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All love to keep the digital memories in physical photo format. For that, you have to go to a printing shop to print the photo. Today, I will discuss such a device named PrintX Pro that will help you to print your captured photo instantly. In the PrintX Pro review, I have shared its specialties and overall performance.

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PrintX Pro is a portable printer that prints using thermal printing technology. The thermal printing technology provides unlimited printing without worrying about ink consumption. Do you want to print your digital memories without visiting a printing store? The PrintX Pro is the perfect solution for you.

Our Summary
PrintX Pro Review

PrintX Pro Review

  • Instant thermal printing
  • Backup and Connectivity
  • Printing with customization
  • Eco-friendly
  • Compact and lightweight:

Introducing PrintX Pro Review

PrintX Pro Bluetooth printer allows us to print digital photos. Its thermal printing takes out the worries of the consumption of ink. For compact and sleek construction, it can be carried in the pocket. So, no need to visit printing stores to print digital memories in time.

Introducing PrintX Pro

Its Bluetooth connectivity supports Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows devices. There are no worries of replacing and top up ink. It prints photos in 203 dpi high-quality resolution and size. Perfect for both experts and beginners.

The PrintX Pro’s process is black and white printing. Its built-in rechargeable battery ensures long-term printing capability. Also, support micro USB cable to print from non-Bluetooth devices. It allows us to make the photo stylish with the PeriPage app.

Features of PrintX Pro

PrintX Pro provides a wide range of features that makes it more efficient and effective than other printers. It will be the best partner for business, home and office. Let’s overview the features.

Features of PrintX Pro

Instant thermal printing:

PrintX Pro prints digital photos with the thermal printing method. It uses thermal paper instead of ink, so no need to worry about the ink. Generally quieter, faster and more efficient than other printers. Can print photos, labels and messages.

Backup and Connectivity:

With the latest Bluetooth 4.0 function, it supports Android, iOS and Windows. Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery works continuously for a long time. It has a micro USB port to print files from non-Bluetooth devices.

Printing with customization:

PrintX Pro is linked with a default app that allows me to print all files. The app offers to make the printing stylish with fonts and themes. It can print 58mm wide thermal paper. Its high-performance 203 DPI print head offers clear printing.


The thermal roll printing is completely safe for the environment. No need for ink or cartridges to use PrintX Pro. Also, it is battery-powered and uses low power consumption and cost. It doesn’t make a noise like a regular printer.

Compact and lightweight:

It is smaller than our regular used smartphone. Easily fits in the pocket. Suitable for outdoor working environments. Print necessary files anytime, anywhere.  The mini appearance printing gadget is perfect for professionals and beginners.

Why Do You Really Need The PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro does not require ink to print. It uses thermal technology and provides high-quality printing instantly. Connect the PrintX Pro with the smartphone through Bluetooth and print photos, labels, stickers, etc. Does not sound while printing and ensures durable print quality.

Why Do You Really Need The PrintX Pro

The portable thermal printer can be used anywhere. Besides, the zero-maintenance cost of the PrintX Pro makes it more user-friendly.  In all weather conditions, it works better. Compatible with all types of BT-enabled devices. With the micro USB port, you can print from non-Bluetooth devices. For these handy features and instant printing, you must have the PrintX Pro.

How Does PrintX Pro Work?

PrintX Pro works as a portable thermal printer with Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth version is 4.0, so the user will not face disconnection issues. Also, a micro USB port is available in the printer for printing through USB cable. It allows me to print images in high quality. No hassle of refilling and replacing inks. Its thermal roll provides 58mm wide label printing.

How Does PrintX Pro Work

The thermal printer supports all BT devices and is easy to control from the compatible app. It can print not only photos but also text and other files like QR codes, logos, stickers, etc. Within 30 seconds, it can print a photo. The rechargeable battery provides a long-time backup that makes it more convenient. With the app, it allows you to print stylish photos using different fonts and themes.

How Can I Use PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro portable printer’s use is easier than other wireless printers. I have presented the steps to use the PrintX Pro. See below:

How Can I Use PrintX Pro

Step 1: Take a phone and open the app or play store.

Step 2: Find out the “Peripage” app and install it completely on the phone.

Step 3: Choose the type of smartphone and turn on the phone’s Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 4: Turn on PrintX Pro and pair it through the smartphone using Bluetooth. On the app, the printer name is shown as Pocketprint™.

PrintX Pro supports all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Once PrintX Pro is paired with the device, you can easily print photos and others anytime, anywhere. It prints a photo within half a minute keeping the original quality. I never worry about the ink and paper after getting the PrintX Pro.

Advantages of PrintX Pro

PrintX Pro uses the thermal process of printing where we do not need page and ink. Within a half minute, PrintX Pro can print a photo with original quality and size. Its 58mm printing head ensures high resolution 203 dpi. All types of photo, text, code files can be printed easily with the PrintX Pro.

1000 mAh built-in battery provides a good backup. It works with Bluetooth 4.0 and a micro USB connection. In size, it is sleek but robust. Easily transported anytime, anywhere. With the Peripage app, its operation is easier.

Disadvantages of PrintX Pro

PrintX Pro is a thermal printer, so it only prints in black and white color. It cannot directly print double paper. The thermal head is 58 mm, which is enough for printing photos, QR codes, labels, stickers, etc. but cannot print legal-size documents.

You can only print on thermal roll warm paper. All types of paper are not suitable for thermal printing. It is only marketed on the manufacturer’s official site and stock is very limited. The Peripage app is not working in old model smartphones.

Is PrintX Pro a Scam?

When I got the PrintX Pro, I was confused because it is smaller than a smartphone. First, I printed the bill from saved notes. Then, I printed a photo. After that, it transformed my thoughts. Its print quality is very decent and perfect. No need to top-up ink to print through it. Its 58 mm thermal head allows us to print images, stickers, labels and much more. With a simple app, it is easy to run. Within a half minute, it can print an image. No noise during printing. Print instantly after getting the command from the user. Its palm-size design makes it user-friendly.

Is PrintX Pro a scam

Where Can I Order PrintX Pro?

I strongly suggest to get PrintX Pro from their official site. 50% off is available with each purchase. You can get more discounts on multiple purchases. Shipping is completely free worldwide. Don’t miss it and get the PrintX Pro now.

In this price range, it is the best portable thermal printer. It is worthy in terms of its functions, speed, quality and portability. I have paid extra 9 dollars with the main price for a 3 years warranty.

Final Thought

PrintX Pro provides all advantages of a thermal printer. In the PrintX Pro review, I have explained its overall performance. Durable construction with instant quality printing makes it worthy. I have printed from Windows, apple and android devices. Never faced disconnection issues from the beginning.

It can print photos, labels, stickers, QR codes, etc., with a 58 mm thermal head. To print a file through the PrintX Pro, no need to refill ink. Its thermal technology ensures high quality and durable printing. Don’t miss the offers and get your PrintX Pro.

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