OlumiRing Review 2022 – The Ultimate Lighting Solution!

I was frustrated trying to find a place with adequate lighting indoors to present myself better during professional meetings. So, I tried OlumiRing to check whether it works or not. OlumiRing is so amazing that now I don’t even attend a single online session without this device. It’s easy to use and can be attached to any camera device you want.

This is the ultimate solution for a good video call and selfie or capture as well. The rounded-shape light is made to make you feel comfortable during a video presentation. The device includes a decent battery backup with the premium build quality.

OlumiRing has different color modes that can be selected for different purposes. This device will assist you in delivering the best of you with no shilly-shally.

Product Summary
OlumiRing Review

OlumiRing Review

  • 40 ultra-bright LEDs for powerful setting
  • Runs 1+ hours with battery backup
  • It easily fits in a backpack or pocket
  • Compatible with any device
  • Easily attachable with a built-in clip

Olumiring Review: A Brief Overview

OlumiRing is a tool for everyone. The bad look during an interview or video call can be eliminated by using this simple tool. This light makes you feel confident and look professional. Have a look at the main features of OlumiRing below –

Top 5 features of OlumiRing –

  • 40 ultra-bright LEDs for powerful setting
  • Runs 1+ hours with battery backup
  • It easily fits in a backpack or pocket
  • Compatible with any device
  • Easily attachable with a built-in clip

What Is Olumiring?

OlumiRing is a 360-degree LED light to make you look amazing on camera. The device comes in a unique ring shape with an adjustable color feature. This enables the user to choose one from a candle-lit look to a cool modern vibe. The device makes your appearance more professional in front of the camera. OlumiRing works with all devices. You don’t need any additional tripod or clip as the device comes with a built-in clip. You can easily attach this kit to your phone or laptop. OlumiRing comes in a compact shape that will fit the palm of your hand. You can carry this device anywhere without any difficulties.

What Is Olumiring

Technicalities Of Olumiring Light

Once you know about the device, you should know the technical specs as well. OlumiRing includes 40 ultra-bright LEDs that are enough for any setting. The built-in clip can be attached with devices less than 1-inch width. OlumiRing is built with a premium plastic material that will easily withstand any drop from a decent height.  The light is available in two different bodies – white and black. The device includes a USB cable to charge the battery.

What Features Does Olumiring™ Have?

OlumiRing is packed with features. The shape and the built quality are made with perfection. You are going to enjoy every spec of this device for sure.  Check out the detailed features of OlumiRing below –

What Features Does Olumiring™ Have

  • Superior Design: OlumiRing is designed to provide you with excellent lighting anytime, anywhere. The device is built with premium materials that will withstand extreme situations. This one is built to last a lifetime.
  • Rechargeable Battery: You don’t need to worry about the battery backup anymore. OlumiRing comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to enjoy the lighting virtually anywhere for more than 1 hour. You can even use this device while charging. Thus, there won’t be any problem with the battery backup.
  • Compact: OlumiRing has a compact and portable shape. This allows the user to carry this device anywhere they want. For office use or home purposes, this device will be always there for you. You are going to capture every single moment.
  • Adjustable Color: This feature is going to bring you advantages in different scenarios. There is a built-in diffuser that softens the light to add a professional look in front of the camera. In addition, the adjustable color makes the color tone different based on your requirement. You can easily set the color tone to a warm candle-lit look or to a cool modern vibe.
  • Mission Driven: OlumiRing is an American-owned company that controls every step of the process. They provide world-class customer support with quick and instant assistance. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can return the device without any hassle.
  • Versatile: The device is designed to fit any device with a camera. You can easily attach this kit to your phone or laptop. In addition, OlumiRing can be used with digital cameras as well. The clip can be attached with any device with a width of less than 1-inch.

Olumi Ring Light: How Does It Work?

The device is ready to use once it’s unboxed. OlumiRing has only one single button and there is no further installation required while using this device. You can use this device with three single steps. First, you need to attach the OlumiRing to your device. There is a built-in clip that helps it to stay attached to any device. The built-in clip is designed to attach at the top of a device that doesn’t cover the camera or the sensors. Turn it on and you’re ready to go. The device is powered by a battery that provides non-stop backup for more than 1 hour. It can be charged while using it. It has three default modes – cool, warm and neutral. The lighting effect can be changed with a simple press of a button.

Olumiring Reviews: Benefits

The small gadget has some exciting features that provide so many benefits to the users. You are going to have the finest experience with online sessions. Check out the benefits offered by OlumiRing to the users –

  • The device is easy to control as it has only a single button
  • OlumiRing has a compact and portable design to carry easily
  • Different light effects to use according to the situation
  • Provides 1+ hours battery backup and can be used while charging
  • Compatible with phone, tablet, or laptop because of the rounded shape
  • Includes a silicone rubber in the clip that saves your device from scratch
  • Provides 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons (Olumiring Reviews)

OlumiRing has so many advantages, but there are some limitations as well. Though the limitations can be ignored, you still need to know them to have a better experience with the product.

  • When used with smaller screen-size mobile phones, OlumiRing covers a huge space.
  • The charger should be plugged in for a long online session.

Is Olumiring Effective With Ipads/Tablets And Android Devices?

Sure. OlumiRing is designed to work superbly with iPads/Tablets and Android devices. OlumiRing is designed in a circular shape so that it doesn’t encounter the front camera. For instant meetings, these devices are more preferable to others. OlumiRing is easy to attach and starts working instantly. This gadget will be the perfect addition to pair with iPads/Tablets and Android Devices.

Is Olumiring™ Supportive During Photo And/Or Video Capture?

If you are capturing any object close to the camera, then it will deliver you excellent results. The light will enhance the detail of the object and make it a great capture. For example, selfies will be brighter and amazing by using OlumiRing. The soft and beautiful light is going to make your skin look flawless and professional. It was pretty tough to get the desired look in a selfie indoors. This kit is going to make the selfie exactly how you want it to be. In addition, capturing videos with the front camera using OlumiRing will make the videos better than usual.

Is Olumiring™ Supportive During Photo And Or Video Capture

Can Olumiring Be Attached To A Mobile Device With A Case On?

Yes. OlumiRIng can be attached to a mobile with a case on. The built-in clip is capable of reaching 1-inch of width comfortably. As we know, normal phones come with a width of around 5mm, and the case doesn’t increase the width much. So there won’t be any problem attaching this device that has a case on it. You’re safe with tablets too. The clip is built strong and will stay attached to any device.

Can Olumiring Be Attached To A Mobile Device With A Case On

Will Olumiring Hinder My Iphone’s Face Id Feature?

Not at all. OlumiRing is designed with a circular shape that doesn’t interfere with the camera or the sensor. There is pretty much space between the device and the camera position. In addition, the position of the clip can be adjusted, so there won’t be any problem with any device.

Will Olumiring Hinder My Iphone's Face Id Feature

What Type Of Devices It Can Support?

OlumiRing supports almost all devices. You can use this device with your smartphone or laptop. To ensure OlumiRing is safe from the camera and sensors, it’s designed in a rounded shape. You can mount this device easily with the camera. There is no tripod or light stands required. To save your devices from scratch, there is a silicone rubber in the clip. This also ensures a secure clip for a long session. You don’t need to adjust the clip again and again. You can use OlumiRing with Digital Camera as well. If you are making a vlog with a DSLR, then it will surely enhance the video quality. For self-recording, OlumiRing will be a blessing.

What Type Of Devices It Can Support

If you are using this device with a phone or tablet, there won’t be any difficulties holding them for a long session. OlumiRing won’t increase the average weight. The device is portable yet delicate.

Who Should Use This Ring Light?

If you want to refine the impression during an online meet, you should definitely use this ring light. To make your online appearance more professional, OlumiRing is the only solution you should consider. During online meetings or presentations, a first impression is going to make your appearance more professional. This gadget can be the solution for this. You are going to feel more confident using this ring light.

Who Should Use This Ring Light

If you are struggling to get stunning selfies or videos, you may use OlumiRing. This device is going to make your photos and videos truly amazing. The cool, neutral, and warm color tone will allow you to get photos as expected. Looking great and flawless on camera is now easier than ever. OlumiRing can be used during other applications as well. If you attach this device to the mirror during makeup, you will have a better insight and will get perfect makeup than before.

Who Should Use This Ring Lights

How Much Does Olumiring Cost?

OlumiRing comes at an affordable price that makes the device more considerable among the users. If you purchase the gadget from the official site, it will cost you only $24.99. The most popular deal is a combo of OlumiRing costs only $60, where you will buy 2 and get 1 free with free USA shipping. I recommend this combo to those who are using multiple devices for their meetings. OlumiRing offers another deal where you buy 3 and get 2 free. You will have 5 OlumiRing at only $89.97. This deal provides free USA shipping as well.

What Is The Return Policy?

The return policy includes a free replacement warranty for 30 days after delivery. In addition, if you receive a defective item or an item that does not match the description, you should contact support@petboutique.co within 48 hours of receiving the order. OlumiRing will replace or refund your purchase without any hassle. For return or any further queries, you may contact info@oluminate.com. The world-class customer support is operated by humans, not chatbots. Thus, you will have an instant reply and solution from the support staff.

Where To Buy Olumiring Light?

It’s always a wise decision to purchase something from the official store. OlumiRing can be directly purchased from the official site by using this link. This site offers the best deal at the best price. You will have the authentic product with free USA shipping. By ordering from the official site, there will be no hidden conditions for the warranty or return concerns. OlumiRing accepts popular payment methods and answers common FAQs as well. You will be able to select the color of the device as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the OlumiRing block my screen?

No. If you are using a laptop or tablet, then this won’t block the screen at all. Using OlumiRing with a mobile phone will be a bad experience only if the device has a small screen. If you are only presenting yourself on the camera then it’s fine.  But, if the screen displays something important during the meeting, then it will be quite difficult to explore the upper part of the screen.

Does the OlumiRing affect my picture quality?

OlumiRing will affect your picture quality but in a good way. Your picture will be a thousand times better than before. There are different color modes that will enhance the beauty of your picture. You will have a flawless and brighter picture by using OlumiRing. The struggle to get a better image indoors will be easier than ever. You won’t need to find the perfect space with better lighting.

Does it affect sight?

OlumiRing is good for limited use. It will affect your sight for excessive usage. Especially, if you are in a dark room and the light goes straight into your eyes, then it will be pretty harmful. You should adjust the light level in this case. Thus, it’s recommended to use OlumiRing only when you should have a great appearance and you are attending any important professional meetings.

Is OlumiRing durable?

Yes. OlumiRing is built with premium materials. The device will last for years without any damage. The battery and the LEDs won’t have any issues with regular use. OlumiRing provides a quality promise as the manufacturer controls every step of the process to ensure a high-quality product to the customers.

How bright is the OlumiRing?

OlumiRing is pretty bright with adjustable options. This color can be adjusted into different vibes. You can even increase or decrease the brightness as well. The high mode is sufficient for any setting. As there are 40 ultra-bright LEDs, the brightness of the device won’t be an issue for sure.

Does OlumiRing™ require batteries?

OlumiRing comes with a battery. You don’t need to purchase batteries separately. The rechargeable battery is enough for common online meetings. It can be charged instantly for a quick join.

How long will OlumiRing™ work on one charge?

If you are using OlumiRing with normal lighting mode, you will get a battery backup for more than 2 hours. The device has a powerful battery to back you up for a decent amount of time. Using the device in high mode will provide you with a battery backup of 1+ hours. The battery backup won’t be an issue as you can use this device while charging.

Who Manufactures OlumiRing?

Oluminate is the manufacturer of OlumiRing. The American-based company is popular for producing premium LED lighting at affordable prices. The products from Oluminate solved some common issues related to lighting. Take OlumiRing as an example. We used to feel hesitant because of the bad look on the camera. This device solved the problem with some simple steps. There is no problem facing the camera anymore.

Support Team

For any kind of product-related questions or technical support, you are welcome to contact the support team. You will be able to connect through the support team at info@oluminate.com or 365 Liberty Road, Stewartsville NJ 08886, United States.

Final Words On OlumiRing Reviews

It’s quite tough to complete an OlumiRing review as this device has so many features and benefits. You will have a different experience with the online sessions for sure. This simple light is going to make you feel confident, look professional. The flawless appearance in front of the camera is going to change your personality for sure. OlumiRing is a must-try item these days.

Product Summary
OlumiRing Review

OlumiRing Review

  • 40 ultra-bright LEDs for powerful setting
  • Runs 1+ hours with battery backup
  • It easily fits in a backpack or pocket
  • Compatible with any device
  • Easily attachable with a built-in clip

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