than conventional single-use materials. After all six fabrics are dusty, put them in the washing machine. It does not take a big effort, but it requires a bit more than once using and tossing out. And others might be “grossed out” by contemplating the reuse of a tissue in which they blew their noses. But this one is known as LastTissue washable reusable tissue.

Kids in the Home:

Your Children may not like the idea of reusable tissue. They are less likely to use a washed tissue once they have used it. Keeping a disposable tissue box for them is a smart choice. Also, this reusable tissue pack is a great sustainable alternative for all.

Why Is Lasttissue Cool?

The pulp and paper industry is the third most powerful global warming gas industrial emitter. Of course, people cut about 8,000,000 trees every year to produce facial tissue only for the United States.

Why Is Lasttissue Cool

The direct loss of wildlife habitat will result from deforestation. The loss of trees limits the fruit, shelter, and reproductive habitats available. It reduces the miraculous effect trees have on cleaning up our greenhouse waste to respiratory oxygen – leading to climate change prevention.

How to Use It?

The usage of LasTissue should be very easy to use because the method is not difficult. Nonetheless here is a complete guide to using the LastTissue to wash and reuse the tissues rather than throw them away:

How to Use It

Step 1: Let’s begin by knowing how to use the dispenser or the LastTissue pocket. An outlet beneath a pocket has a small opening, which allows you to quickly remove a tissue. After that, like all other previous tissues you use now in your daily life, you should use the cloth.

Step 2: When you use tissue fully, it is time to keep it clean for later use. In order to hold unused tissue, the pouch is fitted with an invisible barrier. There are six tissues inside; when they are finished, you can keep a list of yourself or you can see if all are used.

Step 3: You have to wash them for another use after using the whole batch of all 6 tissues in the last tissue pouch. However, make sure to wash it at 60°, without losing quality, so that it lasts longer. Dry them, in the same manner, to use dry most garments after washing with standard towels and clothing. You should also use a standard dish cleaner to clean the pouch because of the healthy purification of the silicone pack.

Step 4: The benefit of LastTissue is that it is durable and cannot be used like one-time facial tissue. Once you have washed and dried all six tissues, the time has come to top up the pouch and reuse them with the tissues. Open the deck, fold the tissue, pour in the one by the other, do so with all 6, then close the deck. This way you can use a minimum of 460 times per tissue, forget the once-in-available tissues and keep outdoors clean and your pocket healthy.

How Does Using Last Tissue Help the Environment?

In an equation, we can see that the last tissue can match up to 2880 single-use tissue. And the tissues are made from trees. So it can save up to 8 million trees a year and water from pollution.

Is It a Scam?

No this is not a scam. The LastObject has come to a revolution to save the earth by their new invention. They have their official website and you can contact them.

How Much Does Lasttissue Cost?

You need to spend 25$ to buy a pack. But it can serve more than 10 boxes of one-time tissue.

Where Can I Get the Last Tissue?

Where Can I Get the Last Tissue

The best option to buy any product from the official site. Because you’ll get the decent money-back policy or some other benefits as well. Or you can choose to buy it from Our Link.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Last Tissue review, I tried to cover all the information about it. Here you will find some more questions about this tissue. Let’s find out.

Who created the LastTissue?

The LastObject company made the LastTissue decrease deforestation. That will save trees and the earth that is their mission.

What are the available colors?

The Last Object has made this tissue representing the environment and endangered animals. The available colors are Raccoon Blue, Dragonfly Turquoise, Fox Peach, Redwood Red, Bat Black.

Is LastTissue compact?

The last tissue is quite strong being a tissue. As this is a tissue cum handkerchief plus it is reusable so you can trust its compatibility.

Are the clean tissues separated from the used tissues?

There’ two compartments beneath in the last tissue.  So you can keep the used one in the used tissue container and the separator is really efficient to keep the clean ones from the dirty ones.

What size are the tissues and the case?

The LastTissue box is 4.33x 2.14x.1.1 inches in dimension. And all the tissue is 18×18 inches in size with 6 ply.

Final Words

In conclusion, we have to state that the LasTissue is a revolution in fast climate change. The global warming rate is at an alarming point.

Our last tissue review included the benefits and reasons you would like to buy this product. Now it’s your turn to join the save the earth program and decrease the waste of tissue.

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