PhotoStick Mobile 2022: Say Goodbye To Storage Full Errors FOREVER!

We, the mobile users, have a lot of trouble running out of storage. And this can occur in both android and iPhone. We have to install new apps every next day, and the app cache takes a lot of space.

In this situation, the photos and videos get less space. And sometimes, we have to delete photos or videos to get storage space because app data may not be available to delete. There the Photostick Mobile can save your life. And we’ve provided PhotoStick Mobile Reviews in brief in the following section.

What is PhotoStick Mobile?

The PhotoStick Mobile looks like a portable USB flash drive. It contains two types of files: Photos and Videos. You can save different files like png, jpg, gif, MOV, mp4, m4a, etc. And all of these files are safe and secure on your device.

What is PhotoStick Mobile

You may save images on PC. But you should look for a solution that is safer than that. Organizing files can be a difficult task on your PC. You have to put every file into different folders manually.

Here PhotoStick Mobile can do that without even touching your device during the process. One of the hardest parts is when you are storing images on your Computer is duplicate files.

Sometimes your Explorer will show you are copying duplicate files and if you wish to continue with that. You may get a notification to replace that. In this situation, if you mistakenly replace an image that was unique, it is lost forever.

But with photostick, you have less tension for something like that. The smart AI in photostick will compare the files and keep only the original and won’t get the duplicate.

And searching for any files is much easier in the PhotoStick. We should say much easier than doing that on PC.

Four Reasons to Get PhotoStick Mobile for You

There are many reasons you should get the Photostick Mobile for yourself. The benefits are numerous. Yet these are the top reasons we would recommend you to get a photostick mobile device.

Four Reasons to Get PhotoStick Mobile for You


The PhotoStick Mobile is one convenient device that any user can ask for. A little kid can use this device in just 5 minutes. Most people aren’t tech-savvy. And not everyone uses a mobile phone because they are fond of it.

But you should not be lagged behind for that. The PhotoStick Mobile is a plug and play device that makes the user’s life easy. Download the App for PhotoStick Mobile from the app store. Plug the device through the charging point and press “GO,” and that’s all.

The smart feature of PhotoStick Mobile will search for the files automatically and back them up. You can even select which type of files you want to save. If you want to back up, JPEG files or PNG format just select that from app settings and tap Go.

The app will search the categorized files and save them into the drive. No more searching and selecting each file. It will safely keep your precious memories without any hassle.

Speed of Processing:

The photostick mobile works faster than you can think of. The Auto Saving options firstly solve your problem of selecting files, and it is reasonably quick. You won’t have to worry or wait for too much to back up everything.

This portable device is designed to get Photo files and Videos is a lot faster than regular flash drives. Usually, pen drives move each file one after one that takes a lot of time—there photostick transfers the same files in one go.

Storage Capacity:

It gives you the freedom to use your mobile Phone, iPhone, or Tablet device storage as much as you want. Backup Photos and Videos take most of the space on any device now; if you move them to a safer drive, that gives you the required space to run other apps smoothly on your device.

The Photostick is that helper. Most people won’t go to the trouble of saving images on their laptops or desktop because it’s both time-consuming and a little troublesome. You won’t feel like organizing everything, but this handy device Photostick does this to keep valuable photos without any complaint.


Nowadays, everyone is going for low local storage because those companies are selling cloud storage devices. You can get an iPhone for, let’s say, 1000$. The company will offer you a cloud storage facility that costs only 3$ per month or one price for some small storage.

But the PhotoStick allows you to contain more than 60000 images on its 128GB storage. And the price is much less as a hardware device. But the capacity of storage is much bigger.

Features of PhotoStick Mobile

The Photostick Mobile offers a lot of features that make it a known storage device. And here are some of them:

  • You can use PhotoStick Mobile on both Phones and Computers.
  • You can get both the mobile version and iOS version for this device
  • You don’t need to have an account to use PhotoStick Mobile.
  • No monthly subscription for the service.
  • No need to buy an external storage device to keep your precious memories.
  • Quick file transfer and organization.
  • No internet connection is required.
  • And anti-hacking hardware. So, no worries about getting your personal kinds of stuff

Advantages of Using PhotoStick Mobile Device

You got the idea of why you should get a PhotoStick Mobile and what benefits you get. Let’s understand the advantages of this device.

Advantages of Using PhotoStick Mobile Device

Lightweight, easy to carry:

You can take it anywhere you like. Keep it in your pocket or keep it in the keyring of your bike. You won’t even feel it like there.

User Friendly:

The PhotoStick Mobile gives the users to have a high-tech experience without being tech-savvy. You won’t feel like you are using a smart gadget even if you are not a techy person.

Keeping Your Memories Safe:

Your computer and Phone can betray you. The Hard disc or Memory Card can die anytime. But PhotoStick is not that kind of device, and your memories will be safe there.

Anti-Hacking Tech:

Both PC and Phones can get hacked. But with Photostick Mobile, that’s not even your concerning point. The photostick app doesn’t even allow any third-party app to access. And as the drive only stores photos and images, it won’t read any program files. And any virus is a program, so no chance of slipping in any way.

No subscription:

As you are buying your expected storage of 8, 64, or 128GB version, you are getting the full size. No need to get monthly or yearly subscriptions to use the storage.

Who should Get the PhotoStick Mobile

Now that is a tough question. And there is no limit to who should or shouldn’t get any device. This is a smart device, and as the world is getting smarter every day, anyone can have it.

Who should Get the PhotoStick Mobile

Yet if you doubt if I should get this or not, then these are the situations when you should get one.

Those who like to do a lot of photography should get one. The mobile device is now becoming a camera-centric device. As more and more people are getting interested in photography. Those who are already photographers and use their device to take snaps now and then should get the Photostick Mobile.

Suppose you are someone who loves to keep memories. On your last day of college or your girlfriend/boyfriend’s first birthday party, you don’t want to lose any memories. Get a PhotoStick Mobile to keep things safe and organize storage.

And our last suggestion is for those who have a superb device but not enough storage. If you are someone who keeps almost everything on your phone, then you should get one. Because every now and then you will get a shortage of space.

The PhotoStick Mobile- How the Photos Recovered?

The photostick mobile has a dedicated app to help you use the flash drive. The app has some smart features that can detect any image or video from your phone folder.

You can use the same mobile app to check on your photos. You can search by file names, or you can search them as you do in the gallery.

Also, you can use that on your computer. Just plug in the PhotoStick device, and it should show a new drive in your file manager. Click to open and check your files.

Is it a scam?

Absolutely not. You can get the official website of PhotoStick, talk with the real customer support and read reviews of other customers as well. The PhotoStick is legit, they have a legit website, and the website responds to every customer problem that arises while using it. And they have a money-back guarantee as well.

Does it Have Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, the PhotoStick and PhotoStick Mobile both offer a money-back guarantee. Either you get a defective product or are not satisfied with the service, you can return it within 60 days. No question asked as long as you have the receipt and the device is not externally damaged after your use.

Does it Have Money Back Guarantee?

Where Can I get PhotoStick Mobile

You can get hold of this superb flash drive from their Official website. They are selling it directly from there. Or you can check the product from Amazon.

And if you want to get it now, click the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re pleased to provide you with the necessary information that you look for. Here’re some frequent queries that people always demand when to buy this device.

What is PhotoStick Mobile Discount?

PhotoStick Mobile is offering a 40% discount on directly buying from their website. Get the official products at an official discount.

Can you use the PhotoStick Mobile on your iPhone?

Photostick Mobile comes in two variations. One for only android devices and Android Smartwatches, and the other is for IOS devices.

Can you use the Photostick Mobile on iPad?

Photostick works on both Android and IOS. As long as your iPad is iOS, you can use PhotoStick on that.

What is PhotoStick Mobile Shipping Time?

Photostick Mobile delivers your goods within 2-5 days of your order in the US. And they take 7 days to ship the product in Canada. Other international delivery can take 2-4 weeks.

Can you use PhotoStick Mobile on Android?

Definitely, you can. You have a great option only usable to Android devices.

Final Words

Finally, we can suggest that it is a great device with great benefits; we have pointed out everything on this PhotoStick Mobile Reviews you should look at. As cameras are getting better every day, you need bigger storage.

Because file size depends on camera resolution, a better camera gets a high-quality photo with a large size. And having a drive only for media files is awesome. On top of that, this flash drive allows automatic data backups. So get your Photostick Mobile now from here if you are planning to get one.

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