PrimeTracking Review 2022 – Is it the Right Choice for You?

Surely you have experienced that anxious moment when you forget where you kept the valuables and become desperate to find them. Because, losing personal valuables is very frustrating and annoying. So, I started looking for a real time tracker and I discovered: PrimeTracking. I will present my experiences with the personal GPS tracker in the PrimeTracking review.

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Ease of Use9.7

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PrimeTracking works as a real-time location tracker that is paired with a smartphone app. You can easily track and find the valuables easily. Its frequent update gives the true position of the valuables. Just put the PrimeTracking with the valuables and find it easily if you forget somewhere.

Our Summary
PrimeTracking Review

PrimeTracking Review

  • Real-time alert with 4G LTE connectivity
  • Up to 3 weeks battery backup
  • SOS signal help
  • Sleek and undetectable
  • 400 days tracking history
  • Geo-fencing alert

Overview of PrimeTracking

Prime Tracking allows me to track items smartly in real-time. Due to its portability, it is easy to keep in backpacks, luggage, keychains, pockets, and much more. Its concealed wiring and top-notch build-quality makes it durable in rough usage.

Overview of PrimeTracking

From the connected Prime Tracking app, I can spy on my valuables and assets. Also, it sends continuous location update alerts of my assets where it is installed. Its built-in geo location shows accurate positioning by pointing a pin on the map. So, I can find things easily. After all, it kept me stress-free during my outdoor trip.

It works in 4G technology, so GPS positioning is faster than others. In extreme weather conditions, it provides good resistance. I never face connection issues. Its Google maps integration ensures easy tracking. It works for up to three weeks with a single charge, depending on the settings and usage.

PrimeTracking Review: Key Features

Prime Tracking offers inclusive features to track our valuables in real-time. They are mentioned below:

PrimeTracking Review: Key Features

Smart and easy tracking system:

PrimeTracking uses 4g technology to track the asset’s location. So, I can track my essentials in real-time. It can be used from any smartphone using the PrimeTracking free app. Every 10 seconds, it alerts the location update consistently.

Geo-fencing alert:

Set an area around the PrimeTracking connected assets location. When the assets go out of the area, PrimeTracking will alert in time. This geofencing feature increases security. I use the system on my children to go to school and come back home.

Tracking history:

On the PrimeTracking app, I can see my last tracking histories. It shows the records up to 400 days with details. This allows me to know how long and where the PrimeTracking connected assets are located in the specific location.

Compact and undetectable:

PrimeTracking is small-sized so that nobody can notice its presence. I easily put the tracking device in pockets, bags, vehicle cabinets, keychains, and much more. It doesn’t make sound alert, so nobody knows that you are tracking the asset.

SOS alert:

PrimeTracking has an SOS button. The SOS allows me to ask for help in awkward and dangerous situations. When pressing the SOS button, a text will send immediately to the emergency configured contacts. The one-click signal for help improves safety.

Long-lasting backup:

A rechargeable battery powers PrimeTracking. I got 21 days backup in a single charge. The backup time depends on the settings and usage of the tracking device. During a low battery situation, it alerts me to recharge. It takes less than 1-hour to charge completely.

How Does PrimeTracking Work?

PrimeTracking tracks the asset in real-time using a super-fast 4G LTE network. It gives you a tracking update every 10 seconds. The battery ensures continuous tracking for up to three weeks on a full charge. It works silently and undetectable by others.

How Does PrimeTracking Work?

The tracking alert is sent to the smartphone through the installed PrimeTracking remote monitoring app. Its integrated app supports any device and allows me to customize the setting. It can be used for kids’ and women’s safety. The SOS button allows me to ask for emergency help in danger. It sends a text alert to the saved emergency contacts.

Why Do You Really Need PrimeTracking?

PrimeTracking has super-fast 4G connectivity that ensures real-time tracking. Its size is so small that nobody can detect it in your asset. By setting up PrimeTracking with the app, you can monitor persons, assets and vehicles. You can customize the tracking setting based on your demand. Using the SOS button, you can ask for help in an awkward situation.

Why Do You Really Need PrimeTracking?

It has no range limitation. So, you can track your valuables from anywhere. It alerts you with a live location update of your assets every 10 seconds. Also, it alerts you when it leaves the area that you set. It shows the records up to 400 days in detail. When you use PrimeTracking on the vehicle, it monitors vehicle speed continuously. Track your kid’s and families’ movement easily. For countless uses and advantages, you must have PrimeTracking.

How Can I Use PrimeTracking?

Using PrimeTracking is simple, suitable for all ages, and does not require any specific knowledge. Follow the steps to use the PrimeTracking:

  1. After getting the PrimeTracking, I completely charged it.
  2. Then, I activate my PrimeTracking through their official website.
  3. I purchased my desired plan.
  4. After that, install the PrimeTracking app and log in with my account.
  5. Start tracking my valuables.

The phone’s GPS connection and cellular network should be turned ON. It is integrated with google maps, so location tracking will be easier. I put PrimeTracking inside my valuables to get live updates.

What I like
  • Real-time alert with 4G LTE connectivity
  • Up to 3 weeks battery backup
  • SOS signal help
  • Sleek and undetectable
  • 400 days tracking history
  • Over speed alert of vehicle
  • Geo-fencing alert
  • Integrated with Google maps
  • Works on PCs and smartphones
What Should Improve
  • Requires 4G network to track.
  • Works anywhere in the USA, Mexico and Canada.
  • Charges applied to use.

What are PrimeTracking Customers Saying?

Read the PrimeTracking user’s opinions to understand its reality:

  1. I use PrimeTracking on my car, toolbox and directly on some tools that are expensive if they get lost. They had come in handy when I forgot a tool in the workplace. I can look at the app and see where the tool is. I also like that the battery provides long time backup. -Andres
  2. It is impressive. I was worried about my kids when they were in school. Its geo-fence option alerts me to their movement, so I can monitor them from my Smartphone. Incredibly give peace to my mind. – Richard

Is PrimeTracking a Scam?

PrimeTracking alerts faster than other tracking devices using the 4G LTE network. It sends alerts through the PrimeTracking app every 10 seconds. Supports all devices, including smartphones, PC. It is small and undetectable but durable enough. Withstands in water, impact and extreme condition. Its geofencing alert allows me to track my assets movement. Also, it is best for kids, women, elderly parents. Because Its SOS option is designed for emergency help. It runs with a powerful battery that ensures up to 3 weeks of constant tracking. Google maps integration makes its tracking easier to understand.

Where Can I Purchase The PrimeTracking?

PrimeTracking is sold by its official vendor, authorized by the manufacturer. Its starter pack includes a PrimeTracking device, a free PrimeTracking app, and 10 days free trial. The package is offered with a big discount. You will get a 1-month user satisfaction guarantee and a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

Where Can I Purchase The PrimeTracking?

PrimeTracking has 24/7 customer support. So, you can ask your queries without any fees. Never get PrimeTracking from a 3rd party source to avoid scams and fake products. Get the genuine PrimeTracking from here and track your valuable 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discover the answers to these questions that people frequently asked about PrimeTracking.

Is Prime Tracking waterproof?

PrimeTracking is small but made of durable materials. It is water-resistant. So, in rain and splash, it will provide accurate and good performance.

Will someone know if I’m tracking them?

PrimeTracking is tiny so that nobody can notice that you are tracking. Also, it doesn’t make a sound alert.

Does the device work outside of the USA?

You can view tracking locations worldwide. PrimeTracking works in the USA, Mexico and Canada.

When can I expect my order?

PrimeTracking’s official vendor delivers PrimeTracking within 2-3 business days in the USA and 7-10 days outside the USA.

Is there a money-back guarantee and/or warranty?

Every PrimeTracking device comes with a 1-month satisfaction guarantee with a lifetime warranty. You can get more help from PrimeTracking 24/7 customer support.

Final Thought

In the PrimeTracking review, I have discussed its overall performance and specialties based on my user experience. It tracks the valuables and essentials in real-time using the fastest 4G LTE connectivity. With the geofencing feature, you can track assets as you want.

It provides up to 21 days of constant monitoring with its large battery. The emergency SOS button is effective for our beloved ones. Monitor kids, spouses, elderly parents, vehicles, and others with ease and confidence. To give yourself extra peace of mind, get your PrimeTracking right now.

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