ThePhotostick Reviews 2022 – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Backing up important photos and documents is a basic necessity. The devices we use can deceive us at any moment. For this reason, we should take care of our valuable files and photo files safely. There is much cloud storage available out there for backing up, but those are not handy enough.

Here we are introducing you to a very user-friendly, portable, and durable product, and it is The Photo Stick. Let’s get the gist of it in thephotostick reviews guide, which is a great way of backing up important documents, photos.

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What is ThePhoto Stick?

Probably, you’ve already heard of this name that is an important photo storage device in recent times. And we use this USB drive to back up our important documents, thousand of pictures without any trouble. It looks similar to a pen drive and is available in different colors.

What is ThePhoto Stick

However, it is not equivalent to Google Drive and other backup software and applications. It does the similar work as them but more efficiently. This portable device will save time for users. The device also offers plenty of features that you won’t find in other software, applications, and devices.

This handy device has built-in features to search for a variety of files, photos, documents, and videos, saving time for users. Moreover, you won’t find any duplication of your files that ensures proper usage of spaces. So, isn’t it a lifetime deal to save your memorable photos and larger files?

Technical Specifications of the Photo Stick

As it’s not a DIY device, there should be some technical specifications that we’ve included in this section.

Technical Specifications of the Photo Stick

Multiple Size:

This Photo Stick is available in 3 different sizes, capacities, and prices according to the user’s necessity and budget. It is available in 8 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. The 8 GB photo stick can backup 3500 photos, the 64 GB can backup 30,000 photos, and the biggest size, 128 GB, can back up to 60,000 photos.

No Setup Process:

Photo Stick is free from any kind of setup process. It does not require any specialization before using. And there’s a USB connection that makes it portable to any device.


This device is very small in size, like a flash drive, and lightweight. So, it is easy to carry and is usable on any mobile device with a USB connection.

Does not Need Internet Connection: 

Photo stick can operate without an internet connection, unlike other cold storage devices.

Malicious Intrusion Free:

Photo Stick is safe from all types of hacking and malicious intrusion. Thus, it is very safe to back up important memories and documents.


Photo Stick can be used to back up thousands of photos and video files goes well with any device with a USB connection.

The Photo Stick Special Features

The photo stick’s special feature is it can search for pictures, videos, and documents according to the necessity, which other cloud storage devices cannot. One other unique characteristic of this device is it does not duplicate image files.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Photo Backup?

So, are you convinced to purchase this useful device to back up your video files and thousands of photos? If yes, then let’s discover the benefits of using the device. It helps to keep your precious memories safe.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Photo Backup

One Time Investment:

The Photo Stick is surely a one-time investment for securing your special memories and documents as it is very durable and portable. All you have to do is to make sure that you don’t lose it. Otherwise, you are good to go with this photostick mobile for a longer period. The device keeps your personal photos and files safe. Besides, you don’t need to buy any extra space. There is plenty of storage on this electronic device.

Safe to Use:

The Photo Stick keeps your documents and pictures safe from any kind of malicious intrusion and device failure.


As it requires no setup process and data transfer is easy and quick, it saves time for users.

Runs Without Internet:

The best thing about this smart device is it can run without an internet connection, which is not available in other cold storage devices. This feature of the photo stick makes it more useful for users.

Keeps Documents Sorted:

The Photo Stick comes with a built-in feature to search for photos, videos, and documents. Moreover, it can detect and eliminate duplicate files. So, all your documents will be kept here sorted.

How to Use the Photo Stick?

As Photo Stick is a versatile device that works on all devices with a USB connection, we will be telling you how to use this USB Flash Drive on phones and PCs, or laptops.

How to Use the Photo Stick

Steps to Use Photo Stick on the Phone:

  • Install the photo stick application from the play store (Android) or app store (Apple).
  • Insert the photo stick through the USB port and start the application.
  • Give all the prompt permissions.
  • After providing the permissions, three options will be given, and you have to choose back up now.
  • After that, you will choose between two more options: “Backup all” or “Select to Backup.”
  • Select either of the options, and then backing up data will start automatically.

Steps to use Photo Stick on Computer:

  • Insert the photo stick with the given USB cable.
  • A window will appear for starting the backup process.
  • You need to click on ‘ThePhotoStick.exe.’
  • After launching, start the application, and you are good to go.

Who Can Use the Photo Stick?

The Photo Stick a portable flah drive is very easy to use, and it has no installation complication. That means using this device needs no complicated technological process. Every person who has a phone or a computer needs backup important pictures, videos, and documents; they can easily use it.

Is It a Scam?

The Photo Stick is undoubtedly not a scam. And it’s a reliable device to backup your files. If you have any confusion regarding buying this, then you can check customers’ reviews. Moreover, it gives a money-back guarantee for gaining customers’ trust.

Is It a Scam

How Much Does the Photo Stick Cost?

We have mentioned before that the photo stick is available in 3 different sizes according to users’ needs and budget. The first one is 8 GB, which costs $34.99. The second available size is 64 GB, which costs $49.99, and the last one, and the biggest size, which is 128 GB, costs $79.99.

This is the actual pricing of the three available sizes. However, discounts are available at various times of the year. You can keep a watch on the discounts if you want to take it at a lower price.

ThePhotoStick Reviews: Where Can I Buy It?

The Photo Sticks are available on Amazon. Besides, you can visit the official store to get this amazing device.

ThePhotoStick Reviews: Where Can I Buy It?

Frequently Asked Questions

As you’re here, you’ve already read the main part of this article. But this section won’t let you down with useful information.

Can I use The Photo Stick as an ongoing back-up solution?

Yes, you can use the photo stick as an ongoing backup solution. You can use it as a backup every time you need it.

Does The Photo Stick Work With Windows?

There’s no benefit of the doubt about its compatibility, and the device has a USB connection that works with the Photo Stick like Windows.

How Many Photos or Files Can You Save on Photo Stick?

The Photo Stick is available in 3 different sizes, and each size can hold up a different amount of photos. The smallest size, which is 8 GB, can back up almost 3500 photos. The medium size, which is 64 GB, can back up 30,000 photos, and the largest size that is 128 GB, can back up 60,000 photos.

Does a photo stick work on more than one device?

Of course, the Photostick is compatible with many devices like laptops, computers, and PCs.

Does The Photo Stick Need to Install Anything on Your Device?

If you are using The Photo Stick on your phone, then you need to install the photo stick application, and the same goes for the computer.

What Files Can The Photo Stick Find?

The Photo Stick can find and back up photos, videos, and documents.

Final Verdict

Our verdict on this amazing device is positive. And you’ve already got the idea in thephotostick reviews guide. Isn’t it?

It is a user-friendly, portable, durable appliance that can be used as a medium of backing up important documents and photos. It is undoubtedly scam free and is safe from malicious intrusion. So, we will recommend it.

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