Showertime Review 2022 – User Reviews, Benefits, Legit/Scam?

Having your smartphone handy to listen to music or watch videos while taking a shower is enjoyable. But water can damage the phone, so we cannot use a phone to enjoy music or movies in the shower. I have discovered the ShowerTime waterproof phone holder that allows you to enjoy all media contents in the bathroom. In the ShowerTime review, I have shared my experience with the phone holder.

The phone holder is specially designed to use a smartphone in water. All functions can be controlled with its precise touchscreen. Its anti-fog window ensures a clear viewing experience.  Easily mount anywhere in the bathroom without creating a punch. All sized smartphones perfectly fit in it.

What Is Showertime Review?

ShowerTime is a waterproof smartphone holder that allows us to enjoy videos or music in the shower and anywhere. It protects the phone from water to avoid damage. The trusted seal protection and window do not reduce the sound quality and viewing experience. During the shower, the generated fog cannot affect the phone screen.

What Is Showertime

It supports all sized smartphones in it. I have used the phone holder in the pool, seashore, and hot tub. It kept my phone dry in the shower and damp places. Its 0.25mm touch screen provides smooth navigation from the outside of the holder. Freely control all functions with your fingers.

With the adhesives, it can be mounted on any slippery and shiny surface. So, I do not need to add a hanger and create a punch on the room wall or surface. It is perfect for an office room bedroom, latrine, and much more places. If it falls accidentally, the robust construction will protect the smartphone.

What Makes ShowerTime So Special?

ShowerTime has a wide range of unique features that make it special. The special features of the ShowerTime are mentioned below:

What makes ShowerTime so special

Waterproof protection:

It is constructed with advanced sealed materials that provide complete waterproof protection. I have used it on hot tubs, pools, showers, and lakeshores to enjoy music and videos. Also, it doesn’t sweat inside during the shower.

Touch-sensitive anti-fog clear screen:

Its window has a 0.25 mm touch-sensitive screen that allows me to operate the phone smoothly. The screen is designed with anti-fog and anti-haze glass that provides a clear view in the shower. It is compatible with all types of phone screens.

Support all smartphones:

All smartphones under 6.8 inches perfectly fit in the holder. Its inner chamber is specially customized with enough space as mobile-friendly so the phone will not damage if it is pressured heavily.

Easy to mount:

To mount the phone holder, no need to make a punch hole or customize the wall. I easily stick it on the bathroom wall with adhesives. It can be mounted firmly on shiny and slippery surfaces.

Robust construction:

Its robust build quality ensures complete protection of the smartphone. In accidental falls, it keeps the inserted phone safe. In heavy water flow, it protects the phone from water damage.

Why Do You Really Need The ShowerTime?

ShowerTime allows you to enjoy a relaxed moment in the shower or bathtub with music and videos. It is constructed with trusted seal materials that ensure complete waterproof protection. Highspeed water flow cannot enter into it. Up to 6.8 inches smartphone perfectly fits in the phone holder.

Why Do You Really Need The ShowerTime

The phone holder has a 0.25 mm anti-fog touch screen. Easily operate phone’s functions with fingers. It prevents haze on the screen during bathing so you can enjoy a clear view. With adhesives, it can be attached to a shiny and rugged wall firmly without fear of falling. For these advantages and stress-free usage, you must have the ShowerTime.

How Does ShowerTime Work?

ShowerTime is a plastic phone holder that allows us to enjoy the washroom with our smartphone. Its trusted sealed structure ensures 100% protection in the water. I have utilized the phone holder in seashores, bathtubs, and pools also. It prevents the fogs and hazes that are generated in the shower.

How Does ShowerTime Work

Its window screen provides smooth touch navigation and a clear view. You can put up to 6.8 inches of the smartphone into it. Its setup is straightforward. Use adhesive to stick it on the bathroom wall. It provides stability on a shiny and slippery surface.

How Can I Use ShowerTime?

ShowerTime’s use is the same as a phone holder, but its setup is slightly different. Here, I will show how can I use it:

How Can I Use ShowerTime

Step 1: I open the holder and put the smartphone inside the ShowerTime.

Step 2: Adjust the phone alignment as needed. Wrong positioning can cause problems in controlling the phone’s functions.

Step 3: Then, close the chamber correctly. Its 0.25mm window screen provides smooth touch navigation in the shower.

Step 4: Stick the holder on the wall with adhesives. It attaches firmly to the shiny and slippery surface.

Now, enjoy music and videos in the shower full of enjoyment. It can be used in deep water flow places like lakeshore, pools, etc.

  • Punch-free mounting on the shiny surface with a firm grip.
  • Precise 0.25 mm anti-fog touch screen.
  • Support up to 6.8 inches smartphones.
  • Trusted seal cover for 100% waterproof protection.
  • Protect smartphones from high-flow water.
  • Easy to control phone’s functions.
  • Do not support tablets.
  • It is only available online.

What are ShowerTime Customers Saying?

Below, I have presented ShowerTime customer’s opinion:

  1. It made my shower enjoyable and relaxed. Always utilize the phone holder in the bathroom. Still, my phone is working. I love its easy setup process and smooth touch sensitivity. – Bay Williams
  2. I thought it was a scam. Though I have tried several waterproof phone holders, none performs like the ShowerTime. Its complete waterproof protection and stable performance impressed me. Love it. –John Mike

Is ShowerTime a Scam?

After hearing about the ShowerTime, I have purchased it for testing: is it really works as the manufacturer featured. Its build quality and waterproof protection provide absolute seal protection. I have enjoyed and relaxed with music videos by adding the holder to showers, pools, hot tubs, and lakeshores. In deep water, it provided me better protection for my smartphone. With its touch screen, I freely operate my smartphone while bathing. All latest smartphones under 6.8 inches size perfectly go inside it. Its easy mounting process gives me hassle-free enjoyment in the shower. Overall, it is a real and safe phone holder for enjoying in the shower.

Is ShowerTime a scam

Where Can I Order It?

ShowerTime is officially sold on the manufacturer’s website. Recommend you to get the ShowerTime from here. You will get a 50% exclusive discount and multiple purchase offers from the merchant’s website. Grab the offer right now and enjoy the shower.

Avoid 3rd party platforms to purchase it. In the market, you will see the same phone holder, but they do not ensure the same quality as ShowerTime provides. With 9 dollars extra payments, the ShowerTime manufacturer provides 3 years regular warranty. Don’t miss the offers and get ShowerTime now.

Final Thought

ShowerTime allows me to enjoy music and movies during bathing. In the ShowerTime review, I have shared my complete experience and its performance in detail. Its strong build quality and sealed cover ensure complete smartphone protection from water. The window glass has touch sensitivity to operate the phone’s functions freely in the shower.

Hazes and fogs are generated during the shower. The holder prevents these issues and ensures a clear view. It can hold all the latest smartphones without large tablets.  Also, it protects the smartphone under steam and the hot steam cannot affect the ShowerTime. So, why are you late? Get the ShowerTime right now.

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