WIFI UltraBoost Review– Is It Any Good?

A regular router cannot cover every corner of our house. A range extender will extend the range of wifi network, as you may want to have a strong signal in all corners of the house. Wifi UltraBoost is a reliable solution to increase the wifi range. In this wifi Ultraboost review, we look at whether it is as intuitive as promised and whether it really works.

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Wifi Ultraboost is a small device that makes sure to extend the wifi signal range at home or in the office. I have a strong signal in all rooms, so I do not have to choose between sitting in the living room with a bad signal or in the kitchen with a good signal. The wifi Ultraboost allows me to surf the internet without upgrading my router.

Our Summary
WIFI UltraBoost Review

WIFI UltraBoost Review

Key Features:

  • Extend wifi area coverage
  • Connection speed
  • Compact and easy to set up
  • Universal compatibility
  • Has LAN port

Introducing WIFI UltraBoost

WIFI UltraBoost is a WLAN repeater that helps to expand the home WiFi network. After setting up the WIFI UltraBoost, I cover those hard-to-reach corners with a stable internet connection. Its setup process is easier, like a router. No need for cables or an extra holder to mount it. Also, its WPS feature ensures quick setup.

Introducing WIFI UltraBoost

The WLAN repeater does not slow down the internet speed. It allows me to protect my internet connection with strong encryption. The LAN port of the WIFI UltraBoost allows me to use it as the primary router. Its maximum wireless speed capacity is 300 Mbps.

The WIFI UltraBoost works with all routers. I have experienced constant internet connectivity on the dead zones after using the repeater. It supports multiple users and strong security. So, nobody can hack your new password.

Does WIFI UltraBoost Actually Work?

WIFI UltraBoost increases the coverage area of ​​your WiFi home network. With stable internet connection, browsing and gaming become faster. WIFI UltraBoost experiences show that you can get a fast connection everywhere. You can use your phone or laptop outside, such as on the lawn, porch, balcony or backyard.

Does WIFI UltraBoost Actually Work?

Its use is just plug and enjoy the internet. You don’t need to run additional cables from your primary router. The WPS option ensures secured and quick connection. Also, WPS provides a better solution if automatic connection fails. The LAN port allows me to use the WLAN repeater as a primary router.

WIFI UltraBoost Review: Key Features

WIFI UltraBoost is unique and more effective than other WiFi range extenders for the following features. They are mentioned below:

WIFI UltraBoost Review: Key Features

Extend wifi area coverage:

WIFI UltraBoost increases your wifi signal area. Having a big house, or maybe just an elongated house, can really make the difference. With this gadget, you no longer have to worry about where you sit or stand when you are connected to your wifi. Nothing to worry about whether your phone suddenly jumps off wifi and joins the 3G network. With a stronger signal from your WIFI UltraBoost, you can stream much faster.

Connection speed:

WIFI UltraBoost is approved for connections up to 300Mbps. So, it will work perfectly for the vast majority of home networks. However, if you have a gigabit connection at home, this extender will extend the internet in the area where you are connected to it.

Compact and easy to set up:

You really do not need any installation to get started using WIFI UltraBoost at home. Its setup is the same as a basic router’s setup. Also, its WPS push button allows you to set it up automatically with the home network. You can use WPS as a connection between the repeater and your router. This provides extended security for your internet connection at home.

Universal compatibility:

The device displays an operation compatible with all routers on the market. So you can go with your eyes closed. Its 3 working modes provide extra peace in mind to use the WiFi extender depending on your needs.

Has LAN port:

If you need to unplug an Ethernet cable for a desktop computer or your laptop, this is also possible with the device. So, you can use the WIFI UltraBoost as the main router. By putting the ISP provided IP address details, you can use it as a home network.

  • Cover hard to reach areas
  • Plug on wall outlet and enjoy seamless internet
  • Compact design
  • 300Mbps wireless rate with 2.4 Ghz frequency
  • Great and constant connectivity
  • WPS button with secured connectivity
  • Sometimes interferes with other networks
  • Limited availability

How to Install Wifi Ultraboost?

After a simple initial setup, you can use it anytime, anywhere. After pressing the WPS button of WIFI UltraBoost for more than 3 seconds, press the WPS button of your modem router as well. If you are connected to the WIFI UltraBoost, the initial setting is over! Simple, isn’t it? Even without a router, you can connect with a smartphone. Follow the instructions below.

How to Install Wifi Ultraboost?

  1. First, plug the WIFI UltraBoost into an outlet.
  2. Select WIFI-repeater on the smartphone wifi setting screen.
  3. Go to the browser and type
  4. Login to the portal using the default admin username and password.
  5. The installation wizard starts.
  6. Select the wifi Ultraboost.
  7. Then select your home wifi network that you want to extend.
  8. Enter the required information and the setup is complete!

The recommendation is to install WIFI UltraBoost in a middle ground between your router’s space and the blind spot. This will be enough to take that signal and send it further. I found it a straightforward and affordable gadget to set up. Just follow the instruction manual.

Is WIFI UltraBoost a Scam?

Without any doubt, WIFI UltraBoost really works. It provides smooth internet surfing with 300Mbps wireless rate and 2.4 GHz frequency. To set up the WIFI UltraBoost, no need for software or a hanger to mount on the wall. It looks like a phone charger, just plug on the wall outlet and enjoy. You can browse stable internet on those dead corners in your house. It is equipped with guaranteed security, so nobody hacks the password. Through the LAN port, it can be used as the main WiFi router. It does not slow down the internet connection.

Where I Can Purchase It?

The manufacturer of the Wifi UltraBoost sold the WLAN repeater on their official website. Each Wifi UltraBoost comes with 50% off with quick delivery. If you purchase more than 1 Wifi UltraBoost, you will get up to a 73% discount.

Where I Can Purchase It?

Wifi UltraBoost comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have up to 30 days to decide if this wifi repeater will do the job for you. Also, they ensure guaranteed safe checkout. Don’t miss the offer. Get your Wifi UltraBoost at an exclusive deal from here.

Final Thought

In the Wifi UltraBoost review, I have highlighted its overall performance and features based on my and the expert’s experience. Get full internet coverage in your whole house with its 300 Mbps Wireless rate and 2.4 GHz frequency. Easy to install on wall socket and setup with home router.

Safety is a top priority in every home, so I am happy that this is a safe device. Wifi UltraBoost has a WPS function, which is the most secure device for connecting to your primary router. So, why late? Get your Wifi UltraBoost right now.

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