Scratchundo Pro Review 2022 – ScratchUndo Pro Car Scratch Remover Pen

Regardless of how much attention we pay, our vehicle inevitably tends to fill up with more or less scratches. Large or small body scratches are always annoying. I have discovered the best solution to remove vehicle scratches. The solution is ScratchUndo Pro. Stay tuned with ScratchUndo Pro Review to know the specialties of the scratch remover.

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ScratchUndo Pro is a gel pen that can effectively remove car scratches. It covers the scratches on the all-color vehicle’s body. The acidic solution of the ScratchUndo Pro dissolves car paint and covers the scratch. It works on all materials and colors.

Our Summary
Scratchundo Pro Review

Scratchundo Pro Review


  • Instant scratch removal
  • Multi-purpose
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Portable
  • Easy to apply

About ScratchUndo Pro?

ScratchUndo Pro is a quick scratch-removing pen. It can eliminate scratches from metal, plastic and all types of surfaces. The acidic gel restores the vehicle paint scratches quickly. In the first application, it shows the result. It does not hurt the scratched material’s body.

About ScratchUndo Pro

No need expert’s help and skills to use the ScratchUndo Pro. It can be transported easily like a regular pen. In an emergency, you can easily use ScratchUndo Pro to cover the scratches. Its non-toxic elements are also safe for us.

The innovative patented formula of the ScratchUndo Pro brings shining on the scratched part. In all weather conditions, it works and withstands. It can be used on all paint scratches. Just use the pen over the scratch and see the result.

How Does ScratchUndo Pro Work?

ScratchUndo Pro works as a scratch remover from metals, plastics and fibers. Within minutes, it restores the paint scratches. It is perfect for repairing vehicle scratches. Do not leave traces of the scratch and make the surface shiny. Its acidic gel compound dissolves the surface paint and covers the scratch area.

How Does ScratchUndo Pro Work

The scratch remover’s elements do not damage the surface and hurt our skin. Open its cap and draw the gel pen on the scratched surface. In an emergency, it will be a handy scratch remover for you. Before applying the pen, shake it well to get an instant result.

ScratchUndo Pro Review Features

ScratchUndo Pro offers amazing features that make it unique from other scratch-removing tools. The special features are:

ScratchUndo Pro Review Features

Instant scratch removal:

ScratchUndo Pro has an acidic gel that dissolves the paint scratch and covers the spot immediately. It brings the shining over the cured scratch part. Just apply the gel on a scratched surface and see the effect.


Scratch removing tools are designed for specific use. The ScratchUndo Pro can cover the scratches from the plastic, metal, fiber and aluminum surfaces. Also, it works in all colors because it has an innovative patented method.

Non-toxic materials:

The elements of the ScratchUndo Pro gel pen are non-toxic. So, there is no hazard of loss to the scratched body. However, its main compound is acidic but does not hurt our skin. I have changed the gel tip on my free hand and face no problems.


It looks like a pen and easy to take away in the pocket. The tool is compact so that it can be stored in the vehicle’s cabin. Its gel does not melt in hot conditions. Also, do not harden in cold weather. Only portable scratch remover I have seen.

Easy to apply:

ScratchUndo Pro’s application over the scratched surface is very simple, like drawing. Open the pen lid, apply the gel and restore the scratch.  You will see the effectiveness of the pen on the first-time application.

Advantage of Scratchundo Pro

ScratchUndo Pro can be applied on plastic and metal scratches. All types of paint scratches are effectively covered by the pen-like tool. Easy to carry in the vehicle cabinet. The gel compound dissolves the scratch with the color. Its elements are safe for materials.

The pen’s use is straightforward. Just draw the gel pen on the scratch. The gel tip is replaceable and allows you to fill many spots. It perfectly repairs the scratched area with the original color. The acidic solution ensures quick and permanent scratch removal.

Disadvantage of Scratchundo Pro

ScratchUndo Pro cannot remove scratches from glass and wood materials. It is only sold on the company’s website. Product is not available all time for limited stock. The gel sticks are needed to replace after ending the gel. It is a small pen-like tool, so there is a chance of loss and theft. Only remove the scratch but cannot repair the dent and rust on the scratched area.

Compilation Of Customer Opinion

Here, I have presented what other users said about the ScratchUndo Pro.

  1. I tried many scratch-removing tools for my car and the ScratchUndo Pro works better. The surface has not been damaged after several washes and outdoor heat. Really satisfied with the scratch removing pen. Mark. L
  2. Its versatile performance on all materials and colors impressed me. I have got the result within minutes after applying the pen to my bike’s windshield. Never witnessed a faster scratch remover like it. Perigee Katty

How Can I Use ScratchUndo Pro?

Scratch undo pro scratch removing pen is very simple to use. Below, I have explained step by step how I use the scratch remover:

How Can I Use ScratchUndo Pro

  1. I clean the scratched surface with a cloth.
  2. Then, take the Scratch undo pro and shake it well.
  3. Draw the pen on the scratched portion.
  4. Make sure that the gel is applied to the full scratched area.
  5. The scratch is cured.
  6. Wipe out the extra gel.

To avoid wastage, I apply the gel only on the scratched surface. Don’t apply on the unaffected surface. The gel is non-toxic, so there are no risks of skin and surface damage.

Is ScratchUndo Pro a scam?

ScratchUndo Pro covers scratch within minutes. It is a pen-type tool so easy to take away with you. Works on metals, fibers and plastics so it can be used on all vehicles and materials. The non-toxic gel ensures safe performance. It works on any color. The pen has enough gel for repairing many scratches. Its acidic dissolving solution and innovative formula make the scratch removing tool effective. These features and advantages prove the reality of the ScratchUndo Pro.

Where Can I Purchase It?

If you have decided to purchase the ScratchUndo Pro, I highly suggest you get the scratch-removing tool from the official website. You will get 50% off on each order. At this rate, ScratchUndo Pro is the best scratch remover.

Where can I Purchase It

They have a quick tracking process and delivery system. Delivery is free worldwide. After entering the product link, the discount offer will be active for half-hour. So, why late? Grab the ScratchUndo Pro with the best deal offer.

Final Thought

ScratchUndo Pro provides the best scratch removing performance on metal, fiber and plastic materials. It is perfect for removing the scratch from the vehicle’s body within minutes. I have covered its overall specialties based on experience in the ScratchUndo Pro review.

Its gel head is replaceable and safe to use. The tool restores all paint scratches and spots permanently. A gel head provides many scratch removal with an innovative patented solution. Get the ScratchUndo Pro and cover the scratches quickly.

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