Lumenology Reviews 2022: LED Portable Motion Sensor Light

Setting up a bunch of lights overnight can be quite a boring chore. The last thing you want is to get caught up in a pile of wire before a big day. However, there a one-stop solution to all these problems.

That is right. And it is none other than Lumenology! With these lamps, you can light up any area you want within a few seconds. You don’t need any wires or tools. Plus, it is way cheaper than those fancy lamps.

Now, what is this lumenology, and how to use them? Well, don’t worry about a thing. We are going to break down all the aspects for you in the simplest manner.

What is Lumenology?

What is Lumenology

Lumenology is the quickest and easiest solution for all your lighting problems. It is a DIY lighting fixture that brightens up your area without any complicated installation procedure. What makes it even more exciting is the motion-sensing technology.

Yes, you heard right. This stunning lumenology can detect your gestures and actions with its sensor. As a result, you get to enjoy the best quality services without putting much effort to set them up.

Lumenology Features & Benefits

Lumenology Features & Benefits

So, we understood what lumenology is. Now, let’s check out some of the major benefits that you can get from your lumenology.

  • With a brightness of 148 lumens, it illuminates your place perfectly.
  • You can set it up anywhere you like for its compact shape and design.
  • The installation does not require any wires or electrical connections.
  • Because of the motion-sensor, you do not need any switches to control it.
  • The rotation axis lets you adjust the angle in 360 degrees.
  • It provides you a super-flexible tripod for hassle-free mounting.
  • You can mount the metal base anywhere to use the built-in magnet.
  • The 13 feet sensor range makes it ideal to use for security purposes.

Well, that sure was a long list. All these features make it a terrific deal indeed.  So, to enjoy all these exciting specialties, you have to get your lumenology right now!

How Does Lumenology Work?

How Does Lumenology Work

There is no doubt that these lumenology LED lights can perform outstandingly under any circumstances. But how do these tiny lights pull off so many tasks? Well, it all begins with the remarkable architecture of this light.

The LED light accompanies a motion sensor and a power switch. The motion sensor has a range of 13 feet. That means it can detect your activity in a 13 feet range and operate by itself. However, you can manually control the power with a switch on its back.

The lights give you three different options here. The first two modes let you turn it on or off whenever you like. However, the third one is the auto shut-off option. In this mode, the light turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity. This way, these lights minimize wastage and save energy.

Again, for the mounting facilities, it includes two different varieties. Both the tripod legs and a magnetic base help you set the light anywhere you like without much effort. Besides, using the rotation axis provides you convenient adjustability. Thus, you get superb flexibility.

Not to mention, you don’t need any electric power source for using lumenology. These battery-wired lights require three AA batteries as power sources. The batteries last for up to 1 year.

How to Use Lumenology

How to Use Lumenology

Now comes the fun part! How do we use lumenology? Well, you have not one but two different methods to use it. For better understanding, let us break down the process into two segments. Go through each of the segments separately, and you will know what to do.

Metal base with built-in magnet

  1. Determine the location where you want to mount your light.
  2. Clean up the area so that you can have a brighter illumination.
  3. Take a pole or rod-like substance to set up the lumenology.
  4. Attach your metal base to the poll with some screws.
  5. Snap your light onto that metal base using the built-in magnet.
  6. Adjust the position or angle by rotating the light.
  7. Use the power button to start operating your lumenology.

Mounting with the tripod

  1. Find a place to set up your lumenology LED light.
  2. If you have an object to hang your LED light on, wrap the tripod legs around that.
  3. Use the tripod legs to create a stand if you do not find anything else to hang it up.
  4. Check the tripod legs once again and secure them neatly.
  5. Choose the correct angle using the rotation axis.
  6. Press the power button and turn on your lumenology.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other product, these techy LED lights also have several advantages and disadvantages to consider. Therefore, to get an appropriate view of these products, we present both the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Excellent water-resistance design
  • Offers stable light with high luminosity
  • Impressive longevity of the batteries
  • Easy to detach and re-install
  • Ideal for beginners with no previous experience
  • Clutter-free lighting fixture
  • Fits perfectly inside cabinets or cars
  • Perfect for camping and outdoor activities
  • Not appropriate for heavyweight usage
  • Becomes dim when the battery starts to wear off
  • Unstable performance during heavy rainfall

Purchasing Lumenology

Lumenology LED lights come in kits. With LED lights, you will get a tripod, a magnetic base, and a motion sensor. Now, you can either buy these kits separately or go for a bulk purchase. However, keep in mind that you can get a lot of discount offers for bulk orders. Here are the current prices below.

  • 1 set of lumenology kits: 39.99 USD (each)
  • 3 sets of lumenology kits: 33.33 USD (each)
  • 5 sets of lumenology kits: 29.99 USD (each)
  • 8 sets of lumenology kits: 25.00 USD (each)

If you are buying your lumenology online, pay close attention to the website. Make sure to try out sites that guarantee you to provide the products from authentic inventors.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you might have several queries roaming around your head. And so, to answer all that, we are listing down some of your frequently asked questions in this section.

How many batteries do I need to use?

You will need three AA batteries to power up your lumenology.

Do I get multiple modes with lumenology?

Yes! You get three different modes with your lumenology.

How can I extend the battery life of my lumenology?

To increase the battery life, you can enable the auto shut-off mode.

How does the auto shut-off mode work?

Well, the auto shut-off mode switches off your lumenology after 30 seconds.

How long will the batteries last?

Although it depends on your usage, it should last for a year.

What is the range of the motion sensor?

The motion sensor of the lumenology has a range of 13 feet.

Can I change the angle of the light?

Absolutely. You can adjust the light with its 360-degree rotation.


We saw how lumenology effortlessly elevates the appearance of your space. It is easy, versatile, and durable at the same time. Most importantly, it acts like an investment that will support you for the upcoming years!

What else do you need? These are the ultimate lighting solution for every occasion without any doubt. So, go and grab yours right now and use your creativity and make the best out of it.

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