MagnetPal Review Update: Complete Guide in 2022

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or have a tidy home or garage, then you’ll surely want to organize your tools in the right spot. If you can do so, you can quickly access your tools whenever you need them and create a better working space even though you have limited space.

With the incredible MagnetPAL, you can make this thing happen. MagnetPAL is a tiny magnet in size but mighty with its holding capacity. A single MagnetPAL can hold up to 15lbs of weight 100x than its physical weight.

Using this magnet, you can organize your entire home, office, and garage within a minute. Its straightforward using process allows you to organize your place effortlessly. All you have to do is clip the MagnetPAL at the end of your household items or other objects with the included keyring, zip-tie, or carabiner hook and hang them into a wall stud, steel bead, or anything metal.

To learn more about MagnetPAL, go through the following MagnetPAL Review. Here I’ll explain this tool briefly according to my uses experience.

Product Summary
Magnetpal Review

Magnetpal Review

  • 100+ Uses
  • Holding 15lbs
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Long-Lasting
  • Warranty and Support

MagnetPAL Review: A Quick Short Overview

In general, MagnetPAL is a tiny, compact magnetic device, but with the magnetic power and capacity, it’s one of the strongest ones. This small magnet is weighed only a fraction of an ounce, but it can firmly hold over 15lbs weight, which is over 100 times greater than its actual weight.

Now, if you are wondering like me that how could this tiny magnet assist you with your activity? The manufacturer of this incredible device claims that this magnetic device can be used in 100+ ways.

You can use this versatile tool as a magnetic stud finder, keychain holder, organizing things, holding, finding, and securing your everyday tools. It’s an ideal device for DIY workers, handypersons, outdoor enthusiasts, and anybody who does fixing things around the home, office, or garage.

What Is MagnetPAL?

MagnetPAL is a small, compact, versatile magnetic device that can be used in multiple ways and assist you in carrying out different activities. You can use this tool as a magnetic stud finder, a key chain holder, organizing things, and many more. The device helps you hide, retrieve, fasten, and hold different instruments and items to ensure that you can easily access them whenever you need them.

What Is MagnetPAL

It is made of Rare-earth material and covered with abs plastic housing to ensure its long durability. Because of its high-quality construction, it becomes water and rust-proof entirely. Therefore, you can use this tool anywhere, indoor, outdoor, wherever you want without any worries.

The molded loop at the top of this device allows you to attach it to various objects. And, the device is very lightweight and weighs only a fraction of an ounce, making it very convenient to use. From DIY workers to outdoor enthusiasts, all found this device as a dependable instrument.

MagnetPAL Is For Whom?

The versatile MagnetPAL device can be used by anyone regardless of their gender except the children who are under 10. MagnetPAL official website strictly mentioned that to keep this device away from children.

MagnetPAL Is For Whom

The device is considered a choking hazard, and children can swallow it, which could occur in a severe accident. So, aside from this category of people, any adult can use this device to complete their different activities.

Benefits And Advantages Of MagnetPAL

MagnetPAL is an incredible magnetic tool that can assist you in a lot of ways in your daily activities. Below I’ll show you some of the advantages of MagnetPAL that you’re going to enjoy with this device.

Benefits And Advantages Of MagnetPAL

Organizing Tools, Keys, Signs, And Many Other Objects

One of the biggest advantages of MagnetPAL is its molded loop that allows you to attach it almost everything you want. Later you can hang them with any metal surface.

The Best Alternative For the Big Bulky Magnetic Tool Belts

Before using MagnetPAL, I used a magnetic tool belt to attach my tools while working on any DIY projects. But that was pretty heavy and bulkier. I feel like I’m weighed down with that. Once I switch to MagnetPAL, it sorts out all these problems. I can easily attach the MagnetPAL with my jeans and quickly access my nails.

Works As a Magnetic Key Chain Holder

MagnetPAL can be used as a magnetic key chain holder. Just attach your keys to a ring and attach the keyring with the magnet, and now you can hang it with your door. Consequently,  you’ll never lose your keys again.

It Can Be Used As A Magnetic Stud Finder

MagnetPAL is the best alternative to a typical magnetic stud finder. Using this magnet, you can easily locate the screws from the studs regardless of the type of wall. Just simply wave the MagnetPAL over any surface or wall, and it’ll stick on the location if there is any stud.

Can Be Used For Hiding Keys Discreetly

After hiding a separate key, we lose them most of the time, but when you use MagnetPAL, you can securely hide it in a secure place. And whenever you need it, you’ll find it in its place. Instead of hiding your keys under a mat or any other insecure place, you can use this magnetic device and hide a key accordingly.

Features Of MagnetPAL

MagnetPAL isn’t an ordinary and cheap magnet. This tiny masterpiece is an award-winning patented gadget that you can conveniently take anywhere and use whenever you need. The core of this magnet is made of Rare-Earth Metal that turns this magnet very strong and durable compared to typical magnets. The versatile MagnetPAL comes with so many incredible features. Below in this section of the MagnetPAL Review, I’ll include some of its features that I have experienced by myself.

Features Of MagnetPAL

100+ Ways To Use It

MagnetPAL is a kind of tool that has no limitation of uses. You can use it in 100 ways and even more! For example, you can use this magnet to hide spare keys; it can hold any metal tool to assist you in various projects, hang any items without using holes, etc. The possibility of using this gadget is endless!

In addition, you can also use it to locate steel drywall screws from studs by simply waving it over the targeted surface. The device will pull out of your hand and stick to the wall to show you the stud’s location. Because of its more magnetic power over typical stud finders has become a more convenient and versatile tool.

Can Hold Anything Up To 15Lbs

If you never use this tool, you can never imagine this tiny magnet holding capacity with your first impression. The mighty magnet can firmly hold up to 100x more weight than its actual weight. Its high-quality materials and robust engineering make it capable of securely holding 15 pounds (ca. 7 kilograms) of weight.

Can Hold Anything Up To 15Lbs

With the handy loop of this magnetic holder, you can hang heavy tools to smaller tools like french wrenches, hammers to pins, bolts, etc. Moreover, when you want to disconnect them, you can easily do that; it’s completely hassle-free.

Extremely Compact And Lightweight

One of the most significant facts about MagnetPAL is that it is extraordinarily compact and lightweight. Most of its users love this device because of it, and I’m one of them.

This tiny magnet is about the size of a coin, and it’s TSA Compliant. You can hook the device with your keychain, belt, bag, etc., without feeling any weight of this tool.

Made Of Durable And High-Quality Material

You’ll be glad to know that MagnetPAL is a 100% American-made product. The outer side of this device is covered with a military-grade ABS plastic shell and the core of this magnet is a rare earth metal. The combination of these ingredients make this tool an incredible one that won’t fall off, rust, and fail even in extreme temperature. Moreover, the magnet is 100% waterproof and doesn’t lose its strength over time.

Comes With A One-year Warranty

I had studied a lot of customer reviews of this device and saw that most of its customers are highly satisfied with this gadget. The majority of them give five-star reviews. However, if you’re not happy with the device, the manufacturers have offered a one-year warranty for you.

So, within one year, you can replace your device without any hassle if you think you’re not getting the expected result from it.

Worldwide Award-Winner

The USA-made MagnetPAL won the Gold award at the West Coast Pop Show in 2017. That helped the company sell over 5,00,000 units in that time. Since then, the product has been trading in the market like a hotcake.

Worldwide Award-Winner

How To Use MagnetPAL?

MagnetPAL has endless uses, and it’s pretty impossible to describe all of them here. This small magnetic tool is a reliable friend of handypersons, DIY workers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who does fixing things around the home, office, or garage.

How To Use MagnetPAL

You can use this device to hang and organize tools, hold bolts and screws while working. Besides that, it has many more uses like hiding, retrieving, holding, and fastening different tools and items, Etc. Below I’ll show you some of the common uses of this device.

Hanging Tools

While working on a DIY project or fixing anything at your home or office, you may need to carry different items like screws, bolts, Etc. With MagnetPAL, you can easily hang these items with you and quickly access them during your work. You can even hang big items like French wrench, hammer, etc., as the device can firmly hold up to 15lbs.

Hiding Keys

Losing small items like keys is a common thing for all of us. Most of us lost our spare keys after hiding them in different places that we quickly forget after a certain time.

Hiding Keys

But when you have MagnetPAL in your hand, you’ll never lose your keys again. Just find a secure place you know only and place the key here, such as under the car. The magnet will firmly attach the key in your secure place until you detach it.


Using MagnetPAL, you can hold almost anything up to 15lbs. Suppose you’re working on a ladder, and dropping tools could be very frustrating when you are at the top of it. Here comes the MagnetPAL to change the scenario. It can firmly attach your necessary tools and allow you to access them quickly.


If any item gets dropped, you don’t need to climb down from your position. Using a string with the device, you can pick up your falling items. You can use this tool as a magnetic holder to carry different types of metal tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and french wrenches.

Finding Stud

Another best use of MagnetPAL is that it works as a stud finder, which works better than a traditional one. Using this magnetic device, you can quickly locate the hidden steel drywall screws from studs.

Finding Stud

The best thing about this device is that it works on almost all walls regardless of their built-in materials. You need to wave it over the surface until it starts pulling out from your hand.

Where You Can Use MagnetPAL In Home?

Whether you have a big house or a small apartment, you’ll surely want an organized and decluttered home. Unlike other people, I believe that the state of home is a significant contributor to an individual’s overall mood. That’s why organizing your home is an essential task. Below in this MagnetPAL Review, I’ll show you some places where you can use MagnetPAL to organize your home.

Where You Can Use MagnetPAL In Home


Get your MagnetPAL and make your cooking task more manageable. Are you wondering how? Well, MagnetPAL can hang almost all of your kitchen utensils in front of your stove and allow you to access them quickly when you need them.

You don’t need to make any unnecessary holes in your kitchen wall and plug hooks to hang your utensils. MagnetPAL reduces all the hassle of these tasks. Plus, you can also use MagnetPAL to stick important reminders or pictures on your fridge.


You already know that this magnetic device is small in size but not with its capacity. It can firmly hold any item up to 15 lbs. So, using this gadget, you can hang most of your garage tools in an organized way and quickly access them whenever you need them. I have used this tool in my garage and hung rakes, hammers, ladders, and small wheelbarrows.


The use of versatile MagnetPAL is limitless. You can even use this gadget in your bathroom to hang different things like bathroom air fresheners, shower curtains, etc.


Items like necklaces and other accessories get tangled if you keep them in a drawer, lay them on a surface, or even in the jewelry box. When you try to untangle them, you will feel like the process will never end, and in such a situation, you’ll become frustrated.

But, you don’t need to worry anymore; just get your MagnetPAL and use a metal board to organize your accessories on the vanity. You don’t have to waste your time and get frustrated for untangling those accessories anymore.

During Holidays

In holidays, decorating your home is one of the most daunting tasks. But if you have this magnetic tool in your hand, decorating your home becomes easier for you. You can use this tool to hang colorful lights and other decorative items on holiday occasions.


If you’re hosting a party for your friends and family on your patio, this tool comes in very handy. Using MagnetPAL, you can hang outside lights, hang cooking utensils, and also use them for holding the patio curtains.

Will MagnetPAL Still Work When It Gets Wet?

As I said, MagnetPAL is made of Rare earth minerals, and the shell housing of this device is covered with high-quality abs plastic. Because of its materials and construction process, it becomes 100% waterproof & rustproof.

Will MagnetPAL Still Work When It Gets Wet

Therefore, nothing will happen if this gadget gets wet or submerges into the water. It will work as effectively as it was. Even if you leave the device outside for an extended period, it won’t affect this device.

Will MagnetPAL Really Keep Its Strength Forever?

Yes, it will. MagnetPAL assures that it will never lose its strength over time. Because of its Rare-Earth metal material, high-quality construction, ABS plastic housing, and the use of the latest technology; it will last years after years with the same strength. It can effectively withstand extreme temperatures without losing its properties and strength.

What To Consider Before Getting MagnetPAL?

The first thing that you need to consider is: why do you need this device? For example, if you’re looking for something to hold items on your wall or want to keep common tools within your reach, MagnetPAL could be an excellent choice.

What To Consider Before Getting MagnetPAL

You can use this versatile tool to hide keys, fasten items, declutter your drawer, add reminder notes on your fridge, hang kitchen utensils, and many more.

However, if you want to hang heavy power tools that exceed 15lbs, you’re better to put hooks on the wall instead of using it. MagnetPAL is ideal for items that are below 15 lbs.

What Customers Say About MagnetPAL?

When I first heard about MagnetPAL, I became very curious about this device and wanted to have one. But before I got one for myself, I started reading different customers reviews of this device to learn about this device precisely.

While reading the customer’s reviews, I was expecting a mix of reviews from different users, but surprisingly, most of them are highly satisfied with this device.

What Customers Say About MagnetPAL

That influenced me to get one without making any delay. Below in this section, I’ll include some customers’ feedback on this device that’ll help you make a wise decision.

MagnetPAL: Where Can I Purchase It?

MagnetPAL is a highly demandable device, but you won’t get it everywhere. If you want to have this tool, you must order it from the MagnetPAL official site. The manufacturer sells the product only on its official site to avoid online fraud.  Plus, it makes sure that you got the authentic product right from the warehouse.

MagnetPAL Where Can I Purchase It

I purchased three sets of MagnetPAL from their official site and got two sets completely free, and received the product right in time. So if you are planning to get this device, I’ll advise you to get it from its official site.

By purchasing the device from the official site, you’ll get a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a one-year warranty along with other promotional offers on your purchase. For your convenience, right below this section, I’ll include the official site link of the MagnetPAL.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this MagnetPAL Review thoroughly, some questions might be knocking on your mind. Here in this FAQ section, I’ll try to answer these questions that people frequently ask about MagnetPAL.

How much weight can MagnetPAL hold?

A single MagnetPAL can firmly hold up to 15lbs of weight which is 100x more than its own weight. If you look at this device, you’ll surely be surprised at how this tiny magnet can hold 15 pounds (ca. 7 kilogram) of weight.

You can effortlessly hang heavy items like hammers, drills, or other extensive tools using this tiny magnet. If you want to hang heavier items than 15lbs, you can easily do that with multiple MagnetPAL.

Can I use MagnetPAL outdoors?

You can use MagnetPal wherever you want there are no restrictions for that. The core item of this magnet is made of Rare-Earth minerals, and its outside shell is made of ABS plastic.

Because of this construction combination, MagnetPAL has become thoroughly water and rust-proof, and with the time being, it will never lose its strength. Hence, you can use the MagnetPAL outdoors without any problem; it withstands rain, wind, and oxidation.

Does MagnetPAL really work?

Without any doubt, MagnetPAL is an excellent device; you won’t understand it until you use it. From my personal experience and according to other users’ reviews, I can assure you that it’s an incredible device and works outstanding. If you use the device for the tasks it’s designed for; you’ll never get disheartened with its effectiveness.

Does Magnetpal affect my phone or other gadgets?

There is no evidence against Magnetpal’s impact on phones or other electronic gadgets. So as long as there is no scientific evidence that it affects your phone or other electronic gadgets, you don’t need to worry about that at all. I have been using Magnetpal for almost eight months, and I  keep it in my pocket where I keep my phone as well; I didn’t experience anything wrong with my phone.

Is MagnetPal available to everyone?

No, MagnetPal is not available to everyone, nor do you get it everywhere. If you need this device, you must order it from the company’s official site. The manufacturer supplies the device directly to its consumer’s hand through its official site to avoid the third party manipulating the product or its price.

Is MagnetPAL safe to use by children?

The size of the MagnetPAL is tiny and compact, and its small parts are highly considered a choking hazard. Therefore, it’s not suitable for small children (under ten). So, if you have small children at home, please keep this device away from them.

Remember, MagnetPAL could cause serious injury if it is not used correctly, and that’s why it’s only intended for adult use.

Who Is The Supplier?

“MagnetPAL” is the manufacturer and the supplier of this gadget. It’s an American company that operates its business from Los Angeles, CA. The company has an excellent shipping system all over the world. It doesn’t matter from wherever you’re once you place your order on its official site, you’ll get the product within minimum delivery time according to the distance of your location.

Contact with Support Team

If you have any queries regarding this device or need any after-sales service you can contact their customer support team through the following email and phone.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 800 827 6143

Final Thoughts on MagnetPAL

To conclude the MagnetPAL Review, I would like to remind you again that if you’re looking for something to hold, hang, hide, retrieve, organize your tools, MagnetPAL is the best. However, now you have ample reasons why you should buy this magnetic tool?

Whether you want to organize your home, office, or garage or looking for hanging or holding tools for your DIY activities, this magnetic tool is outstanding. In addition, this powerful, versatile tool has limitless uses. You can use this masterpiece as a magnetic stud finder, a discrete key hider, an organizing tool for signs and other objects, and what not?

The uses of this device depend on your imagination. When you have this device in your hand, you’ll discover plenty of new uses of this tool. MagnetPAL has numerous positive aspects, and that comes in handy when you use this tool on your outdoor activity or DIY projects.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get your MagnetPAL directly from its official site and grab your promo offer.

Product Summary
Magnetpal Review

Magnetpal Review

  • 100+ Uses
  • Holding 15lbs
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Long-Lasting
  • Warranty and Support

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