Photostick Vs Photostick Mobile: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2022

I love to capture photos of my sweetest memories. Therefore, I often faced storage issues while trying to store all the photos. Then, I found the photostick and photostick mobile. I purchased both these drives to see how they can help me.

Both these devices instantly backups photos, videos, documents, and all other files in an organized way. These flash drives make the backup process more easy and manageable than before. In this article, I will compare photostick vs photostick mobile and my experience of using them.

Comparison Chart:

The below comparison chart of photostick vs photostick mobile will provide a clear view of both these devices.

Details of Product  Photo Stick  Photostick Mobile
Storage Capacity 8GB, 64GB, 128GB 32GB, 64 GB, 128GB
Compatibility Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10)

MAC (OS X version 10.7 and later and iOS 9, 10, 11)

Android version 4.4 and later

iOS version 9.0 and later

Language Compatibility English English
Antivirus Compatibility Yes Yes
Removes Duplicates Yes Yes
Hardware Interface USB USB
Wireless Yes Yes
Auto-Detection Yes Yes
Size 5.98″ x 3.11″ x 0.39″ 5.98″ x 3.11″ x 0.39″
Where To Buy

What’s the Difference Between a Photo Stick & a Photostick Mobile?

The main difference between them is that photostick is for computer Use and photostick mobile is for mobile use. To learn more about photostick vs photostick mobile, see the below discussion.

Photostick Vs Photostick Mobile

What is Photo Stick?

Photostick is a small USB drive used to store photos, files, and other documents with safety. This compact thumb device started working with just only a single click. There is no need for installing any software. It is compatible with windows and mac computers. Photostick finds all files and folders of the computer, then stores them and ensures no missing pictures or videos.

What is Photo Stick

It can backup thousands of pictures in a few minutes. This device comes in 3 different storage capacities of 8GB, 64GB, 128GB. 8GB photostick can hold 3500 photos, and 64 GB can store 30,000 photos. With 128GB capacity, it can store 60,000 photos and videos. Photostick keeps all the files safe, and there is no fear of losing them.

The best part is, it can back up the new files weekly. It just requires plugging it into the computer’s USB slot. After that, hit the go button when the back-up program pops-up. Then, it automatically starts to back up the photos, videos, and other files. Photostick can identify and delete the duplicate files by itself. Without any monthly fees or subscriptions, I can securely backup all my memories.

Key Features of Photo Stick

Photostick consists of some features that make it unique from others. Let’s discuss the features.

Fast and Automatic Backup:

While backing up, Photostick searches all folders and files of the computer so that no document misses out. It requires only a few minutes to backup 1,000 photos. With its built-in software, I find this device super easy while saving the photos.


With Photostick, there is no fear of losing photos, videos, and other documents in the cloud. If the computer crashes again, it will keep all files safe because it automatically backups everything weekly. It organizes all the original files by removing the duplicates.


Supporting Files :

Nearly it supports any type of files and keeps them in their original format. It is compatible with JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, CAMERA RAW, BMP, ICO, AVI, MOV, PHOTOSHOP, WMV, MPEG4, PCT FILE, etc.


With Photostick, there is no need for any monthly subscription charge. Its 128 GB storage allows 60,000 phones to store; thus, no need for other storage. Also, it doesn’t require any additional software installation. It is designed with everything that it needs.

Doesn’t Require Internet:

Photostick can work without net access. Thus, I can back up files anywhere with Photostick. It is not like cloud storage; moreover, it works like a hard drive.


The size of Photostick is very time consuming, compact, and tiny. So, it is more manageable while carrying and using. Photostick is super easy to use, and any non-tech-savvy people can easily handle it.

Where Can You Use It?

Photostick can be used anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t require a net connection, supports any file format, and most windows or iOS computers. With a single click, it backs up all files, photos, and other things. I don’t have to select, copy and then paste anything with it.

Where Can You Use It

Photostick does all the work by itself. Just plug the Photostick into the computer’s open USB slot. Then go to the file explorer and click on the Photostick®windows.exe twice. For Mac, click twice on the photostick USB icon and then the Photostick®Mac After that, hit go.

What Is the Price of Photostick?

Photostick is available on many online platforms. But they don’t offer any discounts and deals. Also, there is always a doubt about authenticity. So, the best way is to purchase from the manufacturer’s official websites. I get my photostick from its official website, and it works great.

What Is the Price of Photostick

You will find 3 different sizes of Photostick on its website. Photostick with 8GB will cost $34.99 and can save 30%. 64 GB will cost $49.99 and save 37%. On the other side, the 128 GB comes in $79.99 and saves up to 50% with USA free shipping. Also, you can get 40% off with each additional purchase.

What is Photostick Mobile?

Photostick Mobile is the mobile version of Photostick. It is the ideal solution to keep the memories organized and safely stored. This portable USB stick works with almost all major iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Keep in mind that Photostick Mobile for Android and iOS are different. Android Photostick Mobile won’t work with iOS devices.

What is Photostick Mobile

Photostick Mobile is equipped with a custom-designed file-backup mobile app that performs all the functions automatically. It can instantly scan the whole phone storage and backup every photo within a few minutes. Just plug the Photostick Mobile into the mobile phone and press back up now on the mobile app. After collecting the photos from my mobile phone, I can upload them to my computer also.

It enables the mobile to free up the massive space by precisely storing all the files. Photostick Mobile makes the backup process so quick and doesn’t require any manual work. It identifies the files, makes the duplicate files deleted then organizes them accurately. The best part is, it can find the lost files and recover them in the previous format by using the app.

Key Features of Photo Stick Mobile

This larger storage USB thumb drive comes with huge beneficial features. These features are given below.

Key Features of Photo Stick Mobile

  • It finds all the memories by scanning the entire mobile to ensure no picture is missed out for storing.
  • It is very time-consuming, affordable, convenient, compact, and portable.
  • Photostick Mobile comes in 3 different storage capacities of 32GB, 64 GB, 128GB.
  • The mobile app makes the using and backing up process much easier.
  • Photostick Mobile comes with a recovery feature that can find out the deleted or lost photos.

Where Can You Use It?

Photostick Mobile just requires you to install the mobile app then insert it into the mobile’s USB port. After that, select back up now by opening the app. Then, it will do the rest. It is compatible with most Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC phones with Android 4.4 or later versions. Also, it supports iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods with iOS 9.0 or newer, and lightning port. So, with these devices, you can use Photostick Mobile anywhere.

What Is the Price of The Photostick Mobile?

Photostick Mobile comes in two categories, one for the Android phone and the other one for iOS devices. They are very cost-effective and affordable.

Photostick vs Photostick Mobile: Which One is Better?

After reading the whole article, now it is clear to you how they work and what they are. Also, you get the difference between photostick vs photostick mobile. Both devices are almost the same, just one is for mobile use, and another is for computer use.

With a photostick mobile, you have to be very careful. Because photostick for iOS won’t work with android phones. Therefore, I will recommend buying the Photostick because I find it most beneficial. If you want to purchase, you can visit this official website.

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