ThePhotostick Omni Review 2022 – A Must Needed Gadget!

Losing photos or videos from devices is a typical occurrence that we never want to experience. I had this fear too, but not anymore. ThePhotostick Omni made my memories secured by backing them up with just a single click. With no further installation, this device managed to backup all the files from my devices within the shortest possible time.

I’m really impressed that this device is not like the traditional flash drive. You don’t need to manually find or select your media files. ThePhotostick Omni automatically finds and backup the photos, videos, and others. In addition, this tool eliminates duplicate files and saves your space.

ThePhotostick Omni works with popular devices and supports different operating systems as well. If you are still wondering about the capabilities of this gadget, I hope this ThePhotostick Omni review might help you to know more about this awesome tool.

Product Summary
ThePhotostick Omni Review

ThePhotostick Omni Review

  • Automatically organizes files
  • Backs up files in minutes
  • Instantly backs up weekly
  • Works on all devices
  • No setup or install required

Thephotostick Omni Review: A Short Overview

ThePhotostick Omni has some exciting features and tops the market for its exceptional performance. It’s 5x faster and pretty simple to use. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use this kit. The gadget saves time as it does not require any manual selection of the media files. This portable tool comes in a compact size and can be carried without any difficulties.

Top 5 Main Features of ThePhotostick Omni –

  • Automatically organizes files
  • Backs up files in minutes
  • Instantly backs up weekly
  • Works on all devices
  • No setup or install required

What Is Thephotostick Omni?

ThePhotostick Omni is a portable device that backs up photos, videos, and other files without any software or logins. The device is compatible with smartphones, computers, and tablets. You can use this device on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. That means there are no limitations for different operating systems while using this gadget.

What Is Thephotostick Omni

The device automatically scans your photos and videos and creates the backup in minutes. If it finds any duplicate files, it automatically deletes the files without any manual selection.

Features Of Thephotostick Omni?

The small yet portable device has many exciting features. I loved every feature of this tool as it cared about the difficulties of a regular user. If you want to save your memories of any special occasion, ThePhotostick Omni will be the best tool for sure. Here are some of the notable features of this device –


The compatibility of this device made it more versatile. It doesn’t matter which device you’re using, ThePhotostick is compatible with smartphones, PC, and tablets. You just need a USB slot to plug in the gadget.

Easy to Use

There is no installation of software required while using ThePhotostick. The device starts working once it’s plugged in. You will have the files ready for backup instantly.

Time Saver

The gadget can hold up to 120,000 photos and videos within minutes. It’s quite impossible to get this level of speed from traditional devices. If you don’t need this much storage, you may check the variants with fewer storage options. The device is 5x faster than the previous versions. In addition, during the sort, it removes the duplicate files to save your space and time as well.


I found this feature pretty interesting and helpful too. There is a unique feature to share your memories with friends and families. You can share your memories using the device through email, text, and even Facebook. Simply select the file and click ‘Share.’

24/7 Customer Support

ThePhotostick Omni has dedicated customer support that provides 24/7 technical support services. If you are having trouble getting the upgrade you can contact support without any hesitation.

Money-Back Guarantee

ThePhotostick Omni is designed for customer satisfaction. You are going to enjoy this device for sure. If you are not completely satisfied with the kit, you can return without any questions being asked. It’s easy and hassle-free.


ThePhotostick Omni can create the backup of most media files. This device is compatible with JPEG, PNG, MPEG4, AVI, and other raw formats as well. Doesn’t matter which file types you’re working with. Your files are always safe with ThePhotostick Omni.

How Does Thephotostick Omni Work?

Well, the functionality of this device is pretty simple. You just need to plug in this device and click ‘GO’. There is no setup or software to install. ThePhotostick Omni will automatically scan through your files and sort the photos and videos. Here is how ThePhotostick Omni secures your memory in five simple steps –

How Does Thephotostick Omni Work

  • The device searches every file and folder to ensure no file is missed
  • If it finds any duplicate media files eliminates the files automatically
  • Starts backing up thousand of files in minutes
  • Organizes the photos and videos into folders
  • Instantly backs up new files weekly to include recent memories

Pros And Cons Of The Photo Stick Omni

ThePhotostick Omni has lots of advantages and eliminates the hassle you usually face while using traditional USB devices. But as we know, there is nothing built perfectly. ThePhotoStick Omni has cons too. Have a glance at the Pros and Cons of ThePhotostick Omni below –

  • ThePhotostick Omni can be used without any software or installations
  • Files can be shared with friends directly by using the gadget
  • Save times by creating a fast backup without wasting time
  • Sorts and organizes the files automatically without manual selections
  • ThePhotostick Omni does eliminate the duplicate files on its own
  • There are multiple size variants that let you choose the one you need
  • The kit is compatible with any device with any OS versions
  • No WiFi or Data Network is required while using ThePhotostick Omni
  • ThePhotostick Omni is quite small in size that should be stored in a safe place.

Photostick Omni Is For Whom?

ThePhotostick Omni will be a great choice if you don’t want to lose the precious memories of your phone or laptop. As we know, sometimes, electronic devices crash or get hacked. We may lose all of our precious media files anytime. Copying them or creating a backup is quite complex. This requires a long time and a manual section as well.

We need to find all the files from different folders and make sure each of them is selected. This kit is perfect for protecting memories of any special occasion. They will be secured without any risk of hacking or crash.

If you want to get rid of this traditional method, ThePhotostick Omni is the perfect solution for you. Just plug this kit into the device that you are creating a backup from. ThePhotostick Omni will take care of the rest. You may just sit back and relax.

How To Use Thephotostick Omni With Computers?

It’s very simple to use Thephotostick Omni with computers. The procedure is quite the same for different devices. You just need to follow three simple steps. First, plug-in Thephotostick Omni on your computer. There will be a backup program pop-up with multiple options. You need to select ‘GO’. The device will start creating a backup of your files.

How To Use Thephotostick Omni With Computers

How To Start Thephotostick Omni On Mac?

ThePhotostick Omni for Mac has the same procedure as the other devices. You won’t need any dedicated software while using Mac. Once you plug in the device on Mac, there will be a pop-up message with different actions. You should select the ‘GO’ option that starts creating the backup. The device will start creating the backup in folders by organizing them and eliminating the duplicates. Once the backup is complete, there will be a message of completion.

How To Use Thephotostick Omni With Your Mobile?

To use ThePhotostick Omni with mobile, you will be required to download and install the ThePhotostick app from the play store (Android) or App Store (iPhone). Now, use an additional USB slot with your mobile.

You may use the 3-prong connector available for ThePhotostick Omni. This slot will be required to insert ThePhotostick Omni. Once you plug the device into your mobile, you need to launch the app you downloaded. There will be multiple options with different actions.

How To Use Thephotostick Omni With Your Mobile

For backup, you need to select “Backup Files Now” or “GO”. Your files will be automatically selected and backed up. These are the simple steps you should follow during a backup. There are no additional steps or installation required while using ThePhotostick Omni with your mobile.

Thephotostick Omni Storage Space

ThePhotostick Omni comes in four size variants. The range of storage options is from 32GB to 256GB. You may pick any of them as per your requirement as all the variants provide the same speed with solid performance. Here are the four variants and their capacity of storing media files –

  • 32 GB – 15,000 photos and videos
  • 64GB – 30,000 photos and videos
  • 128GB – 60,000 photos and videos
  • 256GB – 120,000 photos and videos

Will The Photostick Omni Help Me Recover Old Photos?

Unfortunately, No. ThePhotostick Omni doesn’t recover old photos but once you back up your photos using ThePhotostick Omni, you’re fully protected. Most users lose their photos because of a hack or crash of the device.

Sometimes, cloud backup is not also a safe option. There is always a risk in the traditional backup methods. You are fully protected by using ThePhotostick Omni as it is easily accessible and stored away from hackers. The kit is recommended if you don’t want to lose your photos and videos anymore.

How Many Types Of Thephotostick?

There are three different types of ThePhotostick available in the market. If you are looking for a device only for mobiles, there is a mobile version available for ThePhotositck. The mobile version is known as ThePhotostick Mobile. In addition, there is a dedicated version available for the PC as well.

ThePhotostick Omni is the most versatile one. This device works efficiently with all the devices of different operating systems. You should not worry while using this one with different devices.

Users Reviews Of The Photostick Omni

I am impressed with the performance of ThePhotostick Omni. This kit made my files secure and I don’t need to worry about them anymore. The device is recommended by most users. Check out the reviews from different reviews to know more about the efficiency of this device –

Users Reviews

Independent Storage

I had around 60,000 photos in all, many of which were duplicates. This little “stick” was able to eliminate the duplicates, and I now have approximately 24,000 originals kept forever. – Cyril R.

Real easy to store pictures

I enjoyed how simple the device was to use. – Alvie Ramey

Works as Described

This product outperforms all of the reviews I’ve read. There will be no problems if people follow the instructions. This one was purchased for my wife. I’m going to get one for myself after the new year. Excellent product. Not a single issue. – Carl Wallace

Where To Buy Photostick Omni?

I too had this confusion while purchasing ThePhotostick Omni. The safest option to buy this tool is purchasing from the official site. This eliminates the hassle of checking the local stores. You will have the best deal, and there won’t be any doubt about the authenticity as well. There are combo offers available on the site that saves money for every deal with free USA shipping.

You can save 15$ by purchasing the 32GB variant. 64GB, 128GB and 256GB saves 30$, 60$ and 120$ accordingly. ThePhotostick Omni is currently offering a 40% discount for every purchase.

Meet The Thephotostick Team

ThePhotostick Omni was developed by PrairieIT. PrairieIT is well-known for its services and solutions to make backup solutions faster and easier. Mark Oman is the founder and product visionary of PrairieIT. Mark Oman launched ThePhotostick in 2016. During the launch, he had no idea that this USB stick will become a blockbuster seller and would become a top choice as a gift. PrairieIT is a team of developers who are trying to make backup service more convenient and upgraded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos does a photo stick hold?

Well, this totally depends on the size variant you’re using. There are four size variants of this tool and they store files accordingly. For example, 32GB can store 15,000 photos and videos while 64GB stores double the previous one. The same way 128GB stores 60,000 media files and the 256GB stores 120,000 photos and videos.

What photo and video file types can The PhotoStick OMNI find and save?

ThePhotostick Omni supports almost all photo and video file types. Among the common files, ThePhotostick Omni supports JPEG, PNG, MOV, MPEG4. Don’t worry If you are working with GIF, BMP, PCT, PSD, AVI, WMV, or camera raw files. ThePhotostick Omni supports these files as well. The gadget won’t miss a single media file for sure. You are completely backed up with ThePhotostick Omni.

Is The PhotoStick OMNI easy to use?

Absolutely. There are no hassle or complex steps you need to follow while using the ThePhotostick Omni. By following the three simple steps you are having the complete backup of your media files. ThePhotostick Omni made backup much easier and simpler. Unlike the traditional USB devices, ThePhotostick Omni does the job itself and allows the user to protect their memories forever.

Is PhotoStick OMNI a scam?

Not at all. ThePhotostick Omni is undoubtedly the best device for backup media files. I enjoyed and loved the performance of this device. Most of the feedback indicates a satisfying experience while using this tool. As the device provides the features it advertises and does a decent job of backing up, so it’s obviously not a scam guys. It’s real!

Who Is The Supplier?

ThePhotositck Omni is supplied by the official site throughout the USA with free shipping. Buying the device from the supplier ensures you are getting the authentic product with an official warranty and guarantee. There won’t be any problem during the return as well. If you are purchasing the device from outside the USA, you can use this site. But unfortunately, there is no free shipping available outside the USA.

Contact with Support Team

If you have any questions about your order or any queries about the product, you may contact the support team without any hesitation. The support team is always there for you to answer your confusions. You may contact the support team by clicking here or using this address – PO Box 234 Haxtun, CO 80731. The support page has answers to some common questions. If you need any additional support, there is an option to contact the support team instantly.

Conclusion On Photo Stick Omni Review

ThePhotostick Omni is a great device for protecting memories. We should not rely on cloud backup as they are not accessible all the time and do have limited space as well.  ThePhotostick Omni is the easiest solution for creating a backup of the photos and videos. The device manages to create the backup without any software or internet connection. I will strongly recommend this kit to anyone who is concerned about protecting their memories and files. This device allows living without the fear of losing memories.

Product Summary
ThePhotostick Omni Review

ThePhotostick Omni Review

  • Automatically organizes files
  • Backs up files in minutes
  • Instantly backs up weekly
  • Works on all devices
  • No setup or install required

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