TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat Review 2022: Hot and Cold Pain Relief

Since the lockdown for Covid-19 has been started, the workload is extremely high. With all this stress of work from home and the pandemic situation, it has been hard for me to control the headaches.

Fighting with insomnia, migraines or any other kind of pain around your head can be overwhelming. Even with painkillers. But guess what, I have found the ultimate game-changer named TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat.

If you are suffering from the same problems as I did, tag along in this article to know about this natural, drug-free remedy.

What Is The TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat?

What Is The TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat

For over a hundred years, Cryotherapy (temperature therapy) and compression therapy has been used to help patients with all kinds of headaches. According to an article published in the Hawaii Journal of Medicine & Public health, this treatment is effective against Migraine pain. But administering ice packs on your head can be troublesome.

Fortunately, using the same method, The TheraICE Rx has invented a device, The Headache/ Migraine Relief Hat with Fitting Gel Ice. When taking painkillers for a long time can create adverse side effects, this magic mask can melt down your headache in just a few minutes naturally.

From Insomnia to migraines, name any head or neck pain, this hat works instantly by covering the whole head with a 360° wrap design.

Features Of TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat

What Is The TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat2

Let me tell you some amazing features of TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat that will blow your mind away:

  • The 360° compression hat with soft gel inside it, gives you a comfortable cooling therapy for rapid relief.
  • The unique slip-on design fits around your face, eyes, and head and creates pressure to the exact pain points naturally.
  • Cutting-aged black material and expert-grade cooling gel protects your eyes from all sorts of light around you that alleviate headaches.
  • The device can provide both hot and cold therapy for the perfect amount of time and is safe to use every day.
  • With the stretchable 1.3 Pounds mask, you can travel anywhere without worrying about a bad headache.
  • Help to reduce pains induced by cluster, tension, stress, sinus pain, and sinus pressure, cranial or facial tension, insomnia, or migraine.

The fact is when I first used the mask; I slept like a baby after a long period. And I can guarantee that you will feel the difference right after you use this.

Office or home, kids or adults, anyone can use this anywhere while resting for a few minutes. I am strongly recommending you if you have to deal with the above-mentioned pain frequently over a month.

This hat is a game-changer.

How TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat Works?

How TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat Works

To understand how the headache relief hat works, let me mention the science of cold therapy to you. This method was explained by a chief medical officer in an article published in Healthline.

To induce headache, the neurotransmission signal has to reach the brain from the pain spot. But if the blood vessels are constricted by cooling, it stops registering the pain signal and passes the cooling effect instead of pain.

It is also clinically proven that ice wrap around the neck at the onset time of a migraine can significantly reduce pain stimulation. This happens because cooler blood flowing through the carotid artery reduces the inflammation.

Another study by some American sleep researchers stated that if the prefrontal cortex can be cooled by some means, then it helps the insomniac patient to fall asleep without any difficulties.

However, the TheraICE Rx modernized all these methods of cold therapy and invented this unique design to cover the whole area of the head, eyes, and neck. The mask applies pressure evenly throughout the covered area so that the exact relief points are triggered.

While the normal ice packs and damp cloths cannot hold the temperature for a long time, this hat works 10 times better in insulating cold or heat.

Now that I have mentioned heat, I want to mention some benefits of heat therapy as well. The headache relief hat not only uses cold therapy for any type of headache but also provides you with heat therapy.

Cold therapy can constrict blood vessels to mute the pain signal and inflammation but heat therapy can relax the muscles and drain the tension of tissue.

Thus you can feel relaxation at the pain spot. Whether heat or cold, you just need to choose the method of your self-treatment with TheraICE Rx pain relief hat and enjoy the comfort of a pain-free head.

How to Use TheraICE Rx?

As I have mentioned before, you can use either a cold compression method or the heating method to treat your pain. Therefore, there are two ways to use TheraICE Rx.

How to Use TheraICE Rx

Cold Pack:

If you want to use it at the starting point of migraine or to use as an eye mask for Puffy Eyes, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Put the clean Headache Relief Hat inside a Ziploc Bag.

Step 2: Set the bag in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Step 3: Simply put on the hat over your head while sitting or lying comfortably.

Step 4: Stretch it down to cover your eyes or neck areas where the pain is inducing.

Step 5:  Leave it until the pain soothes away.

Hot pack:

To heat the hat, follow these steps:

Step 1: When the hat was in a freezer before, make sure it comes to room temperature.

Step 2: Put the heat in a microwave for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Check if the hat is heated enough for you. Otherwise, you can let it be heated for another 5 seconds.

Step 4: Slide down the cap over your head and cover your forehead, ears, or upper neck area.

Step 5: Lie down or sit in a comfy posture.

The heated nylon compression comfortable pad will relax your muscle tension in just a few minutes.  Easy, isn’t it?

Pros and Cons of TheraICE Rx

The pain relief technique of this mask is outstanding. Yet, before buying the product, you should look at all the pros and cons mentioned below to clear your doubts:

  • Doesn’t need glasses or an extra pillow
  • Reusable and safe to use on bare skin
  • No hard insert like ice cubes or Velcro
  • Provides proper heat or cold for faster recovery
  • Black material and thick gel blocks light sensitivity
  • Made with durable nylon padded super comfy cover
  • Stays cold only for 15 minutes
  • Machine wash not possible

Purchasing TheraICE Headache Relief Hat

To buy TheraICE Headache Relief Hat, you can simply order from this authentic site. The special offers and price of the product are given below:

  • Buy 1 TheraICE Headache Relief Hat with only $29.99
  • Buy 3 TheraICE Headache Relief Hat with only $79.98
  • Buy 5 TheraICE Headache Relief Hat with $119.97


How to clean the Headache Relief Hat between uses?

Swipe the Hat with a dump towel and leave it for air dry.

What is the Money-back Guarantee?

You can return the device within 30-days.

Can TheraICE Headache Relief Hat be used while sleeping?

Yes, you can. It helps to reduce the tension-induced headache and helps you to sleep soundly.


Like hundreds and thousands of people, I have also tried numerous ways to get rid of the headaches. I know many of you have already been addicted to painkillers and suffering from the weakening effect it creates. Since the TheraICE Headache Relief Hat has offered a 30-days money-back guarantee, trying it for once will be worth it.

And recommend it to your friends and family who require this instant working headache relief mask. Help your loved ones with a natural and chemical-free method to get rid of the pains

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